[Kdrama] ‘Solomon’s Perjury’ ep 1- 12 [END] ~ review/impression/opinion~

Teenagers versus adults, we all have seen this type of stories until now. It isn’t something new but compared to the other dramas or movies with the same subject, Solomon’s Perjury had the advantage mostly because it wasn’t fully about the battle of the generations. By the end, each character understood its own mistakes and how their actions affected others. But is that enough?

Instead of talking too much about the writing or the acting I will lay out my opinion concerning each character which got my attention in a way or another. Before that, I do want to say a few words on the writing of the story overall. Even though the story is originally written by a Japanese writer, who clearly made the story for the Japanese market, the script writer managed to keep some flavor that is mostly felt on Japanese projects. Even so, it also contained the normal traits we find on the Korean market.

That being said, I will go forward and say what I think about some of the character of this drama – all those listed below are just the characters that caught my eye, it’s not that the others didn’t had a presence in the story but the ones I will talk about also had a higher usefulness level to the story.

The first character I want to talk about is Woo Hyuk. His anger management was a big problem and he needed to tone it down. Unfortunately, a high school student won’t tone down his fire-like personality all of a sudden. He needs help, thing that he didn’t really receive, at least from the adults. I didn’t like that they made Woo Hyuk say sorry to the victims of his bullying. Yes, he finally understood that what he did wasn’t okay and that it gave great damage to the ones who were bullied, but it doesn’t change what he did. A bully will apologies, but the bullying will forever remain within the victims. I really don’t like it at all when a show tries to make it like everything is okay. It’s not. Bullies are no fallen angels and don’t make it seem like they are. It’s annoying to be honest when they do that, when as Ji Hoon said it, Woo Hyuk had the choice in his hand. He has the start of how he wants to live his life. Yes, he lived his life seeing his father beating his mother, but he also witnessed the side of the victim, his mother. Yet, he chose to be the bully. I give props to the writer for making Ji Hoon shade light regarding the issue. One thing I liked about this part is the writer telling that it doesn’t matter in what environment you live in, you have the chose on how to live your life.

I liked that Woo Hyuk wasn’t given excuses on why he turned out like that, why he become a bully. Most of the times we do see that the family situation of a bully is shared as a main reason on why that person ends up to be a bully and it’s not the truth. A person is the one who has the power to choose HOW to live his or her life.

Ju Ri – I can’t condemn Ju Ri for wanting Woo Hyuk to receive some kind of punishment. A ‘sorry’ won’t change anything from the perspective of a victim. She wanted him to suffer like she did and it’s hard to accept that he now changed and understood his actions when Ju Ri will forever remain the victim of his bullying. But at the same time, I can’t be on her team when she wants to destroy someone’s life out of revenge. Thinking from the perspective of a viewer, and outsider, I don’t want to give her excuses however being looked down and bullied made her hate grow thus she become someone full of hate and disgust. All in all, what I can’t tolerate was the fact that she wanted to destroy everyone just to save herself. Especially when she was trying to push her only friend in front of everyone to make her responsible for the letter.

So Yeon – sometimes I wanted to drag her out of the court. In a way, she did a great job as the prosecutor, yet what was she really trying to find? She blindly decided to believe what others say and also believed that everything was connected to Woo Hyuk killing So Woo. Subconsciously, she also didn’t believe that Woo Hyuk could have murdered someone, but her actions and implication in the trial said otherwise. There were a lot of times when she failed to keep important details. She easily let herself be influenced by the witnesses. Especially by Ju Ri. Maybe she wanted to be the one who will give Ju Ri the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time she incriminates Woo Hyuk, when they had no credible evidence. Again, in the trial, that’s her job, to find him guilty. But originally she wanted to find out why So Woo died, on the other hand she pushed the guilty tag onto Woo Hyuk. Anyway, it was a shame that in the end So Yeon was useless for the story….too bad because the actress was good.  Sadly in her case, the character had no development, actually most characters didn’t, but hers had the lowest rate of character development.

Ji Hoon – he had the strings of this play in his hand, but slowly even Ji Hoon lost the sight of his plan. Ji Hoon gave the impression, to the viewers, that he knows the truth about everything, even so, in episode 8 things didn’t go as smooth as he was used to. Regardless, compared to So Yeon, he was much more calculative and found a way out to not showing his emotions that much. Until the end he remained the star of this show. He was consistent with his let’s say demands. He was always straight to the point in revealing everyone’s mistakes even though they all shouted “I am the victim” or “I am not responsible” like in the case of Woo Hyuk or even the vice principal. Both were playing a random victim card which made Ji Hoon slap them with his words with the purpose to keep them aware of the mistakes and sins they committed in the past. The only moment he noticeably lost his cool was when his father was testifying in the ‘school court’.

So Woo – he had a hero complex, thinking that he could go against the system in reality like he could do so on the internet. He continued to push people on the very edge. I was annoyed with him and his ways of demanding and pushing Ji Hoon around. Yes, he was in a complicated state of mind and maybe pushing Ji Hoon around was his way of punishing his friend’s father for the current situation he was in, however he used death so easily to threaten Ji Hoon knowing what it means to him and what impact would’ve had if he was going to kill himself in front of him. But at the same time they both understood each other more than anyone else could because to some extent they were similar.

The drama was good, and I liked it more than other dramas I was watching at that time but something was missing. I don’t know, everything was like a straight line and I’m not feeling satisfied with the flow. The development was missing that BOOOM and the writer jumped fast to make the conclusions and the closing. I wanted that little something, that particular drop of excitement that the show should’ve had near the end.


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