[Kdrama] ‘Doctor Stranger’ ep 13&14 ~impression/opinion~

What the heck is with this writer?!? The story is starting to become a mess and it’s a shame since the characters are so well made, but what’s the point if the story is all over the place.

In these 14 episodes, I’ve seen Han Seung Hee (Jae Hee), Park Hoon and Jae Joon having a great development but the one who is going backwards is Soo Hyun. I’m starting to like her less and less; she was such a strong woman in the beginning and now she is neither strong nor confident in herself.

Yes, love can change a person, and she is in love with Hoon, but sometimes I wonder if her love is indeed love or just her longing for someone who shows affection all the time , if we are to compare him with Jae Joon.

I was looking forward to see Soo Hyun becoming a key character because she was my favorite out of the female characters, however seeing her going back in terms of development is kind of sad. Especially in the later episodes, Soo Hyun is becoming a pain to watch. I see the other characters fighting for what they believe in or for saving their past life and so on, but here is her crying because Hoon left the hospital. Also I would’ve wished for her to be confident and tell Jae Joon straight on that she has no feeling for him. Not saying that Soo Hyun should confess to him about her feelings towards Hoon (after all she herself isn’t sure about them) but at least tell him that there are no feelings between them.

Jae Joon is starting to reveal that he is indeed in love with Soo Hyun, or at least that’s what I think since when he thought that her father wanted to kick him out, he asked her to leave with him to US. Also, I’m seeing him being rather patient with Soo Hyun, he doesn’t seem forcefully asking his girlfriend about her true feelings, although he puts straight on questions regarding this matter, it’s more like he still gives her space so she could understand her own feelings.

As for Hoon and Jae Hee, these two are still tied to their past and North Korea. Weirdly for me, I hate Jin Se Yeon’s acting, I tried to like it but I just can’t, however I’m starting to like Jae Hee as a character. On the other hand, seeing Hoon wishing for Jae Hee to be the same as she was back in the North is irritating. After all he isn’t the same as he used to, she isn’t the same as well, but he seems to forget that both of them went through hardships in the North and of course that chanced them. Surely, Hoon wants to see the woman he loves smile, but how can she do that when the people from above them are threatening her. She lives her daily life between threats and emotional pressure.

At least Hoon is trying to be as bold as he can with Soo Hyun and her feeling for him. He seems to be aware of her feelings towards him so he is putting a clear line ahead.

Anyway, we still have 6 episodes so maybe the writer will connect the dots and empty spots for the final soon so it won’t be a shame of wasting good characters on a washy story.


  1. Ya, I’m hoping the story all ties together in the end

    1. I hope so as well, but it’s a little too late. Well, i suppose we will have to wait and see OTL

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