[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 4 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

Because of my break from dramas, I decided to stop recapping MOZU for a while, but since I like this drama more and more, I’ve returned to recap it.

We are still at the point of understanding our 3 main characters, Kuraki, Miki and Osugi thus this episode was mainly focused on Osugi’s story and his family problems.

Episode 3 ended with Kuraki being hurt after the car accident, he faints at Miki’s house so she sends him to the emergency room. Meanwhile, Osugi goes to the police station to bail out his middle school daughter who at first seems to be a normal girl going through puberty therefore she acts rather aggressive towards Osugi, who scolds her.

Nakagawa informs Higashi about completing his task of attacking Kuraki. Afterwards Higashi tells his right hand to go after Shingai and capture him alive.

Miki goes to meet Osugi to tell him a message she Has from Kuraki – when she arrives at the police station she sees Osugi and his daughter fighting. At the same time, Nakajima comes to Tokyo to meet up with Shingai after agreeing to help him find more about his past so he could gain back his memories, however, while Shingai was waiting for her, when she arrives, he meets the eyes of someone who was tailing him.

After Miki told Osugi about Kuraki’s accident, he goes to the hospital where Kuraki reveals his insight over Miki who works for Tsuki. Kuraki tells Osugi that they may have been used by Miki and her superior into this investigation. After that the two come to the conclusion that the one who planted to bomb may be someone from the police, since Tsuki’s job is to investigate other policemen and detectives. Before Osugi left, Kuraki asks him to investigate Miki since he currently can’t move away from the hospital, but Osugi give a negative reply, telling him that he doesn’t want to do so; then Kuraki gives Osugi the advice to get away from the bombing investigation since the people involved in it may attack his family.

Later, when another investigation meeting ends, Osugi asks his superior not to close the case, however, the superior seems kind of irritated with Osugi and tells him that he has no right of any words in this investigation, and brushes him off. Seeing the superior’s attitude, Osugi goes to Miki to ask her if she doesn’t find it strange that the evidence found in Shingai’s house was sent to another place, and makes it clear to her that he thinks of her as being a suspect. To his surprise, Miki gets rid of him pretty easily.

Osugi receives a phone call to inform him that his daughter was caught stealing from a store. When he arrives, the owner of the store agrees to let go after Osugi apologizes, however when he tries to scold his daughter, the girl makes a scene and remembers him about someone who committed suicide and puts the blame on her father.

At night, a journalist waits for Osugi and pretty much threatens him with publishing an article about his daughter stealing, but if he doesn’t want the article to be published then Osugi has to give him information about the bombing investigation.

Nakagawa pays a visit to Kuraki at the hospital. When he wakes up, Kuraki sees Nakagawa watching him; afterwards their conversation if rather threatening from Nakagawa’s part towards Kuraki.

The next day, Osugi comes to pick up Kuraki from the hospital. Still thinking about what the journalist said, Osugi decides to record their conversation. However Kuraki seems to smell something and starts asking why he hates the Public Safety Bureau. Even though hesitating at first, Osugi reveals the reason to Kuraki – two years before the present time, Osugi was in charge of investigating a mother whose daughter died, and while doing the investigation, the PSB gave him documents that lead him think that the mother was at fault. More over the woman was the mother of Osugi’s daughter’s best friend. When his daughter told him that the woman wouldn’t do something like that, he didn’t believe it since he already saw the documents from the people from PSB. After that the woman committed suicide, Osugi’s daughter also started changing putting the blame on him for her friend’s mother’s death. However Osugi tells Kuraki that the reason why he hates the PSB is because after the suicide, he went to the PSB to search for those who gave him the documents, but the PSB hide everything.

Shingai calls Nakajima to set up a day for them to meet. Meantime, Kuraki, Miki and Osugi meet again, and Miki tells them that she lied to Kuraki only once. She reminds them about the time when she told them that Shingai was the one behind the bombing and the killing, but in truth the one who did the killing was Shingai’s younger sister. Miki also tells them that on the day of the bombing incident, the one she was tailing was Shingai’s sister not Shingai. However, the one who hired Shingai, Anthena Security, doesn’t know that the real killer is Shingai’s sister, they still think that the only one who performed everything was Shingai. Even after revealing everything, Osugi tells Miki that she and her superior were using him and Kuraki to investigate something more than the bombing incident, but right at that moment, Miki’s superior, Tsuki appears in the room.

Tsuki asks Kuraki and Osugi for help in the investigation, but before answering, Kuraki wants to know who is behind Higashi (who is in a higher position is helping him) and after receiving the answer, Kuraki may help Miki and Tsuki. Tsuki agrees to answer, telling Kuraki and Osugi that the ones backing up Higashi is the higher ups from PSB.

Osugi goes to pick up his daughter from school, when they meet he tells her that he saw the CCTV recording and saw that she wasn’t the one who stole from the store and that a senior of her put it in her bag, and so he apologizes to his daughter for not believing her words. He also tells his daughter, Megumi, that no matter who wants to put her down she should never give in. In reply Megumi tells her father to do the same, no matter who wants to take him down, he should never give in. After that Osugi asks his daughter how did she knew about her senior putting the accessory into her bag so she could be blamed for stealing, then what Megumi replies brings tears into his eyes:

Megumi: “Because I am the daughter of a detective.”

While on his way to meet up with Nakajima, Shingai is caught by people from Anthena Security.

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  1. I love this drama too! And Shingai is seriously insane!

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