[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 33 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sang Tae is actually okay but Mi Jung couldn’t go to the interview since she rushed to the hospital. When one of the colleagues arrives, Sang Tae tells him to take Mi Jung’s car and then he takes her to have lunch together. During lunch, he informs Mi Jung that he already told his children about their relationship.

He assures her that to him, the children and her are more important than receiving approval from the elders of the family so he asks her to have confidence in him.

Jin Joo arrives home and her parents tell her about Sang Min’s interview and that he made a reference to her. However, she destroy their day dreaming and reveals that Sang Min likes another girl and most probably what he said during the interview was about that other girl.

Meanwhile at Yeon Tae’s house, everyone is happy that she is meeting a good man. Except for Ho Tae, who continues to act like a protective older brother who says that Sang Min looks like a player to him.

Sang Min calls Yeon Tae out and when she arrives, he gives her all kind of things he got from the tournament. He even wants to give her his trophy however she refuses. Because she already found out that he is a golf player, Sang Min says that he will teach her how to play. But before that, he wants his present. A kiss! A damn kiss! He knows is, we know it, everyone knows it yet Yeon Tae…..has no clue. At first, she really doesn’t have no clue but in the end she finally gets his hints but to escape that, after all she is shy, she decides to treat him with ice cream.

At the ice cream shop, Yeon Tae keeps wondering if she should’ve just kissed him. Looking around, other couples were naturally feeding each other but she can’t do that kind of thing…naturally so it looks kind of awkward. Sang Min noticed that she saw some random high scholars do that and tells her that it’s not what he wants but in fact she should use her imagination for something more exciting and sexy. For a damn kiss.

Later, Sang Min takes Yeon Tae home considering that she had work the next day. But, Yeon Tae who was still trying to gather some courage to kiss him asks Sang Min to takes another walk around the neighborhood. He catches on and pulls her into a kiss. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Sorry, I couldn’t control myself. Anyway, she is a bit shocked (?) or more like unused (?) so she loses strength in her legs but Sang Min tells her to close her eyes and so he kisses her again. Second KYAAAAAAA!!!

The other cheesy guy, named Sang Tae, drives Mi Jung home and tells her that his wounds don’t hurt because she was with him. He drives off but Mi Jung calls him back after thinking for a few seconds. She runs after him and says that they should get married. He gets out of the car and listens to her babbling. Mi Jung was too afraid to wait for the next day to tell him, hearing that Sang Tae hugs her.

The in laws find out that Bin and Soo already know about Sang Tae having a girlfriend. That scares the married couple because it means Sang Tae is set to marry Mi Jung. On the other hand, Mi Jung’s granny is happy that she finally accepted the marriage proposal.

Ho Tae’s mother is still looking for the wedding gifts things. As for Mi Jung and Sang Tae, they consider that granny shouldn’t be burdened with taking care of 5 children so they need to hire a helper. After the conversation regarding her granny was settles, Mi Jung wants to visit Sang Tae’s parents.

Compared to his wife, the father is happy that Mi Jung agreed with the marriage and tells her not to worry too much about his wife because he will have their back. She confesses that during her first marriage, her husband started liking another woman. The future father in law understands and tells her that there’s no need to continue, since it will make her feel uncomfortable.

The camping day is close and Sang Tae takes all the children however in Chul isn’t happy that his children had to leave with the other man. As he was complaining, Mi Jung hangs her phone. Moments later, In Chul is shocked to find out that the father of his children’s friends is the man Mi Jung is currently dating.

Soo Young is upset but ends up wondering if Mi Jung is to marry then In Chul can take the children. She doesn’t matter and is annoying so I’m going to skip most of her talk with her mother. Regardless, they are annoying and will most probably make In Chul take the children from Mi Jung later on.

Ho Tae finds out about the gifts thing and tells his mother that he is disappointed in her for asking that from Soon Young. She tells her to stop being greedy. Hearing that coming from her son, she leaves the house but the father scolds him for saying what he did. The father tells them that the mother was planning to buy the gifts. Yeon Tae also advices Ho Tae to stop acting like he did because he will make Soon Young look bad with their mother.

Knowing the truth, both Soon Young and Ho Tae don’t know how to apologies but Ho Tae jumps to kiss and hug his mother.  After that, the father starts the plan of changing his wife’s opinion of the marriage of Sang Tae and Mi Jung so he praises Mi Jung.

Next morning, Sang Min wants to drive his girlfriend to her work place. But for him, the day starts with a bad news, he hunches that Tae Min is actually Yeon Tae’s 7 years crush. As for Tae Min, he starts asking Soo about Jin Joo and if she is happy. However he also finds something from the boy. Jin Joo was the one who was writing in the boy’s daily journal.

In the afternoon, Mi Jung goes again to Sang Tae’s parents to talk with his mother. Unfortunately, things don’t go well and Mi Jung is rejected once more.

At the in laws, Jin Joo wants to write again in the journal but a small note falls down. It was a note from Tae Min asking to meet. She also receives a message from him asking if the coupons she gave him for her birthday were still available. Jin Joo rushes to meet him but Tae Min was already in front of her house. The two apologies to each other and give one another a hug.

Sang Min is confused regarding his relationship with Yeon Tae and if it’s right for them to meet since she had a crush on his brother. Although he loves her a lot, as we  already saw, he doesn’t make it to the date he had with Yeon Tae and asks his manager to tell her that he won’t make it.

Sang Tae wants to come clean to his in laws but the mother in law still can’t accept that he will marry someone else and that he will take the kids.

At the same time, Mi Jung manages to speak with Sang Tae’s mother. The mother says that she accepts their marriage with one request, Mi Jung has to send her kids to her ex-husband.

My thoughts on episode 33:

I’m so sad. Sang Tae and Mi Jung are working so hard to make things work but now his mother wants her to make this ridiculous promise. He ex-husband cheated on her, how can she send her children to live with the woman that destroyed their family? Sang Tae’s mother thinks about her grandchildren but what about Mi Jung’s children? They don’t deserve love and care? They are also precious to Mi Jung. It’s ridiculous!!!

I’m starting to feel bad for Sang Min however it’s sad to know what his confusion may break Yeon Tae’s heart. He will most definitely try to avoid her in the following episodes thus will make Yeon Tae wonder if he really likes her or he is a player like Ho Tae said. Sang Min knows that this is her first relationship yet he is confused about his own things. I understand that it makes him confused since she had a crush on his brother for 7 years but Yeon Tae is frail, this is her first, serious, relationship so he needs to think  more about her feelings as well.

At least Jin Joo and Tae Min are back together, they are cute as a couple but let’s see what will happen when she will find out that Yeon Tae had a crush on her boyfriend and that Tae Min also had a crush on Yeon Tae.



  1. Wow, Sang Tae’s mom is foul. Why does Mi Jung have to give up her kids for her approval? How would she feel to hear that Sang Tae must give up his kids to marry? What’s with this double standard? It’s alright for the guy but when the woman is in the same situation, she has to go through so much.

    1. I do get what she wanted to say since she is worried that Mi Jung won’t love her grandkids as her own children but that has nothing to do with Mi Jung leaving her children with someone else. I was so angry when she said that. What right does she even have? Just because Mi Jung and Sang Tae want to marry? It was stupid to ask something like that.

  2. It was cruel & mean to ask Mi Jung to give up her kids but, I think Sang Tae’s mom knew Mi Jung couldn’t do it. And since she couldn’t do it, it was a means to try to make Mi Jung go away.

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