[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 5 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sang Tae’s in-laws meet up with the people that saw him at the hotel with a woman. The other two tell them how things went. One woman was there for a blind date with Sang Tae while the second woman (Mi Jung) was with him and it seemed, according to them, that he and the second woman were meeting for a while. The in-laws try to understand the situation and are confused with what they hear. Their main concern was if Sang Tae and the second woman went to a room but their friends couldn’t find that because they went after the first lady.

Mi Jung and Sang Tae finally go to eat their lunch. As they eat, Sang Tae is curious about the meaning of her actions when the blind date woman was being rude. She explains that she tried to tell him to get up since the woman wasn’t interested in him and started nitpicking on his fashion even though it was on point.

Turns out Sang Tae’s in-laws used to be mobs. While they were concerned about the women Sang Tae is meeting, some thug-like guys approach them. From the looks of it, the father-in-law used to be their boss. Although at first the two act like they were mistaken for someone else, eventually, the father-in-law and his wife drag the thug-like guys into a toilet to lecture them about calling him “hyungnim” around other people. Both, the father in law and the mother in law, lecture the guys to give up living like thugs and lead a proper life. After that, the two ask them about their current lives and if everything is ok.

Sang Tae asks Mi Jung if she doesn’t plan on remarrying. But she says that she doesn’t plan, especially now since her children don’t know about the divorce.

At home, the grandmother tries to make Woo Ri talk and eat. Woo Ri refuses however she accepts eating when the granny says that she will talk with Mi Jung about the acting academy. Unwittingly the older woman asks Woo Ri and Woo Young if they haven’t seen their father lately (at school). A bit confused, Woo Young reminds her that at that time it was a man who looked like their father therefore to get out of a possible problem, the granny says that there’s something wrong with her lately and wanted to ask, in fact, about the man who looked like In Chul.

Speaking of the devil, In Chul and his wife go to a public bath. At the door, the see a woman having a hard time because of her son who didn’t want to enter with her in the women’s bath. In Chul offers his help and tells the woman that he will take her son to the men’s bath. Inside, while taking care of the boy, In Chul remembers about his own children, while his wife is worried about In Chul missing his 3 kids.

Everything goes well at the photo shoot and Sang Tae keeps smiling as he looks at Mi Jung working. However because of the picky model, Sang Min, they start having a hard time. It seems that the clothes are a bit too small for him so he starts creating a scene. Mi Jung remains calm but Sang Tae asks if the clothes don’t feel small because he gained weight. Knowing Sang Min, Mi Jung pinches Sang Tae’s hand to give him a signal that Sang Min will get even angrier if he says something like that. Compared to last time, Mi Jung understands Sang Min more and to save the day she blames another employee for giving him smaller clothes, but she winks to her so the employee will understand that she’s only acting along with Sang Min. Mi Jung continues to make Sang Min happy by saying that it’s not possible for him to gain weight but in fact it may be because he gained more muscles. Sang Min is happy with the things he hears and even accepts to shoot in the current (small) clothes he wears, moreover after hearing Mi Jung say that they will also photoshop his pictures to make him look taller and with a sharper chin.

Sang Tae’s mother is happy at the thought that her eldest son will re-marry and leave the in-laws’ house. On the other hand, the woman who works for them, at the restaurant, named So Young goes to a friend’s wedding. At the hotel the reception was held, she meets up with Ho Tae. He was there to meet a friend and ask him for money to complete his movie. The man doesn’t want to help him but in exchange he tells Ho Tae if he wants to go into the adult entertainment. Ho Tae gets angry and on the hallway he meets So Young. The senior she always talks about, the one that used to like her is revealed to be Ho Tae.

The photoshoot goes well until they unfortunately have a blackout. Mi Jung takes care of the lighting but because of a problem, an electric shock, she falls down making everyone scared of her wellbeing. She wakes up and seems completely fine, yet the others wonder if she is indeed okay.

So Young and Ho Tae talk about their past. It seems like they decided to hide things from each other. She doesn’t tell him that her marriage was a scam nor that she never moved to America. As for him, he doesn’t tell her that he isn’t successful with his work and is actually quite miserable. In the past, they used to be a couple but after he enlisted in the army, she was set to marry another guy by her parents. After they leave the restaurant, Ho Tae remembers the time So Young went to give him her wedding invitation. Ho Tae noticed that So Young didn’t want to marry the other guy and was preparing to run away from home. Knowing that he can’t support her, he took So Young back to her house, big big house since she used to be rich.

In Chul’s mother in law brings him herbal drinks. But she actually gave him herbal drinks good for enhancing the lower body. On the other hand, Mi Jung is taken to the hospital by her concerned boss, Sang Tae.

Tae Min sends Yeon Tae a message. Knowing that he is waiting for her, she rushes out of the store she works at to meet him. He invites her to a club to celebrate her last day at work, at the store, before becoming a teacher but the problem is that Jin Joo is also invited. At the club, Yeon Tae is uncomfortable and even feels small when Jin Joo reveals her body in a tiny dress. Because Tae Min is charmed by the way Jin Joo looks, Yeon Tae starts drinking like crazy. Drunk Yeon Tae gets out of the club but confuses Sang Min’s car with a taxi. He is dumbfounded at the sight of a drunk girl sleeping on his legs. He and his manager pull her out and leave the girl on the street….

She arrives home and gets seen by her parents. Although they can’t let out their surprise, Yeon Tae goes to Ho Tae’s storage room and screams that he should grow up. Yeon Tae reveals to her brother and parents that there is a guy she likes but he likes Jin Joo.

Sang Tae stays with Mi Jung at the hospital while his in-laws wait for him. Jin Joo comes home thus they vent their anger on her. She finds out from her parents that Sang Tae went to a blind date and angered she calls Yeon Tae. Because Yeon Tae is still drunk she says that her sister-in-law died 5 years ago, Sang Tae can meet whoever he wants. Jin Joo is actually hurt by Yeon Tae’s words.

Yeon Tae continues: “In front of everybody, you pretend to help but you brag and brag.” Luckily, her father stops her from talking.

The phone call is interrupted and the mother in law reveals that the problem is not the blind date but the fact that Sang Tae has another woman. At that moment, Sang Tae calls home to say that he won’t make it (doesn’t say that he will stay with his employee at the hospital) and the mother in law thinks that he stays with the woman he dates.

My thoughts on episode 5:

I’m annoyed with Tae Min. He didn’t even think about how Yeon Tae got home. She was drunk and they left her alone!!!! And he is supposed to be her friend but the guy was busy drooling at Jin Joo’s body. Anyway, Sang Min is entering the show at full speed and I hope he will actually have a love line with Yeon Tae, or at least help her make Tae Min regret ignoring her all this time.

As for the in-laws, they are getting on my nerves. They shouldn’t act like he isn’t allowed to date anyone….ever! He is not their property!

I’m so angry right now!!!



  1. You may be angry, but your sense of humor is still intact!
    “But she actually gave him herbal drinks good for enhancing the lower body.” Ha! That’s the cutest way I’ve ever seen it written. Good job!
    List of characters that are on my last nerve:
    Ho Tae
    Tae Min
    Both In-Laws
    Sang Tae’s mom
    In Chul and his wife and her mom
    Jin Joo
    Thanks for letting me rant. There’s a lot of jerks that need a big dose of Karma.

    1. Those are the characters that annoy me as well. But in this episode, Tae Min was the king. I couldn’t believe he just let Yeon Tae go alone 0_0

      Thanks for the comment, as always 😀

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  3. haha….the one who annoys me the most still is sang tae’s mom…just get over yourself lady! the in laws go from annoying as hell to funny as hell…the whole mob crew interview in the bathroom or whatever, too funny!
    i was appalled that sang men threw a young obviously drunk woman on the road like that. i understand they are going for funny, but that was a reprehensible thing for any character to do especially one we are supposed to find somewhat endearing, and i can sense that being more fleshed out soon due to his interactions with his brother and his whispered comment of ‘she’s smart’ to the photoshoot staffer about mi jung. disappointing scene, for me writers! don’t do that.
    mi jung’s my favorite character so far….she’s very relatable and totally rocks. i wish i had her energy as a single mom myself!

    1. The two sure are brothers. But for me it was irritating that Tae Min, who is supposed to be Yeon Tae’s friend and celebrate her last day of work is using her to get close to Jin Joo. He is cleary the mature one between the two siblings but that was really annoying to watch. Sang Min is overall a brat and his ego is sky rocking, that’s his major flaw.

      Mi Jung is great, she is def an amazing woman. Crazy at times but still amazing.

      1. i hear you, with regards to tae min! i still think he is just super clueless. he has no idea yeon tae loves him. i think he (thinks) he respects her independent ways so didn’t think twice about her leaving. he didn’t know she was trashed, in all fairness. that said, he’s got a seriously rude awakening due and he’s stacking the deck against himself in a big way, may he get the flour treatment too lol ^^

  4. Lol….”the flour treatment”! **Adds to dictionary**

  5. knew the in-laws were in shady business. usually those who keep flaunting and mentioning class are actually the low-class ones. they need to stop pretending they own sang tae. and his mom needs to stop placing her insecurities on to him. taemin and sangmin are ugh. taemin is like the classic nice guy friend- not even making sure yeontae is okay. sangmin was ruder than i expect but i expect something interesting happening once taemin finds out about this. jingoo is soooo annoying too.

    1. Agree. I knew they weren’t such ‘high’ class as they were pretending to be from their speech and actions. Wonder how things will go now, with them being former mobs. Will it help Sang Tae and Mi Jung or it will be something to separate them with.

      Sang Min is a parade idiot. A brat. But somehow I’m finding him to be an entertaining character and I’m looking forward to his change especially if he is to have a love line with Yeon Tae.

      I wanted exvcuse Jin Joo, multiple times, but now she’s just plain annoying.

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