[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 16 ~recap/review/opinion~

Out of the blue Sang Tae kisses Mi Jung and no, this wasn’t a dream. Mi Jung can’t believe what just happened and asks her boss if he is drunk because he wouldn’t do that normally after all he doesn’t like her. But Sang Tae shocks her by confessing that he indeed likes her and considers Mi Jung to be cute.

She can’t understand what he says and out of embarrassment, she runs to the car but Sang Tae asks her to have a talk. They sit to have an honest conversation where Sang Tae confesses that even though he didn’t like her from the beginning, with time he started to have feelings for her. He also apologizes for hurting her the past days. Sang Tae is honest and says that he also doesn’t understand why but the fact is that he indeed likes her. When the substitute driver arrives, Sang Tae takes her hand and tells the driver to take care of Mi Jung.

The father is law is happy to have received a sign from one of his favorite stars, Sang Min. He seems to like Sang Mi so much that he wants to have him as his second son in law. Meanwhile, Jin Joo is upset that Tae Min didn’t want to have lunch with her during the day so when he calls, she acts like she is at the club (as a revenge plan). He sends her a message saying that she should have fun and come back safe without drinking too much. However Jin Joo gets angry because she just told him that she is at the club with other guys yet he has no reaction whatsoever. But to her surprise, Tae Min sends another message saying that he will wait for her in front of her house until she returns from the club. In the end , Jin Joo goes out and he finds out that she lied to him but thinks that her actions are cute and offers to help her with a report for school.

At the same time, her parents plan on how to make Sang Min their son in law since they are sure that their daughter isn’t dating anyone at the time.  On the other hand, the mother in law is still concerned about Assistant Ahn (Mi Jung).

Back at home, Mi Jung still can’t process the fact that Sang Tae confessed to her. As for him, he starts questioning that maybe Mi Jung doesn’t share his feelings.  He thinks that it’s been too long since he did that and scolds himself for kissing her and then confessing when it should’ve been the other way around. Mi Jung is so excited that she ends up sending Sang Tae a message saying that she also likes him, making him feel at ease and smile like crazy.

The mother in law is concerned that Sang Tae may end up dating assistant Ahn but her husband says that it will be better to let him be and tells his wife to look after Jin Joo a bit since they have to marry her. By the way, they want to marry Jin Joo because according to them, she has no other potential than being a housewife.

Tae Min helps Jin Joo with her homework. Within their lovely and sweet like honey moment, Tae Min gives Jin Joo a necklace he got from his first paycheck.

Compared to Tae Min, Yeon Tae gives all the money to her parents. It looks like it was her dream from when she was little, to give her parents her first paycheck after she say her older brothers do the same. The 3 are so happy but when Ho Tae enters the room, they try hard to hide to money from him.

Sang Min also receives a present from his younger brother and he can’t hide his happiness therefore they have a …very…..bromance moment. You guys have to see the video because I can’t put that into words.

During breakfast, Yeon Tae’s parents tell her to try date Sang Min because he may like her. But Yeon Tae tells them that it’s not like that and he doesn’t have any interest in her. The same conversation takes place at the Min siblings. Tae Min is pretty sure that his brother likes the girl that stole his phone after all he even slept at her house and the two always end up tangled. No matter how much Sang Min barks that he doesn’t like the girl, Tae Min doesn’t seem to care and is sure that he has feelings for her. The conversation continues at Yeon Tae’s house as well but ends when Ho Tae asks his parents why they don’t have any interest in his love life but he stops talking knowing that it’s not the time for him to have a love life when his career….well, he just doesn’t have one.

At work, Mi Jung is really awkward around Sang Tae. While he apparently acts normal, the two send each other message on their phones.

Sang Tae’s father in law asks his friend to search about Mi Jung and see what kind of woman she is.

Soo Young is busy buying clothes for Mi Jung’s children however her mother receives messages with the spending of her daughter. The older woman gets angry that Soo Young even buys clothes for the children but the daughter isn’t listening to her.

Soon Young tells Sang Tae’s mother where she lives so the woman will know and go to help her if something is to happen to her again. Meanwhile, Sang Tae’s father calls him to see how things are going with the woman he likes and feels reassured when knowing that Sang Tae might have found someone. Yet, he thinks that it will be better to keep it a secret from his wife. He also asks Ho Tae to keep it a secret from his mother.

Things aren’t easy for two people with families. Dating time is hard to find but Sang Tae waits for Mi Jung to finish her work and then invites her for a date during the weekend. She accepts the invite pretty fast and that makes him smile.

Woo Young knows that his sisters miss their father so he tells his mother that he accepts to meet In Chul however he thinks that Woo Ri and Woo Joo are still too young to know the truth about the divorce so he asks his mother to keep it a secret from them for a while.

Although So Young’s mother isn’t happy with her daughter buying clothes for In Chul’s children, In Chul, on the other hand, is grateful to his wife. While he was thanking his wife, Mi Jung calls and tells him that Woo Young accepted to meet him. Still, So Young isn’t too happy with Mi Jung and In Chul meeting up, even if it’s about their children.  When she ends the call, Mi Jung remembers that if she meets with In Chul then she can’t go to her date with Sang Tae. But that comes as good news because Sang Tae also couldn’t come because his mother invited everyone home for lunch to celebrate Yeon Tae’s first paycheck.

Jin Joo shows her witty personality saying that Yeon Tae is the weird one to get employed while young people nowadays can’t. As they talk, Sang Tae remembers about his date with Mi Jung. The two don’t know how to tell each other that they can’t attend the date but everything is good when Mi Jung calls him to inform that she can’t make it.

Next morning, In Chul waits for Mi Jung and the children in front of their apartment building. It’s an emotional moment between father and children when the youngest runs towards him.

At the Tae siblings’ house, everyone meets up to celebrate Yeon Tae’s paycheck but the father in law receives a call from his friend. The man tells him everything he found out about Mi Jung, especially that she is a divorcee with 3 children. During lunch, everyone is joyful yet Sang Tae exchanges messages with Mi Jung. The father in law starts hunching but then the disaster happens!!! When the mother in law offers a wrap to Sang Tae he calls her Assistant Ahn making everyone curious about the identity of that assistant.

My thoughts on episode 16

I didn’t like episode 15 and 16 that much. Somehow both episodes felt like simple fillers.


  1. i agree with you on eps 15 & 16. although we had some movement with sang tae & mi jung; the rest of the storylines were a bit flat. excepting of course, any scene with sang min in it. there are far too many sangs in this drama lol
    the in laws continue to really grate on me, but the father in law has his redeeming moments. i’ve not really noticed anything redeeming about the mother in law.
    thanks for the recap!

    1. You know, somehow I understand the in-laws not wanting Sang Tae to date, after all he and the children are the only connection they have with their lost daughter so they may fear that by losing him to another woman, he is cheating on their daughter.But still, the way they acts is…

      1. Its very selfish though. Do they think he should throw the rest of his life under the bus as a shrine to their daughter, for them? Do they really love him? The assumption that they wont see their grandkids is also stupid. There is no trust in him, consideration of either him nor the kids. Its all about themselves. I have no empathy lol

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