[Kdrama] ‘Circle’ ep 1-6 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

The beginning of the first episode was intriguing. Because, one, I didn’t read the plot for this drama and two, the director and the cast members perform well enough to the point that I got curious. There were other dramas for which I didn’t read the plot and I still couldn’t find it to be interesting especially in the first 10 minutes, but in the case of Circle, 10 minutes into the show and that’s all what I needed to mark it as a drama to follow for the next two month.

In the first episode, Bum Gyun’s inner struggle of possibly accepting that he might have mental issues was a treat for me as a viewer. Call me crazy, but I enjoy seeing characters being more than ‘normal’ and having struggles do give a bit of sprinkle to the story. While I was watching the older brother, I liked how the writers tried to make their viewers doubt but believe him at the same time. There were lots of instances when I was wondering, what if he is telling the truth, but seconds later I was like ‘nah, he’s out of it’.  That really made me curious about him and what will happen in the future episodes.

On the other hand, Woo Jin also seems to have a hard time accepting a possible reality. During their childhood, both him and his brother witnessed the appearance of the mysterious woman, yet, in the present, he focuses on the idea that it wasn’t reality. In a way or another, both are running away from a reality, mostly because they don’t want to accept it as a fact. My point is that, both brothers live in different realities and are finding it hard, more like they don’t want, to accept the reality of the other. Or that’s just my two cents on the issue.

As I was enjoying the drama, they jump to year 2037…. moreover it took a turn to comedy…Anyway, it felt random and with no actual connection as if I was watching two completely different dramas at the same time. The CG is lame here and there that it takes away the charm of the drama.

I was mostly curious about the change in the two siblings. Woojin from the past definitely showed up in the present (2017) Bum Gyun and the other way around. That was a major curiosity factor for me. Why the change in personality and way of thinking between the two brothers. Luckily, by the end of the second episode I started to enjoy the 2037 side of the story as well.

I’m glad that the adult, Joon Hyuk is the twin I wished. It was obvious from the very beginning that he is one of the brothers however I did had my doubts as which one of them he actually is. But coming into episode 3, the information was getting closer thus in episode 4, those who did not manage to find out, were served with the identity of Joon Hyuk.

I’m going to be honest, the show is confusing at times but not in a bad way, rather the confusion makes me want to watch more to actually understand the story.

Being a drama with 4 writers, I do expect good stuff considering that they can brainstorm and talk between themselves what it will be better for the story. For me personally, if the chairman turns out to be Woo Jin, then that will make me dislike the drama as a whole. If this turns into a fight between two brothers, the good versus the bad type of show then I’m out. I really enjoy this drama, my favorite out of the currently airing ones, heck my favorite of 2017 up until now, however if the writers come up with something so lame it will destroy all the enjoyment I’m having right now I won’t forgive them until 2037. Everything was so nicely revealed, little by little, and all of the new information did create a buzz. In a way, I do somehow hunch why there’s a possibility for Woo Jin to be the Chairman of Human B. Although we don’t know the whole side of what happened in 2017, I do think that maybe Woo Jin wanted to create something that would take away the pain given by sad memories- as he himself had amazingly sad memories.

I did a tremendous mistake of starting this drama as it’s still airing. It would’ve been a great show to marathon in 2 days. In fact, I didn’t have any intentions to watch it, no idea why, as I even said, I didn’t get to read the plot and I just tried it out because I had nothing to do. Anyway, Circle is a good drama, I would recommend (for now).

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