[Kdrama] ‘What Happens to My Family?’ ep 9-23 ~ review/impression/opinion ~

It’s been a long time since I posted a review about the weekend family drama ‘What Happens to My Family?’. This drama still manages to capture my attention with the characteristics of family dramas, their overflowing characters. Compared to my first post on the story which was focused on my overall first impression over the plot, this time I want to focus more on the characters, mainly the 3 siblings and slowly moving towards those around them.

First, I want to talk about Kang Shim. I really hoped that she will be the cerebral one among the 3, however sometimes I feel like she is more childish than Dal Bong. In her work line, Kang Shim does her job perfectly, more than that she manages to show herself as being serious when it comes to the work at the company, yet in her daily life, the big sister doesn’t do much when it comes to guiding her other two younger brothers, especially in the later episodes she is the one who pretty much welcomes the idea of building a commercial center on the father’s land.

All I’ve seen until now, was a self-centered woman, I’m not saying that she shouldn’t think of herself, but ignoring everyone in the family and going to buy an apartment lead her to losing all the savings she did until the present time.

Regarding Kang Shim’s relationship with Tae Joo, rather than focusing on what happened 14 years ago, she should give herself a change, be it with Tae Joo or any other man; I do understand that the scar is big, but she still needs to leave everything behind, it’s been 14 years moving on should be a must in this situation, even so Kang Shim fears of being hurt all over. Having fears like this, refusing to welcome a new relationship into her life won’t help her with nothing.

As for Tae Joo, is he ready to face his love for Kan Shim? Is he even in love with her? Well, he most definitely is, after all it’s a drama, although I do want a change without making them fall for each other. For now, Tae Joo can’t seem to handle his own things, more than that face his feelings for the woman he loves. Considering that at his age he couldn’t handle the news of his father’s marriage shows that Tae Joo has a long way to mature, thus for now he isn’t ready to show or even face himself that sometimes you need to fight for and treasure the woman you supposedly love.

Kang Jae is the biggest problem out of the 3 siblings, although Kan Shim is self-centered with a maturity of a high school girl, on the other hand Kan Jae is lost in his own closed world. I was expecting to see what actually happened in his life to change in such a radical manner (because we did see that when Kan Jae become a resident, his attitude towards the father wasn’t what’s today), but after finding out that the change is given by the fact that he broke up with his former girlfriend as he had nothing in terms of property or financial stability, I slowly started to think that Kan Jae needs to wake up to reality. It’s not like their family didn’t raise them in a good environment, still all he does is insult the father for the way he raised them. Pretty much because of a failed relationship, Kang Jae discards the father because they don’t live in a life full of richness as he already said so himself.

Even so, I feel like Kang Jae should be the least one to demand something from the father considering that he is the only one out from the 3 siblings who went to a nice University and owns a medical degree.

On a side note, I can’t believe how much Kang Jae lets himself be influenced by his mother-in-law, sometimes I wonder if he really has a brain of his own. I mean it’s not like he is scared of her, more like he just ignored his father’s feelings and thinks that the mother-in-law is always right. Excusing himself saying that he is just struggling to live, let’s be honest, it’s not like Kang Jae lived in a house that will crumble any minute, compare to other people they do live in a good house and had good living conditions all their life.

Dal Bong is actually the mature one out of the 3, when he doesn’t let himself be influenced by his other two siblings. Luckily for him, Dal Bong is surrounded by people outside his family who want to see the light of his struggles, be it when he doesn’t find a job or when his past comes back to present time. Compared to Tae Joo or even Kang Jae’s wife, Seo Wool expresses herself more and with her personality she manages to change Dal Bong’s thinking in a good way.

I liked Seo Wol so much until now but this girl is so deep to the point of not knowing how to read the atmosphere. Dal Bong and Eun Ho were friends, but her way of wanting Dal Bong to act friendly towards Eun Ho because of their past of being friends is rather frustrating, after all she doesn’t know why they fought about thus her constant meddling when it isn’t even her place is starting to become irritating. However she isn’t wrong. All she says makes sense but the way Seo Wool puts her believes in practice is wrong.

But, from my point of view, even though Seo Wool helps Dal Bong a lot, the one who may help him even more is Eun Ho. As we already saw some of his ‘friends’ from the past, Eun Ho can be a pretty decent company for Dal Bong – they both went through a lot and know about each other’s personalities, still I see only Eun Ho thinking more about his childhood friend while Dal Bong fails to see his friend’s inner struggle and most importantly constant fight with the overly money-centered mother.

Lastly, I’ve seen a lot of comments that put the aunt in a bad light, but let’s face it, this woman was the one who washed them, feed them and more. All she does is think for the good of the family and her older brother, however I do agree that she sometimes needs to step a little down and take everything in a more calmer manner.

The development of the drama is pretty good as it shows the different personalities of the siblings. Yet they all are similar in terms of selfishness and money-chasing. Like the aunt, the father is also being put in a dark(ish) light for wanting to sue his children, but if we think about it, the 3 need to understand that just because they are blood related, nothing should come easily to them thinking that “well, eventually it (the land/money) will be ours” thus I do think that a lawsuit will make things clear for them.

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