[Kdrama] ‘Ex-Girlfriend Club’ ~ review/impression/opinion~

I enjoyed the drama so much, thing that I never thought it will happen but it did. Actually, I’m not someone who liked Song Ji Hyo’s acting even from before and her acting alone was always the thing that put a wall between me and the dramas she did however somehow I ended up watching ‘Ex-girlfriend club’.

Frankly speaking, I’m just not feeling her acting – I personally think that she yet has to make a style of her own, but the other actors got my full attention and I just barely cared about her character. On the other hand, a pleasant surprise turned out to be Hwa Young – when I hearD that she will do the drama, I wondered if she can actually pull it off. Luckily Hwa Young got a hold of her character and Ra Ra become one of the highlighted characters o the drama, even though she may not have been in the main plan of the writer, it turned out the be quite entertaining to watch. Do Sang Woo was also pleasant, of course he needs to do some polishing but as Director Jo, he did got it right in a way or another, probably because it does match his personality so it was easier for him to portray Jo Gun.

Lee Yoon Ji and Byun Yo Han were the main reasons on why I gave this drama more chances and now I’m glad I did. Lee Yoon Ji made the ‘lioness’, Jang Hwa Young to be an interesting character and despise the comical surface, her story with Cha Young Jae was entertaining even though, as a couple they didn’t had many scenes to showcase the relationship.

The main couple turned out to be a little overly used. I do like that they did show their relationship but it was useless the way it kept taking space in the story. I mean it didn’t really have a meaning and the conversation between the two made me skip a lot of parts. I ended up being more invested in the other characters. Director Jo and the ex-girlfriends become a great help and had a bigger impact on the story than the main characters Soo Jin and Myeong Soo. Not that I complain since I loved the 3 women and Jo Gun especially since as already mentioned, the interaction of the main couple was boring and had a straight line rather than going up and down with fluttering. Considering that, I think it was a good idea to shorten the drama to 12 episodes because it was already dull from around episode 9 and if they had more episodes there was nothing to fill it with other than more flat scenes with the main couple.

I didn’t see any development regarding Myeong Soo or Soo Jin other than the fact that the two ended up uncovering the feelings they had for each other. But character wise, there wasn’t much so see. The characters that developed a whole lot from the beginning were Hwa Young, Jo Gun and Ra Ra….even the ‘cat’ character did.

The writing was good and the idea of the drama was interesting but the writer didn’t manage to close up its message for the viewers. The beginning showed potential but along the way it was like the story lost its main focus and they just run after the other part of the story with Hwa Young’s lie and her fiancée being mad at all of them for the lie. I felt like Myeong Soo and Soo Jin weren’t the main characters anymore after they all started lying to Hwa Young’s fiancée and most of the time the 3 ex-girlfriends and Jo Gun were giving more to the story to keep me interested.

Personally, I liked the gradually developed friendship between the 3 women and how they ended up to have periodic meetings making everything seem as they had natural conversations. It showed that they were all continuing with their lives even though Myeong Soo had a somehow impact on their personalities.

Lastly, the OST was one of the best and contributed to the whole enjoyable feeling of the characters. The story wasn’t anything strong but I liked that I wasn’t bothered with annoying plotting or some evil ideas to break apart the main couple when in fact every character had its own life. To make it short, I think the OST for this drama is one my favorites of all the dramas that have aired this year. I normally skip the intro but with this drama I never skipped the intro song.

From my post it may look as if I didn’t like this drama, but what I said up until now are only the ‘small mistakes’ I found during my watch but truth is that I honestly enjoyed it from the beginning until the end. Compared to most dramas, it had a relaxing flow and I marathoned its 12 episodes in a few days (I wanted to do it faster but school got in my way). The drama was nice and overall I liked it especially because it has a laid back story structure.

To conclude my review, I liked ‘Ex-girlfriend club’ and I actually recommend it to anyone who wants something easy to digest that has some romance and unintentional friendship as well.


  1. I agree with the review. Somehow I feel if they focused on the ex girlfriends stories it would be more intresting, the main couple was not something different although I liked it. I shiped Rara with the Director so much, maybe if we had more episodes we would get more scenes. Lioness story and the love and money theme was intresting too, wish they could show it better, but that might have been the episodes problem, like I mentioned. Cat was a bit left out. But it was a nice drama.

    1. MTE! The ex-girlfriends were so much more interesting – or at least I found them to be. I wish the writer were to focus more on them especially the lioness and the Ra Ra. I wanted to show more of their respective relationships – it was a shame that they didn’t OTL

      Cat had presence in the beginning but then she was thrown on the side…sadly.

      1. Rara + Director = L.F.E , Lioness + CEO = L.F.E ;P

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