[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 2 ~recap/review/opinion~


Episode 2 was better than the first one, even though I’m starting to get annoyed with Ji Eun, mostly because she is running around alone trying to get money for their debt. I understand why she doesn’t want to tell her husband but both should run to get money.

As for our main female character, she has no idea how to raise her son….I do get that she is in a rush trying to find a family for her son, but woman calm down a little, why vent your anger on those around? Here take a hot Ji Sub and take it easy. Oh yeah, Ji Sub is Jong Hyun’s character ….we get 3 minutes of him in the second episode. What I know for sure is that his scenes with his father will be fun to watch.

Episode one finished with Ji Eun running away from the guy who was supposed to take naked photos of her. On the way out, Ji Eun encounters Seung Hee and pleads to help her get away from the man who was chasing her.

After helping Ji Eun, Seung Hee goes after the guy and surprised seeing the AV studios, she goes directly to the detectives she hired to follow Tae Joo and Ji Eun to ask them why they never told her about the stuff Tae Joo’s wife was doing. On the other hand, the detective are surprised hearing that about Ji Eun since during their investigation Ji Eun didn’t show to be the kind of woman who would go to an AV studio.

The detective tries to assure Seung Hee that there must be some kind of reason for Ji Eun to go at that kind of place, but hearing that Seung Hee gets even more annoyed and tells the detective to find everything about Ji Eun because she needs to know what kind of person Tae Joo’s wife is before leaving her son with them.

Meanwhile Tae Joo is at a drinking meeting with his co-workers. There another guy (whose name I don’t know for now) starts tagging the women in the room as being cheap and barely worth $1. Tae Joo can’t hold it anymore and takes the guy by his collar, but thanks to those around things didn’t go further.

Later, after everyone left the meeting, one of the Directors (a woman) that goes by the name Kang (for now) who was also present when Tae Joo took the other Director by his collar, asks him to driver her home since he didn’t drink any alcohol. In the car, Director Kang pretty much shows her deep cleavage to Tae Joo. He notices her cleavage, but to her surprise, Tae Joo just puts a napkin over her boobs. When they arrive at her apartment, the woman asks him if he wants to go up with her, but he simply replies to her: “stop messing around”.

Ji Eun decides to tell her husband about the debt, however when he arrives home, Tae Joo says that he will resign; hearing that she backs off for now.

Another day, Seung Hee finds her son and her assistant Rachel back in Korea, but this time, she was the one who wanted Groo to remain in Canada….and it kind of confused her son and Rachel. But there is more to come when Seung Hee finds out from Rachel that Groo dropped out from the school in Canada. The news angers the mother but when she asks for clarification from her son, Groo tells her to send him to his father, and runs away outside.

Somehow, while walking around, Groo arrives at the privet English school Bo Na attends. While looking around he sees the girl and keeps starring at her, but the next moment Bo Na makes signs with her hand to step aside because a scooter was coming his way. Then Bo Na is dragged along by one of her friends, still the two, Bo Na and Groo keep starring at each other as she is leaving. Meanwhile Rachel tells Seung Hee that Groo was actually expelled from school after getting into a fight because of a rumor regarding his mother – a rumor about Seung Hee wanting to move with her boyfriend and that she doesn’t care about Groo. Rachel advises her to tell the truth to Groo but she refuses.

Ji Eun meets one of her friends to lend her some money but changes her mind when she sees how much of a bad mouth the friend. When her friend goes to the bathroom, Ji Eun sees the guy from the AV studio. The guy gives her a week to decide whether she wants or not to be in his pictures, but the guy kind of threatened her rather than making Ji Eun choose.

TADADADADADADADA DAAAAMM!!! Hong Jung Hyun appears!! I mean Ji Sub returns from Japan. At the airport one of his friends waits for him together with his lover – his motorbike. But surprise surprise, Ji Sub’s father calls and tells him that he rented his apartment to another person, so he better move back home. After the call, into Ji Sub father’s office enters Tae Joo –apparently Tae Joo works for Ji Sub’s father.

Director Koo tells Tae Joo that he made the other director who was calling the two female co-workers cheap a night before, to apologize to them and also that he can’t accept Tae Joo’s resign letter.

Ji Sub arrives to his home – apparently the person to whom his father rented to house is Seung Hee. When Ji Sub sees Seung Hee, he tells her to move because her contract is invalid. Seeing the cocky young man, Seung Hee tells him that he has to live on the streets for a while so he can mature a bit. She also tells Ji Sub that the owner informed her about a rude guy who may appear and that she can just kick him out….and so she did.

Ji Eun goes to visit her mother in law to make her sell the restaurant, but the mother in law doesn’t want to. Then the mother in law remind Ji Eun that she should make another kid, a boy, but she replies saying that it’s already hard to raise Bo Na so she doesn’t have any plans for another child.

Seung Hee tries to make her son return to Canada, but Groo refuses telling her to enroll him to an English school in Korea. On their way back, Seung Hee meets Do Hee who tells her that since Groo is the same age as her own son she should make him be part of a study group. More exactly she should enroll Groo to her study group, because her group also has Bo Na, the first in her class. When Seung Hee hears Bo Na’s name, her expression changes.

At work, Director Kang returns the napkin Tae Joo put over her boobs a night before and asks whose initials are on the napkin – perhaps his wife’s? and continues saying that she should take him away from Ji Eun.

Ji Eun goes to visit her brother to ask for help, but he refuses because of his wife pretty much hates her.

Groo goes again to Bo Na’s school. Bo Na tries to ask for his phone number because her friend wanted it, but he doesn’t have one…..

Seung Hee accepts to enter the study group with her son and at the first dinner for the mothers Ji Eun also appears. While the other mothers were at the bathroom, Ji Eun asks Seung Hee to keep a secret what she saw when they first meet. Then Ji Eun begs Seung Hee to leand her some money because she is in a life and death situation. The conversation couldn’t end because one of the mothers returns and Ji Eun runs away.

Ji Eun has a nightmare about men from the bank coming into their house to take away their stuff. When she wakes up, Ji Eun tries to convince her husband to move to another neighborhood.

The next day Ji Eun goes again to the AV studio but before she enters, a phone call comes and tells her that Seung Hee paid her debt. Ji Eun runs to Seung Hee to thank her and as she tries to be friendly, Seung Hee gets annoyed and kicks JI Eun out of her house.

Groo asks his mother to buy him a phone. On the way to meet her son, Seung Hee gets into an accident. Thankfully it wasn’t anything serious but Groo had to wait for her a few hours. Since the boy was waiting for his mother Ji Eun takes him to her house, but when Seung Hee finds out she gets angry.

Tae Joo comes home before Seung Hee and meets Groo, meanwhile Seung Hee arrives and watches Tae Joo, Ji Eun, Bo Na and Groo from afar.

Later Tae Joo has to leave for a project meeting, but it turns out he was tricked by Director Kang to spend the night with her at a pension.

Another day Ji Eun meets up with Seung Hee. Ji Eun tells Seung Hee that she will do anything for her since she paid her debt – the next second Seung Hee tells her :

Seung Hee: “ Be a mother to my child”.

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