[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 5 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

This was one epic episode! So many fighting scenes, moreover Miki may be the badass of the badass among females from dramas. She pretty much owns them all.

Other than that, I liked seeing Osugi, Kuraki and Miki working together, even though Osugi and Miki were pushed back to make space for Kuraki’s memories, I still loved them working together to protect Nakajima.

This episode starts with Shingai who has been caught by Nakagawa’s people. When Nakagawa arrives at the place where Shingai was being held captive, he pours water on Shingai and threatened him to give back some chip while putting him through electro-shocks. Still not believing that Shingai truly lost his memories, Nakagawa electroshocks him once more, however this second time seems to have made Shingai remember small bits from the past afterwards leading to fainting from the power of the electroshock.

Osugi and Kuraki continue their investigation so they went to watch the video Minami recorded during the bombing incident (remember how the first episode started, with a guy recording everything, even a little girl who was crying). After copying the video from Minami and also telling him not to dare to upload it anywhere on the internet, the two leave to visit the little girl who keeps making the same drawings over and over (the one who was seen on the recording of Minami).


At the hospital where the girl was, the doctor tells Kuraki and Osugi that the girl said she saw a monster and that she keeps drawing since that day. While the two were talking with the doctor, the little girl comes and tells them that it’s finished; it seems that her drawings connect into a bigger picture. After Kuraki put every piece in it’s place, what the girl was trying to say had been revealed, the bigger picture showed, according to the girl a monster who tore people’s body apart during the bombing incident. When Osugi asks the girl if the picture portrays a woman, the girl simply answers “It’s a monster”.

After the meeting with the little girl, Osugi and Kuraki went to Miki’s office where she showed them CCTV recordings from a night before when Shingai who was waiting for Nakajima, was kidnapped. Meanwhile, at the place where Nakagawa is keeping Shingai, Higashi appears and asks him about who Nakajima is, and if she knows anything about them. Knowing that Shingai meet her after the he lost his memories, Higashi still tells Nakagawa to kill her since she may know something about them.

Tsuki tells his new team of 3, Osugi, Miki and Kuraki to go after Nakajima to find and protect her. However, before that, Nakagawa got his hands on her phone number and gave her a call in front of Shingai telling her that he is a friend of Shingai and that he will soon send someone for her. Luckily before she entered the care with one of Nagakawa’s people, Osugi beats the guy, but she gets scared and runs away, after that the chasing and who gets to Nakajima first game starts. In the end, thanks to Kuraki, Nakajima is saved from Nakagawa however she is severely hurt and rushed to the hospital.

While waiting for Nakajima to wake up, Kuraki reveals to Osugi that he knew his daughter wasn’t in fact his – after she got hurt once, he saw on the doctor’s paper that his daughter was blood type B, however neither he or his wife are B type – after that both him and the wife started to put a wall between themselves; Kuraki also tells Osugi that his wife may have killed the daughter since she loved him too much.

Kuraki meets Miki in the elevator, but for a while neither of them asks or speaks anything. But before leaving, Kuraki is the one who breaks the silence and asks Miki if she is going to the hospital and if Nakajima wakes up to contact him right away.

Kuraki goes to see his wife’s friend where he is informed about how she was during the last period. The friend tells him that she provided consouling for Chihiro, however for a while she couldn’t get a hold of her. But when Chihiro finally appears, she confessed to her friend that she is the one who killed their daughter. The friend also tells Kuraki that she recommended Chihiro to go to the hospital but she refused saying that she didn’t want to be apart from him. Lastly Kuraki asks the friend if Chihiro ever talked about her dreams, and the friend says that she did spoke about it. Apparently in Chihiro’s dreams the same man appeared over and over again.

Nakagawa succeeds in kidnapping Nakajima from the hospital and takes her where he was keeping Shingai. Back at Kuraki, he remembers a time when his wife wanted to cut herself saying that she doesn’t need anything, but when he asks if she doesn’t need Shizuru as well (their daughter), Chihiro falls on the floor and asks him to remember and trust her when she says that she loves him.


My thoughts:

This episode showed so much more and still so little. We get to understand more but at the same time it feels like I already intuited some stuff, regardless I’m more curious about Shingai and what is he in reality. Moreover judging by the preview, more secrets will be unveiled but the producers continue to be careful with the quantity of this drama’s secrets.

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