[Kdrama] ‘My Beautiful Bride’ ep 1-16 [END] ~ review/impression/opinion~

Something between bad and good that’s what ‘My beautiful bride’ is for me. I was skeptical in the beginning that this show may be something over the normal dramas but seeing how everyone was praising the story I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and watch it. Weirdly enough, the start wasn’t as good as I thought it will be or to be honest it didn’t hit the base with me as it managed to do with other viewers. As I continued to watch, the story become interesting and I started enjoying every episode. Near the end, it started to be boring and felt dragged a little too much. To put it simple, I liked the middle episodes but I did enjoy the drama even though I had a rough start with it but the over exaggeration made my excitement drop fast.

From a drama that promised much, I went on seeing the flaws more than the good side of the story. I also thought that the writer was going too much into creating something fresh but kind of lost the purpose of the story. Especially with the Joo Young and Do Hyung. She was a promising character in the beginning but the girl was frustrating to watch. ‘I don’t want to have Do Hyung involved in this, I want to protect him’ and so on were words that Joo Young said multiple times but her fiancé was already involved so I never understood her not wanting to reveal to him that she was fine or later on alive. He was already deep into the shark loan story to think of protecting him. Moreover, Joo Young shutting her mouth wasn’t a good idea and it actually didn’t have any meaning. Wouldn’t it have been better for her to reveal that she was alright so he won’t go into more trouble with the never ending chase of trying to find her? As a character I found Joo Young to be always in need to have someone lead her. There was always a desire to become stronger but behind that mask, Joo Young needed someone else to have her back. She was frail but at the same time, the woman had strong points and her struggle throughout the drama showed that Joo Young had lots of potential but unfortunately everything about her dropped fast.

Do Hyung become more than your every day bank guy. Of course having a mother as rich as his, isn’t like every bank employee has one but in Do Hyung case, the writer added more and more ‘qualities’ with each passing episode. Not only that he has a calculative and present thinking, given his work line but our main guy showed great fighting skills. A guy like Do Hyung showed to have a better intuition than most cops and detectives that were working for the case of ‘shadows’. A bank guy who at first had no idea of the behinds from loan sharking world or what the ‘shadows’ are, finds more than the people trained to search and work against these things in a few days. Crazy right? But Do Hyung had everything given to him on a plate; from the first day he turned from a guy who knew nothing into someone with more knowledge than the person who was working to catch the loan sharks for more than 3 years.

Before deciding to conclude the story, the writer decided to turn everyone interested in the loan shark business, even Joo Young who had the ‘wonderful’ idea that it was the only way to become stronger and protect or be useful to Do Hyung. Well, personally I think she could’ve saved or become useful to him long before when she just had to tell him that she is okay enjoying the view at Jeju island.

Frankly speaking, all the characters although important for the story were step by step turned to be useless. However, I liked that the drama wasn’t just ‘men’s world’ and the writer gradually added female characters that at some point were giving more to the story than the ‘big bad guys’. For instance, Jin Sook was an important key character and important especially for Joo Young’s well being, although in a way she was using the later one. Do Hyung’s mother turned to be a large presence in the development of the story and the well being of her son, again giving the main character additional points for his fight against loan sharks.

Still, even heroes need their mommy to help them out so of course Do Hyung doesn’t lack in that department either. Even so I do think that by adding the mother into the plot more than it should be used, showed that Do Hyung wasn’t a perfect guy who always got things work for him. In fact, the appearance of his mother showed the human side and also the flaws of Do Hyung who of course didn’t had the power to take down the load sharks or even the ‘shadows’ and all that showed his human side, side that was mostly showed when he was together with Joo Young.

In terms of directing and producing, My Beautiful Bride steps above a lot of dramas. The staff had a clear image of what they wanted to deliver and the camera work made some scenes seems intensive and filled with action. On the other hand, the writing was in a way disappointing from many points of view, there were some gaps here and there and important characters gradually lost their effect on the story and in the end just turned out to be useless. Like for example Lee Shi Young’s character, Cha Yoon Mi detective.

As a character, and above that, as a main character, Yoon Mi was completely useless to the story. To be honest, her partner in life and at the same time senior, Park Hyeong Shik (played by Park Hae Joon) was used in a better way but that as well was short lived when the writer felt that he couldn’t provide anything else to the development and just pushed him to the side.

On thing I absolutely loved about this drama were the scenes from the past that connected Do Hyung and Joo Young. Everything about those scenes was nicely done and I personally enjoyed those moments the most out of the whole drama.

In the end, My Beautiful Bride was a good watch but with many flaws that could’ve been dodged. Regardless, this drama is wonderful for anyone wishing to see some excellent acting from all the characters.



  1. After reading your reviews on I Remember You, Yong Pal, and this drama, i find it interesting that we seem to comment on or get annoyed by the same things. I would say our opinions are in agreement around 80~90% of the time. Anyway, i was one of those who gushed about My Beautiful Bride in its early run and likely got over-excited as my excitement died down really quickly, partly due to its frustrating/useless characters. However, i too liked the backstory between Do-hyung and Joo-young even though it’s more bitter than sweet…

    1. Hahaha nice finding someone who shares the same impressions ^o^

      Thank you for the comment and for reading my posts ~

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