[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 16 ~recap/review/opinion~

The 4 woman go to the Ma residency to talk with Tae San about Joo Ran who tried to disturb they small business. After everyone entered the house, Aeng Ran tells Mr Tak to wait in front of the gate and stop Do Jin from entering the house while the 4 women are inside. Joo Ran is surprised to see all of them in their house, but Tae San is willing to hear them out. Bok Nyeo cuts it short and they start talking about the problems Joo Ran is giving them, but before that, Tae San finds out that the 3 younger former inmates call Bok Nyeo ‘mother’.

The 4 women tell Tae San everything Joo Ran did and more than that because his daughter wasn’t willing to say the truth, they all show evidence after talking with Joo Ran’s employee. Even after revealing the evidence, Joo Ran denies everything, Poong Geum tells them that if they don’t apologize, all the evidence will be taken to the police and Shinhwa Group will take a public blow. Hearing that, Tae San makes Joo Ran apologize, although forced to do so, she eventually bows and apologizes. After everyone leaves, Joo Hee is visible annoyed by the whole scene.

On their way back, Soo In shows Bok Nyeo the place that her mother in law uses. Outside, Poong Geum tells everyone that Mr Tak is the one who lied to him but everything wraps up fast because the women are hungry. However, as they were getting into the taxi, Do Jin appears, still he can’t catch it. Desperate, Do Jin enters the house after he couldn’t find anything from the driver.

At home, Yi Moon and Woo Seok find out what happened during the day. Later Woo Seok goes to check on Soo In, but she burns her hand after forgetting the bread in the oven. He helps her with the burn and seeing her down, Woo Seok tries to cheer Soo In up telling her that she is special. Soo In looks back at him, but finally understanding what got out of his mouth, Woo Seok tells her that she is his students thus a special person to him.

Joo Ran cries out saying that she wanted to revenge Joo Hee because Soo In stole Woo Seok, but the younger sister tells her that no one stole him. (pretty much implying that she is still fighting for Woo Seok’s heart and won’t give up too soon).

Tae San remembers when Bok Nyeo told him that the other 3 former inmates are her daughter. Aeng Ran enters his office to check on him and he asks if Mi Oh is the mother of Do Jin’s child. Aeng Ran admits that it’s true and acts stunned at the connections between the 4 women saying that a person can’t live while committing sins (it was a direct blow to Tae San not the women – she may make a connection to something Tae San did in the past ).

Aeng Ran sees her son staying alone in the living room and crying that he is the one who destroyed Mi Oh’s life, but the mother tells him that the moment he marries Bo Kyun and becomes the owner of Shinhwa’s Group she won’t interfere in his life so then he can do whatever he wants – even meeting Mi Oh.

Back at Yi Moon’s house, Bok Nyeo and Soo In discus that they have to talk with Do Jin about the truth, but Mi Oh refuses shouting at them that she will run away with her son if they tell anything to Do Jin. Shortly after, Woo Seok sees Soo In trying to comfort Mi Oh.

Next morning at the share house, Poong Geum and Mr Tak end up fighting again. Meanwhile Nr 911 calls Bok Nyeo to say that she missed her and that they will meet soon.

Unfortunately, Soo In sandwiches don’t sell as it used in the beginning mostly because the trouble created by Joo Ran people don’t want to buy from the truck store.

Tae San tells Joo Ran to resign from her bakery but she begs for another chance, however the father doesn’t even want to hear about it. On her way out, Joo Ran vents her anger on Woo Seok, but he tells her that it’s not her business who he likes or not.

Aeng Ran takes Bo Kyung to visit Do Jin. Although he isn’t really welcoming, Bo Kyung acts understanding and lets him be. Meanwhile Soo In &Co are still having a hard time selling. A few minutes later, Joo Ran appears in front of them asking for a sandwich. To her surprise the food is good, but she ends up bothering more as she tells Mi Oh about Do Jin who is getting engaged the next day. To put even more fire on the issue, Joo Ran tells Soo In not to dare to steal Woo Seok from Joo Hee. After Joo Ran takes her leave, Soo In can’t understand from where the misunderstanding with Woo Seok appeared, yet Poong Geum tells her that she doesn’t think of it as a misunderstanding.

On the other hand, Tae San thinks of his future plans – Joo Ran’s husband can’t take care of the company and more than that he doesn’t want Do Jin to become the largest shareholder of Shinhwa. Exactly then Joo Hee enters his office after being called. Tae San reveals that he wanted Joo Hee to marry Woo Seok and then the two would’ve taken the company. Joo Hee tells her father that there is nothing between Woo Seok and Soo In and most probably it’s just sympathy from his part. (she sure is a sly fox after killing Woo Seok’s wife but I will talk about this in my review post)

Woo Seok goes to visit Soo In when other customers appear so he decides to help her with the servings. Seeing them together, the customers ask if the two are husband and wife but Woo Seok doesn’t deny anything and pretty much tells the men that they recently got married – however Soo In can’t believe her ears. After the customers leave, Soo In bluntly asks Woo Seok if he likes her.

Soo In: Could it be that you like me?

At first he is stunned by the sudden question but he then denies everything calling her a narcissist and takes his leave pretty fast. Because he forgets his bag, Soo In runs after Woo Seok and after giving him the bag, she tells him to forget what she just said – Joo Hee spies on the two and her blood boils seeing the scene between them.

Bok Nyeo asks Yi Moon if Woo Seok doesn’t want to re-marry, but the man tells her that his son in law will re-marry only after he will marry (with Bok Nyeo) – the woman gets all shy and runs away from a rather blunt proposal from Yi Moon.

Soo In’s mother in law enters the main house looking for Do Hyun. Aeng Ran doesn’t say anything about Do Hyun being dead and just tries to calm the woman, but the two have a small fighter as the first wife of Tae San tries on Aeng Ran’s hanbok that she prepared for Do Jin’s engagement. Although Aeng Ran makes a fuss about losing her hanbok, Tae San doesn’t think much about it. To calm Do Hyun’s mother, Tae San tells her that he will buy her one as well.

Aeng Ran calls Secretary Wang to hire bodyguards for Do Jin’s engagement. Meanwhile Do Jin goes to ask Mi Oh if it’s okay if he marries someone else, but she tells him that his engagement has nothing to do with her.

At night Soo In and Woo Seok act awkward around each other after her question from the afternoon. Soo In asks him if he forgot what she asked, but he tells her that by remembering him now, she may not actually want him to forget about the issue – he was just joking with her.

Nr 911 is released from prison and goes a bank to pick up her money she won after buying a lottery ticket. After getting herself dolled up, Nr 911 goes to meet the other 4 former inmates.


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