[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 17 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sang Tae finds himself a way to get out of possible troubles and tells everyone that Assistant Ahn is someone from work and he just talked with that person so he said the name without noticing. The people from his family drop any act of suspicion but the mother-in-law isn’t ready to believe him and thinks that he is so attached to Assistant Ahn that even her name comes out of his mouth at times like this. Her husband tells her that sometimes, when working, it is possible to say the name of a colleague, out of pure custom.

Afterwards, Jin Joo takes Yeon Tae for a small talk and to show her friend what her boyfriend got for her. Yeon Tae isn’t that impressed but she reacts fast when Jin Joo says that she plans to marry Tae Min, because her dream was to marry someone she met on the street. When asked by Jin Joo why she didn’t try to seduce Tae Min since he is a decent guy, Yeon Tae tells her that she never thought of him as a man. However, Jin Joo advices her to look around her and choose carefully because marriage is something important in the life of a woman. At that moment, Sang Min sends Yeon ‘Du’ a message asking what to do with the food containers he got from her mother. Yeon Tae doesn’t answer the message and puts her phone back then tells Jin Joo that except for Tae Min, the other men around her are all weird.

Tae Min tells his brother to stop looking at the phone and clean the bathroom but Sang Min ignores what he says and continues to look at the phone, after all he personally sent a message to Yeon Du but she doesn’t answer. When the message finally arrives, he is angered that she just tells him to throw the food containers away. Since he knew the address, Tae Min tells him to send the food containers through speed delivery but Sang Min considers that is rude and he should just go to her house. Tae Min thinks that his brother is making excuses just to see that girl however Sang Min doesn’t think like that and promises that after the food containers are given to the girl’s mother he won’t have anything to do with her.

Mi Jung and In Chul continue their hang out with the children but during the day, it’s start to get obvious that he doesn’t know anything about his own children. He has no idea that Woo Joo has a cucumber allergy or other things. Later Woo Joo gets lost and In Chul starts shouting at Mi Jung for being too calm when their child got lost. A few minutes later a call comes and Woo Joo is found. But in the meantime In Chul scolded and shouted at Mi Jung for not properly taking care of the children yet when the girl is found safe, he also finds out that Mi Jung always gives her a note with her number so when Woo Joo gets lost she will give the note to someone and that someone will call Mi Jung.

The father in law is drunk and tells everyone how hard it was for him in the past. He also knows that he was too busy making money and didn’t realized the importance of family because in the past he didn’t had a house and he had to send his daughters to his brother in law’s house. The man also says that later on he realized the importance of family when his daughter married Sang Tae. The calm moment is a bit interrupted by Sang Tae’s mother who tells the children to call her and her husband Grandmother and Grandfather while the in-laws should be Maternal Grandmother and Maternal Grandfather.  The mother in law gets a bit irritated.

Later, the father in law tells his wife to keep it in and then release and say everything she wants at their house. Anyway, everything is good and everyone goes to karaoke to have fun.

In Chul gives Mi Jung and the kids a drive home but for the girls is hard to say goodbye to their father.

Sang Min calls Yeon Tae and tells her that he will be at her house in 5 minutes so she should come out and take the containers. He arrives at her neighborhood but there he meets Sang Min and his in-laws. The father in law thinks is a great moment to introduce Jin Joo as a beautiful college student who is also single but Sang Min doesn’t really care and seems to be in a hurry. Then the father in law thinks that the neighborhood is good luck to his family because there his eldest daughter met a great man and his second daughter also met her future husband but Jin Joo isn’t okay with her father pointing out who she should marry with.

Sang Min arrives at the gate but the one who comes out is Ho Tae who was taking the garbage out. The two start bickering. More like Ho Tae insulted Sang Min first so of course it’s not like Snag Min would just stay put. But Ho Tae’s mother appears and Sang Min transforms into a puppy and she invites him in the house …. To give him more side dishes. The mother and father are all smiles and seem to like Sang Min more than their own son, Ho Tae. Seeing how much they give him, Sang Min tells them that he will feel burdened but that’s what the parents wanted. Then the father tells Yeon Tae to help him carry everything to his car because it will be hard only for him to do it all alone (by the way, Ho Tae could’ve helped him but ya guys know the drill here). Sang Min says it’s okay she doesn’t have to but even though he says that he still hands her food container to carry it.

Yeon Tae sees Sang Min out but his car disappeared and she thinks that it got towed. Because he was visiting her, Sang Min considers that Yeon Tae is at fault and makes her help him look for his car. She tells him that’s not her fault that his car got towed but he gets angry because once again Yeon Tae was using ‘you’ in place of his name. Regardless, in the end she also has to help him get back his car.

Sang Tae calls Mi Jung and for a moment she forgot that she is a woman with a boyfriend. The two talk about what happened during the day. After the call, the granny finds out that Mi Jung is dating the man she had feelings for her meanwhile Sang Tae searches for dating courses on the internet. Funny thing is that the one who answers to Sang Tae’s question about dating courses is a 7 years boy who recommends him the Hong Dae area. But Sang Min has no idea that the one reply is a little boy. Both Mi Jung and Sang Tae are bright happy when they both agree to have a date in Hongdae.

Sang Min succeds getting his car back and tells Yeon Tae, who wanted to walk home, that he will drive her. When they arrive, she says that she was sorry for taking his phone and thankful for the balloon thing but wishes for them to not meet again because he also doesn’t like seeing her so they should stop meeting or talking because she won’t answers his calls anymore. When she leaves, Sang Min feels a pain in his stomach? Nope it was his heart.

Later on, Ho Tae steals her mother’s side dishes to give everything to Soon Young and then they have some…. quality time? Well more like she falls asleep on his shoulder and then he puts her to sleep.

At the in laws home, the father in law tells his wife what he found out about that famous assistant Ahn. Surprisingly, the mother in law liked the fact that she has 3 children because that makes her look like a strong woman.

Next day, Sang Tae and Mi Jung go to their date. Meanwhile In Chul doesn’t feel well and the mother in law badmouths him. Yet his wife takes his side and eventually the mother in law apologizes to her daughter for talking bad about In Chul.

The father in law still doesn’t like the idea that Sang Tae dates Mi Jung on the other hand his wife wants to buy a building for her son in law and that makes her husband get angry.


  1. This is the episode where jin joo begins to show a particularly vile character trait and sorta lost my favor lol ….im beginning to dislike her as much as her mother

    1. I still like her but the father is kinda pushing it tbh actually both are but he is on a different level even putting someone to follow him and investigate MI Jung

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