[Kdrama] ‘Wonderful Mama’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Lately I’ve got (really) into family dramas (or 50 episodes dramas), maybe because those dramas give every character more time to develop, and not only to the main characters (or should I say the main couple of the drama).

So far the dramas seems good, the actors are doing a good job.

-Small recap-

“Wonderful Mama” is a drama about the the 3 children of the rich moneylender Yoon Bok Hee. The 3 children Ko Young Chae, Ko Young Soo care only about money, they don’t do anything except thinking of ways to take money from their mother.

Ko Young Chae, 30 years old, goal in life: get money from mommy, the eldest of the Ko family, studied design with dreams of becoming Korea’s Coco Chanel ……but got bored.

Ko Young Chae after her daily dose of shopping meets Jang Hoon Nam. Because their cars are pretty similar, Young Chae mistakes Hoon Nam as the shopping mall’s valet. After taking a closer look at Hoon Nam, Young Chae realizes that he wasn’t the same valet from earlier, and she ends up making a scene. Although it’s her fault, Young Chae blames Hoon Nam for her mistake, after all  “what kind of man drives a red sports car?”

Meanwhile, Ko Young Soo (second child, twin of Young Chae, 30 years old, goal in life: get money from mommy) gets a fire massage (?) when he notices that his back is actually on fire, Young Soo makes a scene, but when his girlfriend comes into the room (the girlfriend works at the massage salon) he tries to act like a ….man by buying a 2 years subscription at the salon.

After the fire massage incident, Young Soo and his girlfriend go to a restaurant. There, Young Soo gifts his girlfriend an “original” plush bunny from Hokkaido (yeah sure). The girl, then tells him that she also has a present for him – a business plan, all he has to do is invest in the business.

Ko Young Joon: youngest member of the Ko family, self proclaimed feminist (aka he loves woman…..all woman, every woman……….just give him a woman), hobby: girls, life goal: get money from mommy.

The 3 siblings receive a message from their mother, telling them that if they don’t come home right that moment they will die.

Home, the mother tells the 3 money-eaters that tomorrow they have to come and support her at the opening of her building. But the kids tell Bok Hee that they are busy the next day and that they won’t come. Of course, the siblings try to blame each other, resulting to a fight between the twins and the youngest shouting “Fight! Fight! Fight!” (the best scenes of the show is when the twins fight and they youngest shouts ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’)

Next day, Young Chae decides to first go at a fashion show and then at the inauguration of Bok Hee’s new building.  Young Chae’s best friend, Oh Da Jung, tells Young Chae about an early incident she had with her husband’s assistant. Young Chae goes to the assistant to ask for some “explanation” – but the conversation ends up as a fight between the two. And, because of their fight the fashion show gets compromised.

Because the fashion show got compromised, the Chinese investors that Jang Hoon Nam brought refuse to invest anymore. Hoon Nam rushes after Young Chae to make her take responsibility for her actions.


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