[News] Shim Ji Ho ties the knot after 3 years of dating


Got a news for all the fans of Shim Ji Ho ( ‘Color of Woman’; ‘Shut up Family’) actor Shim Ji Ho got married on July 20th at Lotte Hotel in Seoul. I really wondered where he disappeared all this time, but it seems that he vanished from the spotlight to prepare for the wedding. His wife is a graduate student and after dating for 3 years the two decided to finally tie the knot.

In consideration of the bride, the wedding was prepared in secret and with caution as much as possible so the bride won’t feel any discomfort.

Although the ceremony was held private, amongst family and friends, Shim Ji Ho’s best friend, actor Yun Jung Hoon (currently in ‘I summon you Gold’) together with his wife Han Ga In were also present. Other guests were: Park Ye Jin, Lee Soo Kyung, Jae Hee, Yoon So Yi, Park Ji Yoon, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Dasom, Park Hee Bon.

Wishing all the best to Shim Ji Ho and his new bride, hope they will have a beautiful life filled with happiness.

News cr: Star Today via Nate

English trans: Soori @ SHIKIDRAMA WORDPRESS > If re-posting please credit me <



Those pictures are from Park Seo Joon’s twitter


  1. i really want to see his bride. She must be very happy to married the handsome SJH. I notice SJH from Color Of Woman but poor him doesn’t get the girl. I love i found him again in Shut Up Family. Anyway, I hope for a long lasting and happy family for SJH and wife. Thanks for the news 🙂

    1. At least he got the girl in real life XD

  2. do you know how about Min Chan Gi, the one that playing as Al at shut up family? I search about him, but I’ve got almost nothing

    1. He was a pro-gamer until 2011, I don’t have any infos if he did play after Shut up Family, but as far as I know somewhere around that time he couldn’t decide what pro-game team to join and in the end he didn’t join any since the offers expired from all the teams. So now he is tagged as retired pro-gamer.

      As an actor he made his debut under the agency Fish Entertainment and “Shut up Family” was his acting debut – he still figures under the agencies actors but I’m not sure when was the last update made.

      Last year during summer, he appeared in Su Hyeok’s MV.

      Min Chan Gi already did his mandatory army service as a Korean man.

      He won a lot of money during his period as a pro-gamer so he is kind of filthy rich.

      After he appeared in that MV I have no more infos nor any articles about him.

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