[Kdrama] ‘Punch’ ep 1-5 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I surprised myself with watching “Punch” because the story isn’t normally what I like in regards of Korean drama, but somehow I did end up trying it out. Actually I lived under the impression that the writer of ‘Temptation’ is the same writer so I was stern on my decision not to even glance at this drama, even if Kim Rae Won was in the cast. Later, pinkblossom made a post about ‘Punch’ and what’s within the story behind the drama and it won me over – actually I recommend her post to understand the drama better since it may be confusing especially in the first 3 episodes.

As already mentioned, the story can be confusing and windy, also how much can a story about Prosecutors attract its viewers? Well, at first glance, watching the trailers, there’s nothing that attractive to ‘Punch’ – just Prosecutors investigating. Still after I watched the first episode, I found myself drawn to it and that’s not because of Kim Rae Won. Actually I dislike his character, Park Jung Hwan because his illness won’t excuse all of his actions until now; just because his life is ending him hiding the corrupt higher ups won’t vanish. Even so, at least he is starting to understand what’s important in his life, despise the greed he had that overshadowed his vision, Jung Hwan is waking up realizing that he ignored much of his former wife’s advice and even put himself up as a wall for Lee Tae Joon forgetting what he means to his daughter, sister and mother. But Jung Hwan is still walking in a line, he still does the things as in the past yet this time is for a different purpose.

Even if currently, Jung Hwan and his ex-wife, Shin Ha Gyung aren’t in their best relationship, she knows him and desires to make a change for him to live a straight up life, although she isn’t aware that his tumor wasn’t eliminated. Actually ‘Punch’ is giving a great opportunity to female character to show themselves and their power as this drama comes with more determinate female characters, rather than the usual females that stumble on their feet as they breath, in “Punch” we get to see not one but two determinate women, Yoon Ji and Sook Shin Ha Gyung; we can even count Choi Yeon Jin, after all she also is a determinate character that has a say in the plot and the development of the story.

In the beginning, I said that for a while I thought that the writer of ‘Temptation’ is also the writer of ‘Punch’, however this writer is actually the same who wrote The Chaser and Empire of Gold. The same as  the other 2 dramas ‘Punch’ is showing strong cast with great acting abilities and a story full of intense and fast pitched battle. However don’t expect it to be a battle between the good and the bad, it’s in fact a battle between the bad and another bad because in the end everyone plots, lies and is corrupt just to save their own persona. But then, should I recommend this drama only after a few episodes, most definitely due to its strong resources from story to the cast writing/production, ‘Punch’ is a great watch.


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