[Kdrama] ‘Introverted Boss’ ep 1-6 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I didn’t want to write my review after watching just 2 episode therefore I delayed my post, thinking that maybe things will change however at this point I’m still not sure what to think about Introverted Boss. I’m still debating whether is good or not.

The first episode felt long. They took too much time to establish the characters and to be honest it was a bit boring. I actually gave up in the middle of watching, but picked it up a few days later. Luckily the ending managed to grab my attention.

For a 20 episode drama I kinda understand why they dragged the story so much in the first episode, and they will probably to it for the next episodes to come, however it would’ve been better for the story it this was just a 16 episode show. From my point of view, the story isn’t substantial enough to fill in so many episodes moreover I’m concerned, can the writer manage to squeeze in character development?

The main female character, Ro Woon, is another ‘I fight for justice’ but ends up making problems for others with her ideas of thinking that the way  she does things is the right way when its clearly not – too self centric for my taste. Ro Woon looks only in front of her without thinking that maybe she is creating problems for those around.

Honestly speaking, the main girl should’ve been just an extra. Although she was pretty okay in the other drama, Age of Youth, this time her lack of talent can be shown. The show would’ve been much better if the main female character was the older sister. Or even the girl Hwan Ki used to like. I liked the relationship he had with the girl from the past. It was nice seeing a girl lead for the first time. But in Ro Woon’s case, she doesn’t lead nor help him, she is simply a brat. I don’t like her bratty personality. In the past and the present she doesn’t actually care about others and doesn’t know what or where to speak.

During episode 5 I was having my full attention on the show yet coming back at the present time in episode 6, as I was watching it, my mind started wondering. Park Hye Soo isn’t that great and makes the character be rather superficial.  It’s like she didn’t fully understand her character and she just acts based on what’s written in the script, but she forgets to make her character feel alive. Basically she fails to become one with the character.

All in all, it’s not fully her fault alone. She is an actress, she can’t make wonders if the writing is bad which in her case, the writer doesn’t give her enough written material to work with – but this is just a hunch. There are times when I think that maybe, maybe, the director and the writer don’t give her more details about Ro Woon, thus she can’t fully understand the character she is supposed to play.

As for the male lead,his problem? Also self centric. Yes, he cares about his staff but not for their well being, rather he is concerned that disturbing them may make the team members, and everyone around, dislike him. In his case, the writer doesn’t go on with one idea. At some point it is made to seem that he is genuinely concerned and wants to bring out the good traits of his staff but the next moment I get this hunch that he is more concerned about how he is seen by others. More like, whatever he does for the others, it’s with the sole purpose of his well mental health. On top of that, I don’t like how his ‘introverted personality’ is being shown. I get it, it’s a drama and they have to exaggerate things, but they over do it.

Even in her past work, the writer was good with making the side characters shine more but completely ignores a possible development of the main characters. This time she does it again, and for me as a viewer, I find the team members more interesting than Hwan Ki, Ro Woon or Woo Il.

Anyway, I’m not sure about this drama. It’s okay-ish but doesn’t offer much nevertheless the comedy part of the show is good.


  1. What an excellent observation about the writer making side characters shine better than the main ones! Now that you say that, and I’m thinking back to her other dramas, I can totally see that!

    I have some hope for this drama after the rewrites of episodes 5 and 6, and after they started to course correct. I was glad when we got some clarification about why the characters act the way they do, even if they do still make me hella uncomfortable most of the time.

    Still. It’s not a homerun or anything. The most I’m hoping for are some heart-flutter moments, and maybe some good kissing? Maybe?

    1. True! I’m also happy that they made some changes and didn’t let thing as they were although it must’ve been hard for everyone involved in the project.

      Yesss, I can’t wait for the lovely-puffy-bubbly moments XD

      Thanks for the comment~

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