[Kdrama] ‘Lookout’ ep 9-12 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Am I the only one who’s pissed because the main male character isn’t sly enough? If Kim Young Kwang were to portray Do Han in a more sly and polish the witty moments, he would’ve been an interesting characters. Right now, I have no idea what the writer is trying to do with him. Probably the writer wanted to create a male lead with a mysterious aura but at the same time with witty, giving hilarious scenes for the viewers. However I see none of that, be it from the writing or from the acting.

Is he bad or is he good? Make your mind already! He’s greedy and always wants HIS plans to work out but if he is in the same team with the other 3, why is he throwing them under the bus, especially Soo Ji. He’s completely using her to complete his own plans. Yeah, I saw that Do Han is full of himself but he’s using Soo Ji like a PIECE OF PUZZLE. Yet, he gets utterly irritated with the fact that that puzzle piece has a mind of her own. I mean, he gets angry if she messes his plans, but come on dude, how is she supposed to know if you don’t tell her about your plan and just think that she and the other two will make things go according to your agenda.

Leaving aside Do Han, by the end of this show I want to see a Yoon Seung Ro that’s not easily fooled into traps. He is in a way or another sure that Do Han is using him to gain advantages, but in the following episodes, I want to see a Seung Ro that can’t be taken down easily. If the writer wants to make a ‘hero thirsty for revenge’ I hope she or he will have strong bad guy after all Seung Ro is someone with power who desires more power, if Do Han or Soo Ji easily take him down then the whole drama is a waste of time.

Also, although the writer is starting to give some ‘romance’ hints, I don’t think that I want to see anything romance related. The drama is okayish as it is, they just need to work a bit more on the characters. Adding romance doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make the drama better.

Anyhow, I enjoy the show, even if it’s not as enjoyable and entertaining as Circle, I still catch up each new episode.


  1. I dislike him immensely and the more the writer continues to make his agenda unsympathetic, the harder it will be for me to understand his reasonings. His dismissal of everyone’s pain on the team doesn’t endear his character to me. Maybe that’s what the writer is going for; however, they are walking a fine line where I see nothing redeeming about him whatsoever. I’m trying…..but not feeling him at all!

    1. Agree! It’s hard for me to sympathize with him when he wants to beat bad with more….bad? That’s doesn’t work for me especially when he’s walking all over the other 3 and their memories.

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