[Kdrama] ‘Lookout’ ep 1-8 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

‘Lookout’ is the type of drama that’s hard to get into in the beginning. It needs lots of time to actually enjoy the flow.

The first episode lacked in trying to catch the attention. It wasn’t a bad episode, but there was no thrilling scene to make the possible viewers stay for more. The end of episode 2 did give what I was looking for. That something which can make me want to see and find more about the development. Yet, I still needed more time to become a viewer that might like the drama, thus I reached episode 6 and at the end of this episode, the story finally got me.

The story is okay, predictable, but good enough to watch while waiting for other dramas. There are some issues with how the writer and the producer divided the story within each episode. There were a lot of moments that took too much time so it lead to an extension of the characters’ introduction. Each episode does seem messy with all the flashbacks and they move around from a character to another therefore it made the story to be a bit all over the place. It’s like there’s no clear plan on how to make the story move forward. They have the idea but don’t know how to make it work.

For me, music is important in dramas because it can create or mess the mood. In ‘Lookout’ there were issues with the background music, it was either inserted in random scenes or cut when it should’ve been played to create the thrill I was talking about. Maybe the poor work with the background music makes me think that the show, overall, lacks thrills.

The characters have flaws and that’s not necessary a bad thing, yet the main girl is a bit too impulsive to the point of messing things. As a former detective, she knows the laws but most of the times she’s being reminded of what’s legal and what’s not by her ‘team members’.  So Ji did suffer the loss of her daughter so that can be considered an excuse for the way she wants to resolve their ‘missions’. But I do hope that in the following episodes, I will get to see a more calculative So Ji.

Kim Young Kwang is a pretty okay actor but that’s mostly when it comes to romance dramas. Although, it is good that he’s trying various roles, in the case of Do Han, he doesn’t really have what it takes to become one with the character. Probably he didn’t get to understand his character but for some reasons I wish we had a different main actor. My point is that, main actors aren’t mains because they take most of the screen time, but in fact they are supposed to lead the story and the other characters, thing that it’s rather hard for him at this point in his career.  The main problem with him is that, he doesn’t have charisma to be a main character and also doesn’t have the power to bring the other actors to follow his lead. Do Ha is a witty character and always seems playful by trying to tease others so he can find information but at the same time he is someone with a dark past, yet Young Kwang, although he is trying, didn’t blend into the character. From the way I see it, he’s not sly enough. I think that as a character, Do Han should have a higher level of slyness.

Do Han is not just someone made for comical relief. He has more depth that it is left to see in the first episodes and even though he showed hilarious moments, Kim Young Kwang failed to showcase the deeper side of the prosecutor who wants to have a luxurious image.  Why do I think that Do Han is more than the comical character of this drama? Well, call me buttercup but as I already said it, this drama is predictable. Reallllly predictable.

Kim Young Kwang isn’t the only miscast actor, the young actor, Park Solomon, who plays Shi Wan is also miscast. Both of these two actors have difficult characters to portray however neither does a good job. Shi Wan should’ve been played by someone who could bring out the creep out of the high scholar who pushed a little girl to her death. His reason? Possible a desire to get his father’s attention and focus, one that he always might have wanted.

Is this drama bad? Not really. Despite its flaws, I did enjoy these 8 episodes. But definitely not a drama that will be remembered nor something to recommend. Since it is a work by a rookie writer, as viewers we shouldn’t ask for more than this.

Okay okay, not bad but isn’t it a waste of time? That depends on each one of us and how we decide to view this drama. For me it wasn’t a waste of time, in fact I will continue to watch this show. For how long I don’t know, but for now I want to continue.

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