[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 18 ~recap/review/opinion~

The father in law gets angry and shouts at his wife to look after him and Jin Joo like she does for Sang Tae. The wife doesn’t understand his source of anger and tells him that for 5 years, Sang Tae was always thinking of his dead wife and never looked at anyone else and all they can give him is money. The father in law isn’t pleased because it hasn’t passed much time since they changed his car, moreover the man doesn’t want to accept the fact that his son in law is seeing another woman.

Sang Tae and Mi Jung continues their date and she hands him a paper with all of her wishes thus he proceeds into making her list come true. They listen to music together, eat together and hold hands. Pretty much they are too cute to look at.

Sang Mi can’t help shake off the fact that Yeon Tae doesn’t want to see him anymore. Coming back at home, he interrupts his younger breather’s rehearsal for next day classes. Sang Min asks his brother to sleep together, in the same room, but Tae Min knows that something is wrong and that’s why his older brother acts like he does. This time, Sang Min doesn’t even deny it anymore and pretty much accepts that he likes Yeon Tae but doesn’t understand how she can’t see that he has feelings for her. At that moment, Tae Min says that the girl his brother likes reminds him of someone. It was Yeon Tae. He continues and says that during University, he used to like that friend but she doesn’t understand men’s heart. We are taken back during their university life when Tae Min was playing basketball and Yeon Tae was cheering for him. When the game ended and he scored a point, he goes to give everyone a hi5 but then hugs Yeon Tae however she backs off. After he finishes washing, he tells Yeon Tae that her cheering for him gave him strength, moreover he heard only her voice, once again Yeon Tae ignores that comment.

During a drinking party, Yeon Tae loses at a game but Tae Min offers to be her black knight and drink a glass of beer in her place but she will have to listen to his wife afterwards. Yet, Yeon Tae doesn’t want to and drinks her own glass of beer. When Tae Min offers his jacket she refuses and tells him that his biggest flaw is being too nice to girls. Back to the present, Tae Min tells his brother that he followed that friend for around a year but she still didn’t understand that he likes her however Sang Min says that he was also the problem since he never confessed to her in a direct manner. That would’ve been hard according to Tae Min since he was scared that the girl won’t like him and then they will lose their friendship but he is happy that at least they are now really good friends and even work at the same place. Sang Min advices him that it’s still not too late to try again but Tae Min says that he already has a girlfriend. At that moment, Jin Joo calls.

Tae Min meets up with Jin Joo to eat some of the bread she made but the thing is that she isn’t a good cook – he continues to eat even though he says that he will be the one to do the cooking when they will marry. When she hears the word marriage, Jin Joo blanks for a moments and tells him that it’s too early to talk about that especially when she hears Tae Min say that he wants to marry early and have a lot of kids.

The father in law doesn’t show it to Sang Tae but he still doesn’t like that his son in law dates someone. One the other hand, granny is happy to hear everything Mi Jung and Sang Tae did during their date. The same for Mi Jung, she is happy to be with someone who gives her attention and treats her well. However the granny doesn’t like that Sang Tae went to the date with his marriage ring. Meanwhile Sang Tae looks at the list and marks the things they did, but he gets curious about the last wish that Mi Jung took with her. It was to live happily together. He sends her a message asking what was on the last wish, but Mi Jung says that it wasn’t anything important.

Jin Joo is worried that her parents won’t like Tae Min and talks her worries with Sang Tae. He wants her to understand that money isn’t everything when you love the other person. To end the conversation, Jin joo asks what kind of person Sang Min is.

Sang Min, on the other hand, can’t sleep and ends up writing a message that in a way makes it clear he likes  Yeon ‘Du’ but doesn’t send it because it may hurt his pride.

Sang Tae calls Mi Jung early in the morning to make a morning call even though she was supposed to make it. Minutes later she sees Woo Young washing his blankets because he peed in bed. Mi Jung calms him and says that he is stressed and sometimes it’s okay to cry. She wants her son to have a healthy body and mind and also tells him that it’s oky to get along with his father. At the same time, In Chul is worried and can’t sleep. Soo Young knows that is because of his children. In Chul is worried that he is growing apart from his children.

Later, Soo Young tells her mother what’s on her heart but the mother gets angry and tells her that she used to want to stop her from marrying In Chul but now she, herself, regrets it. The mother says tha she choose that road and now she has to walk on it no matter how hard it is, if she really loves her husband she needs to stay close to him.

Sang Tae and Mi Jung are being cute and send each other lovely messages. Y’all know how people act in the beginning of their dating life.

Because some contraction work, Ho Tae can’t work at home on his movie so, in a way, he moves to Soon Young’s house.

Sang Tae and Mi Jun were supposed to have a date during lunch but the other colleagues enter the restaurant and mess their date. The two try to act normal and as if they just meet there. Compared to them, Sang Tae’s in-laws are busy dating by themselves. The father in law invites his wife for a walk under the cherry blossom and buys her a pink diamond ring. Later, the wife starts hunching something since he is too nice to her. No matter how much he says that he isn’t cheating on her, the wife doesn’t want to hear it.

Tae Min invites Yeon Tae to the movies with him and Jin Joo but she refuses saying that she doesn’t want to mess their date. Then, Sang Min calls her yet she refuses to answer however next he calls Tae Min to say that the girl he likes rejected his call but he is waiting for her in her neighborhood thus Tae Min thinks that it will be good for his brother to wait for her until the girl will appear and then confess.

Jin Joo arrives at the movies, and following her Sang Tae and Mi Jung also enter.

Yeon Tae finally arrives and even though Sang Min tries to make her understand that he likes her, she still doesn’t get it. After trying like crazy to tell her, he finally confesses that he likes her yet she doesn’t share his feelings.

Meanwhile, Jin Joo sees Sang Tae and Mi Jung and when Mi Jung goes to the bathroom she follows her. There, Jin Joo has a nasty attitude but Mi Jung doesn’t let her guard down.

My thoughts on episode 18

It’s lovely how they keep showing the connection between Mi Jung and her children, especially Woo Young. The boy, although older than his sisters, he still needs attention and is a kid so it was touching watching Mi Jung having a heart to heart talk with him.

Mi Jung and Sang Tae are lovely and I like that they show their dates and so on but I do admit that my full focus is on Sang Min and Yeon Tae. Truth is that I’m a bit scared because the writer may turn makjang on us and Tae Min will start liking Yeon Tae again or Jin Joo will accept to marry Sang Min. But if the writer will keep Sang Min’s current personality then he won’t accept marrying Jin Joo but still it is a 50 episodes drama so anything can happen.

Because of personal reasons, school, I had to stop the recaps for a few weeks and restarted from episode 31. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. This is the episode where i lost empathy for yeon tae….how totally stupid is this girl?? And to top it off shes soooo rude!!! *Pulls out hair* arghhhh lol
    The list of characters im pissed at grows: yeon tae, jin joo, jin joos mother, idiot trio mother, idiot trio wife. These last two are cruel and stupid, in rotation.
    Love everyone else and tbh for all his annoying things, jin joos dad sorta redeemed himself by taking his wife for a date. He obv is trying to prepare her and its sweet.
    Sang mins confession was the best scene in the series so far, and mi jung, her kids, sang tae on a date, all those scenes make me love this show to bits.
    Thanks for the recaps!! 😊

    1. IKR/?!?! When I saw Tae Min saying that I realised how stupid Yeon Tae is. She doesn’t deserve the pity, I also was pitying her but it’s frustrating. Her inferiority complex is stupid, guys did like her for who she was yet she kept pushing Tae Min away because he was too nice to others. I mean the guy hugged just you!!! why are you backing off when he barely gave the others a hi5 UGHHHHH!

  2. One last thing, TOTALLY agree with you re sang mins development. Hope to god writers keep his fab quirky character true to form. Hes so refreshing and honest.

  3. Loved Sang Min’s confession. It was so hilarious and so him. I really hope the writer’s don’t try to pair yeon tae with tae min with this new revelation that tae min liked her in college. And how dense can yeon tae be? I notice she lacks self confidence in herself which is why she never thought it possible for tae min to like her back. Causing her to fall back on the excuse of possibly ruining their friendship if she confessed.

    1. With the whole thing of Jin Joo’s father forcing her to meet him I REALLY hope they won’t mes up with the Sang Min-Yeon Tae pairing.

      Yes, her self confidence is low but maybe she will change thanks to Sang Min XD

      Thanks for the comment~ sorry for the late reply

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