[Kdrama] ‘Who are you: School 2015’ ep 11&12 ~ review/impression/opinion~

Wasn’t expecting this from a School series but we actually got some responsible adults in this drama, for example swimming teacher, mother and homeroom teacher. There were some powerful scenes in episode 11 with the parents who were actually taking action and paying attention to their children. However, it felt that Min Joo’s part in the story finished a little too sudden and without a real closing.

On the other hand, I’m liking that Eun Bi/ Eun Byul’s mother was taking action in protecting Eun Bi as if she is her own daughter because well, at this point the girl is her daughter. This time it was even clearer that the mother was indeed trying to give Eun Bi a new beginning by making her use the name Eun Byul and not her real one – As in to try to leave everything behind and even her own name.

Regarding the pairings of this show, I personally don’t think that Eun Bi and Yi Ahn have anything romantically between each other. Just because Eun Bi’s focus was on Yi Han for the past couple of episodes doesn’t necessary mean that she likes him. This whole shipping everything with anything needs to stop and enjoy what could be a mere friendship. I don’t see love or anything that could possibility be a love-line between the two, even more interest from either of them. What I see is Yi Ahn struggling and Eun Bi wishing for him not to destroy himself.

I’m not in any ‘team’, be it Tae Kwang or Yi Ahn because there is no need to be in one. I just like the characters as they are without thinking too much about a relationship between Eun Bi with one of them. There is more to the story of this show than a love-line. We have the bulling aspect for example, or the parental side, even the teachers who makes one wonder if they are paying close attention to their students.

Regarding that Soo In kid, are the mother and sister going to put the blame on others? In episode 11 when the sister was meeting Eun Bi thinking that it’s Eun Byul she told her that all she had to do is ask Soo In if she is okay. Why do I feel like, at home, neither the mother nor the sister asked the girl if she was okay or felt anything strange (regarding the bullying part). Both are in to blame everyone without seeing their own faults.

Normally, School series do focus on high school and the issues that it brings mostly bullying but this time the main was encephalomengitis? We were all waiting for something that could show a more impact on the story or at least the characters but they had to bring in encephalomengitis.

Still, in episode 12 we got a bit of Tae Kwang’s story with his mother’s marriage but wait a minute, was it time for me to feel sympathy for Tae Kwang’s mother? Yes, the moment between the two from the weeding was pretty sad but the woman just left and didn’t even contact her son. Is the father at fault? May be! But that’s not an excuse for her not to even search or send him a word. Also I wish that there was a little more polishing when it comes to the conflict between Tae Kwang and his father. Somehow, episode 12 felt like their strife was kind of lost in the plot and there isn’t an actual focus. I mean, why where they fighting all this time? The mother leaves and they start fighting each other, good enough reason….

These two episodes didn’t live up with the other ones. The flow of the story is becoming messy once again and they are rushing to reveal the hidden stuff they kept using it as bait for the viewers’ interest in the story.

More than that, the writers keep making Eun Byul appear at the very end for the past couple of episodes and it started to piss me off. They are dragging and milking this stuff like there’s not tomorrow. The show was seriously getting good but the rookie writers had to mess everything. Not to mention the amount of product placement episode 12 had – the director couldn’t make it more obvious that it was – the cola, the tablet/site, the chicken they were eating in the cafeteria and so on.

And what the heck was the whole idea that Yi Ahn helped her and was her friend, what about Tae Kwang? From what I remember he was the only soul who was seeing her and not Eun Byul. The thing is that the writers wanted to make some kind of love triangle but burned themselves by creating random connections. Another thing, the whole thing about transferring Eun Byul is stupid. I mean they could’ve found a better reason but they just put everything they could think of, eventually we got a stinky tomato. Good job writers!

Frankly speaking, the best thing from episode 11 and 12 was Sung Jae’s acting. He kept these two episodes alive even though we got back to the messy plot and random characters.

Soori’s advices:

– Writers: get your act together, fast!

– KBS: stop forcing the director to add PPL, look at the ratings, there’s no one to see them!



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  2. Do you think Eun Bi likes Yi Ahn? If so what will happen to her relationship with her twin sister? Can’t wait for next week’s finale….

    1. I do think that she likes Yi Ahn but after seeing the end of episode 14 she may start taking Tae Kwang’s feelings into account.

      However, I wonder if Yi Ahn and Eun Byul at some point confused their friendship with feelings of love. There is also the side that love does change, so considering Eun Byul’s strong personality she will probably accept the idea of Yi Ahn having feelings for her sister thus nothing will probably change in the relationship of the two sisters. But that’s just how I see it at this point.

      1. You were absolutely right! I was really rooting for this drama but the ending was disappointing….they tried to hastily fix missing gaps in under two minutes. Furthermore, I still don’t see the point in the writers creating a love story between Yi Ahn and Eun Bi. I guess love is weird. Why did Eun Bi have to return to the school when it was really her older sis who stepped in and settled the score? People seem to like Eun Bi more….

      2. The part with Eun Bi returning to the school after 6 months while Eun Byul was away abroad was weird. Why was that even needed to the story.

        It felt like Eun Byul was just randomly added and then thrown out of the story.

        To be honest, I enjoyed the drama, it was okay, however it had a messy writing as you said it the writers tries to fill the missing gaps fast so they can close the story but it turned the drama into a mess.

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