[Jdrama] Winter dramas I’m currently watching ~ review/opinion

Lately I have watched a bunch of Japanese dramas and I noticed a growing trend nowadays. A common topic among Japanese dramas is girls who can’t get married or younger guy older girl romance. Most of the times, the stories don’t offer in depth details and just focus on the story’s surface. Surprisingly, this season we got a couple of stories that go beyond the romance and discus some problems of the current young adults and their lives.

Ubai ai fuyu – episode 1

Tells the story of 2 couples. Hikaru’s life is finally on the right track and she is ready to marry her current boyfriend, Kouta. However, her past boyfriend, Jin, who made her suffer returns making Hikaru slowly change. Her sudden change damages the relationship she has with Kouta as he becomes more and more jealous of her past with Jin.

The first episode was okay. I think it will be a long road full of crazy people. Starting with Kouta’s mother who is blatantly crazy and always wished for her son to marry another girl; the next crazy person is Kouta and Hikaru’s co-worker who seems to hate the fact that they are happy together. And last but not least, Jin’s wife and her crazy behavior towards Jin – she has a desire to manipulate him using her illness. Honestly I think Kouta will himself turn a bit crazy as he will be blinded by jealousy. It depends on Hikaru if she wants to keep her current relationship with the guy who made her smile again or the guy who made her lose her smile. No matter what was the reason, Jin did make her suffer in the past but her lingering feelings will definitely be a challenge for her relationship with Kouta. Knowing that the past boyfriend returned to Hikaru’s life, Kouta is already starting to doubt her as seen in this episode when the co-worker gave him the key to Hikaru’s desk telling him that his girlfriend keeps there pictures with her past boyfriend. It will be interesting to see who will Hikaru choose in the end. After episode one, I’m on Kouta’s side but I’ll have to wait and see because for now I’m not sure about his jealousy and what it will make him do in the following episodes.

Honestly, the acting is a big problem. Especially Otani Ryohei’s acting makes me think twice before starting a new episode.

Rental no Koi – 3 episodes

I’ve watched 3 episodes so far and as expected, I’m suffering a lot just to see my favorite model’s first acting project. Yeah….I’m that shallow and superficial.

‘Rental no koi’ is a about a girl, Remi, who works for an agency that offers dates to men. Remi is the number one girl as she always manages to create the perfect date for her partners. One day, she has a date with Kosuke, who falls for her and tries to rent her multiple times. Going forward, he lies to his friends, Hayato and Sumire, that he and Remi are dating. However, Sumire, who has a crush on Kosuke, thinks that something isn’t right and that the relationship her friend has with Remi, may not be good for him.

For someone who is looking for a more serious story then ‘Rental no koi’ is surely not for you. On the flip side, if someone is looking for a more animated story with cartoon-like characters and acting then this drama is for you. As for me, as I already said, I’m watching this show to see my favorite Japanese model….but he appears more in the ‘review’ like videos than in the actual drama. But I’m not complaining, at least I get to see his face every week.

Tokyo Tarareba Girls – 3 episodes

This one is my second favorite out of the ones I’m currently watching. Tokyo Tarareba Girls is about 3 friends who aren’t lucky when it comes to love and relationships. What I like about this drama is that our main 3 girls are getting a scolding from time to time. There were numerous times when Key, a popular young model, brings them facts about their attitude towards love and other people in general. Compare to other drams of this genre, the story doesn’t excuse their attitude.

There was a scene when Rinko thought that her co-worker, Tetsuro, will ask her out. In the present, Tetsuro is pretty cool and charming. In the past he used to ask Rinko out, but because at that time he was rather awkward and timid, she bluntly refused him, however, coming strongly with a change from his side, as he became charming, she suddenly thinks that this time it’s okay to accept and date him if he is to ask her out once more.  That’s pretty rude of her and I liked that the writer showed that she was the one who made a mistake.

Rinko’s friend, Kaori has a similar experience with her former boyfriend. Because in the past he wasn’t successful she decided to break off their relationship, yet now that he is back and a successful singer, Kaori has a somewhat desire to get back with him. But, compared to Rinko, Kaori is ashamed of what she did in the past and questions herself in regards of getting back with Ryo. Well, he himself isn’t really a pumpkin, as he currently has a girlfriend yet he goes after Kaori. There’s a difference in attitude, Ryo used to be head over heels over Kaori but right now, even though he says he wants to be together with her, he doesn’t say anything about breaking up with his current girlfriend and wants to keep her as a ‘second’ – that’s mostly his plan to pay back Kaori for breaking up with him when he wasn’t successful.

Everyone’s Getting Married – 3 episodes

This one is my favorite drama from the list. I don’t have a certain reason on why I like the drama, maybe because it has a cozy feeling thanks to Asuka’s interaction with her family. The plot is the usual, she wants to marry, he doesn’t but they fall in love.

Ryuta, vocalist of the band fumpool, took his first acting project and everyone, including himself, know that he has a long ride until he can improve at least 4%. He is stiff and despite him being such a good singer, he can’t use his voice to create emotion when he acts. Especially when the scene requires a certain depth emotion, or maybe emotional struggle that should be felt in his voice, he simply can’t bring it out.

I actually watched a morning show, forgot the name, where they showed him rehearsing for the drama, and it’s clear that he wants to improve, but I have my doubts regarding him. Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see how things will evolve. As for Mariya, she is doing a role that is comfortable for her and knows how to bring it out. But I feel that they should’ve get another actor as her partner, since she seems to struggle with the emotionless Ryuta.

On a side note, I want more scenes with her family and especially with her younger brother. He is such a puppy so hopefully they will give Kanade more screen time.

Anyways, these are the Japanese dramas that I’m currently watching. Which one do you guys like more and why or which one you don’t like? By the way, any recommendations are welcomed.


  1. Just watched the first two episodes of Totsuzen desu ga… and loved it! Love the leads and the other characters! I guess it gets subbed late because last Monday’s episode isn’t subbed yet. I want to watch it! Apparently it has low ratings though and it is getting cut?

    1. Are they really going to cut the show? I haven’t seen any news regarding that. If it’s true then that’s too bad because I’m quite enjoying the show

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