[Kdrama] ‘High Society’ ep 3&4 ~ review/impression/opinion~

With every new episode I watch from this drama, I’m glad that Moon Geun Young and Park Seo Joon didn’t accept the roles. Despise me liking the past work of the writer, “Warm Word”, for ‘High Society’ the writing seems off and I can’t like the story mainly because it doesn’t connect the characters in a way to make everything be from the same picture.

I wonder if I’m too picky because I still can’t like Sung Joon’s acting, Either he is a good actor who confuses the viewers with his character or he is acting is so bad that he can’t act well the part of a ‘gold digger’. In episode 4 I was confused with him if he did start to like Yoon Ha or not, if he was genuine with her or not.

I knew he was acting nice towards her because he heard the conversation of Chang Soo with his mother about Yoon Ha being added on the inheritance list, at that point it was kind of clear that Joon Gi isn’t yet honest; however that wasn’t something that Sung Joon delivered but in fact the story and the other characters made it obvious. I do think Sung Joon is okay, better that others but at the same time he is on the very tiny edge of going from bad to really bad.

Even though I don’t like Sung Joon’s acting, in a way I’m digging the character. I was getting bored of male characters and up until now I’ve only seen female ‘gold digger’ characters however we all know how things will develop, at some point he will fall for Yoon Ha but she will find out that he was using her to get money.

I’m still finding the parts with Yoon Ha’s family to be boring and there is nothing to get my attention. The father continues his game with the two older children, making them attack each other. The mother is too busy acting strong when she is miserable and neglects are her daughters where the son gets the whole attention. Moreover she pushes the youngest daughter into marriage after knowing that both her and her eldest daughter failed their marriage.

The second pairing is totally stealing the show and I find them to have much more chemistry than the first pairing. They are refreshing and interesting to watch nothing complicated for now and I hope they stay like this. But even so, both Ji Yi and Chang Soo aren’t enough to hold the show yet it’s nice how things are progressing faster than usual not only with the second pairing with the main one as well. Episode 4 showed a speedy evolution and things started moving faster but we can already guess what will happen in the future since the story is predictable. Something I actually enjoy is the friendship between Ji Yi and Yoon Ha compared to most drama female characters that are normally attacking each other, on the other hand the two male characters will end up stabbing each other. There are times when Joon Gi looks as if he feeling comfortable around Chang Soo by being a little too honest but the later one doesn’t lose the chance to remember him when he crosses the line of their position and that social status complex of Joon Gi hits once again.

If I am to pick a certain person who is showing interest in its character then it has to be between UEE and Hyung Shik. The two show a certain amount of desire to understand their characters but on the other hand Sung Joon is fading somewhere in the background while the actress who plays Ji Yi tends to exaggerate to the point of making the character seem irritating.

I’m not expecting anything from the story nor the characters since let’s be honest, there’s nothing to look forward to. In episode 3 and 4, the drama remains to be typical and as already mentioned predictable, probably a little too predictable than I thought it will be. But why am I watching this drama even though I’m not feeling it? no idea, maybe because I like UEE and Hyung Shik. One thing is for sure, Korean dramas are becoming boring with the overly recycled ideas of stories and characters centered on rich and poor people and their problems.

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