[Kdrama] ‘The Time I’ve Loved You’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

With every remake Korean producers make of dramas from other countries (like Taiwan or Japan) I wonder if ‘this time’ it will actually be good. Sadly I can’t say that ‘The time I loved you’ is a good example of a well done remake or not, or at least not for now since only 2 episodes have aired however I do have a hunch that it won’t live up to the original.

Although I did enjoy the Taiwanese version I’m not a big fan of the story however the Korean version taught me that Bolin and Ariel were amazing at doing the roles for ‘In Time with you’, thing that I can’t say about Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook. They are both so weird, first Ha Ji Won tries to act cute when the character isn’t supposed to be cute and he is not the character as in overall feeling, to put it blunt, he doesn’t have the aura of the actual character. With Bolin, the character was showing through small actions or looks that he does like the female character but Lee Jin Wook lacks in that department when he gives life to Won. There is no point of keeping the same hair or clothing style if the idea behind the characters isn’t there.

While I understand that re-makes will always have something different, like a touch of their own but Koreans tend to exaggerate and end up messing the actual story but the characters turn even worse. It may be because I am used to the original but there were times when I did like the remakes more. This time I just don’t like how they deal with the whole story and especially with the characters, they are so different and it is frustrating.

Honestly speaking in the Taiwanese version they were so mature and the vibe that the drama was giving was quiet and mature where the Korean version is exaggerating to the point of becoming annoying. I was trying to not compare the remake with the parent story but even if I don’t compare it, that isn’t helping either.

The first episode was confusing even though I did watch the Taiwanese version and they actually kept a lot of things from the original work. My main displeasure is that although they changed it to the Korean production culture (thing that it’s okay from my point of view since it can’t be helped considering that the remake is mainly for the Korean market) what I don’t like is that the actual feeling is lost in the process. The original drama had a nostalgic/comfy feeling, even mature as I already mentioned and everything had a calm delivery when they were in the present time, it was special, but the remake couldn’t give off that nostalgia and it seemed somehow plain – or at least that’s the vibe that I’m getting from the first two episodes.

The second episode was way better but I don’t know if it’s because I chose to overlook the fact that this is a remake and take it as an original work or because it is indeed getting better. Still improvement was present, even so not a big one I may add, and taking that into account I hope to see something better in terms of characters in the following episodes. I want to see Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook getting used to Ha Na respectively Won. There are a lot of people who say that they do sense the chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Lee JIn Wook yet I’m clearly not one of them, however I’m not bothered about this since it’s hard to have a connection when they are at the beginning so I will wait to watch more episodes before talking about if they have or not chemistry.

But let’s be honest here, if the actors start doing a better job, well…..the script won’t progress much since the two writers don’t have any worthy work to make me think that things will get better so at this point I’m keeping my expectations low with ‘The time I loved you’.

As a small note, I’m really thankful that Myeongsoo is only a cameo, he is so flat.

Overall, it was nice but I think people who didn’t see the original will enjoy it more and I’m saying this from the perspective of someone who wasn’t a big fan of the original work even though I did enjoy it. I can’t say it was bad, or utterly bad, I found it to be okay but definitely not a drama that will keep me on the edge of my chair waiting for next week’s episodes.



  1. The dialogues also didn’t grab me as much as Mag Hsu (screenwriter of original drama). I love HJW and LJW but their portrayal lost the essence of the original drama. The heroine is supposed to be prideful, at times selfish, strong-headed and realistic (she can be pretty tiresome and even annoying at times) but I think most women might see a little bit of themselves in her. However, the Korean version feels a bit too “aegyo-filled”, a bit too soft and the whole tone just changed too much. I understand that a remake will have a change in tone but when the overall tone departs too much from the original, the essence is lost.

    Can’t say much about the hero, I actually think he does a better job than HJW at this point but I agree with you, Bolin delivered a lot with little actions or stares. Anyways, I think the problem lies mostly with the writer since I know that HJW and LJW are good actress/actor. The writer is not as intricate as Mag Hsu.

    Truthfully, I didn’t love ITWY that much because the characters were frustrating to watch at times (although they’re realistic) but after watching the Korean remake, I just want to say that the original was a really good drama, the original cast delivered much more than the remake.

    1. You said everything I wanted to say even better. I personally hate it that they changed the overall concept of the main characters, it was so annoying to watch HJW doing cute actions.

      Personally, I’m totally okay with them changing the drama to the Korean culture but everything was lost and it doesn’t even feel like the story of ‘In time with you’. But yes, the problem may be with the writers and the director since they are the ones guiding the actors since both the main actors already showed good acting skills in the past.

      As you, I wasn’t a big fan of the original work but watching the Korean remake makes me believe that the Taiwanese version was such a good drama.

  2. Finally, someone who has exactly the same thoughts. I was so ready to recap this series, but from the first two episodes. I will try to do weekly recaps or just do random talk on the show. I actually did like the original…yes they were frustrating, yet they were real. With this…Ji Won’s character, Ha Na is too cute. This is the time for her to act tough and prideful and the upper comment stated. But it is just awkward and Won is too cocky or came off a little bit arrogant. I did like that the remake is def a remake and really don’t mind the story changing. However, the characters should align more closely to the original. As Won stated, Ha Na should act her age…the cuteness needs to be less portrayed and her feeling of longing for smth should be shown more. Maybe cuz it is just the first too episode so there isnt much to judge on, but they are the firat episode to determine if it is a must watch or just watch for the sake of watching.

    1. I think doing weekly opinion posts are enough for me, I can’t take it more than that. Seems like most of us who watched the original hate the idea that they changed the two main characters’ personality way too much. I totally agree with you and I know what you mean, Jin Wook comes off as cocky thing that the original didn’t had and Ha Na is way too cute, almost annoying to watch.

      The high school parts were awkward.

      I really don’t understand why they kept the same styling if they totally re-did the characters as how they pleased.
      I’m going to keep watching just for the sake of the story but let’s wait and see, maybe it will get better with the future episodes.

      1. I want to believe that the nxt epi they will get more into their characters.

  3. Your opinion piece is spot-on, it is on par with exactly how I feel about the drama. The lead have lost the essence that was You Qing and Da Ren and that is such a shame because You Qing and Da Ren were unique characters because of that reason. Also, You Qing and Da Ren had really dominant personalities that were the total opposite of each other’s which was why they are suited for one another. Additionally, Ha Na has completely lost the strong-headedness and stubbornness that defined You Qing and I don’t like that because that personality of hers was what made Da Ren the perfect guy for her.

    1. I decided to take this drama as a whole new one rather than a re-make. They changed the characters so much especially the bond between the two main characters. I wanted something else but they give us a childish relationship of Ha Na and Won …

      1. I think this would be the way to go about it. Yeahh, they’ve changed the characters too much! I feel like Da Ren and You Qing were very mature characters whereas Ha Na and Won don’t have such personalities.

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