[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 1 ~review/recap/opinion~

I’m back on family dramas with the newest weekend drama “Mama – Nothing to Fear” but I will be totally blunt with why I decided to watch this drama and even more, to recap it: Hong Jong Hyun!

I will do a quick recap on the first episode since I’m also confused with the story – after all it’s the first episode and things are normally confusing in the first episode …..and because there is no Hong Jong Hyun for now (he appears from episode two)


Han Seung Hee is a single mum who is living together with her son in Canada. However when she finds out that she has a terminal disease, Seung Hee decides to move back to Korea, yet her plans don’t work as she wants since her son, Han Groo doesn’t want to return.

The first episode starts with Seung Hee missing a meeting for the Canada-Korea Comprehensive Aviation Agreement and as her assistant looks for her, Seung Hee buys a motorcycle for Groo, with the promise that she will let him drive it when he will become legal until then she will drive him.

Arriving home after driving her son around, the assistant Rachel starts nagging Seung Hee for missing the contract signing event and for driving a child with a motorcycle at her age (as in what was she thinking) but Seung Hee replies that for her, that was more important. When Rachel pleads Seung Hee to stop acting like that, Seung Hee says that all the time she lived in Canada, she never had a free day thus she decided to play around from now on, and even maybe marry someone (as she jokingly said that it was her dream since childhood – to marry).

Tae Joo is pretty much a busy body at a public bath (I remember seeing a story on “Hello” where a guest said his concern about his father who once nagged a big guy with a tattoo on the back while he was at a public bath for leaving the water flow when he wasn’t washing – and this scene was exactly as how the guest from the show said – anyhow it was just a small side note).

Seung Hee puts two men to follow Tae Joo’s daughter around. Meanwhile his wife, Ji Eun seems to have some financial problems and the whole episodes she tries to borrow money from people she knows, but after feeling ashamed to as her close friends or failing to borrow from people around her, she goes to borrow money from a loan shark. But before signing the contract, Ji Eun decides to back off, however before leaving, the loan shark stops her and starts looking at her body…it turns out the guy wants to make Ji Eun enter AV world – in the end it  was more like taking pictures naked.

In Canada, Seung Hee has a hard time convincing her son to move back to Korea as the boy strongly refuses.

Later, Ji Eun is informed that her daughter went missing, luckily everything turns to be okay and Bo Na is returned to her parents, but behind all this were actually the men Seung Hee put to follow Tae Joo and his family.

The episode ends with Ji Eun running away from the guy who was supposed to take pictures of her naked and while running, she comes across Seung Hee.

My thoughts on the first episode:

I’m not sure if I like this drama, but since it’s barely the first episode I will continue to follow the story. Most definitely when Hong Jong Hyun will appear I may become excited over this show again (as I did when I found out that he is in this drama).

The characters are okay so far, nothing much about them because this episode followed mostly Seung Hee and Ji Eun, so we did find out some information about them but barely about the others therefore we have to wait for the following episodes.

One thing is for sure, someone needs to send Seung Hee to some parenting classes because she has no idea how to raise that boy.

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  1. blushingcat · · Reply

    I also watched this drama cause of hong jong hyun , but fuck!!!! i was so mad at the entire storyline that i just skipped through the episodes. And they didnt need 24 long ass episodes to tell the story.

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