[Kvariety] ‘Roommate’ episode 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I recently started watching the new variety (?) show “Roommate” where they put 11 celebrities to live together. Because most people I follow on tumblr, twitter and so on kept talking about it, I watched it …. Another reason is because I didn’t want to start a new drama. Anyhow, since lots of people were talking about “Roommate”, I watched the first episode, and now the second one.

However, I’m conscious of the show being a little too scripted and to be honest it kind of gets annoying at times. I have nothing against any of these celebrities, actually, I knew and liked most of them since before appearing on this show, thus I’m going to comment the first two episodes fully knowing that it is a scripted show, and that it’s not 100% the personality of any of those appearing in it.

Hong Soo Hyun – I like her a lot as an actress, but the Soo Hyun that I saw in “Roommate” is kind of a “try hard”, or at least that’s the vibe I’m getting. Somehow her parts seem the most scripted out of the whole show (maybe this is what I want to believe and she is like this in real life). But seeing her running around after Min Woo and Kang Joon from one to another made her seem thirsty for men – but I don’t blame her fully for running around them, after all they are handsome and, well, women do run after them. On another note, because she shares a room with After School’s Nana, who is at least 10 years younger, Soo Hyun is kind of ashamed of her age, being older than Nana, and she kind of tries too hard to act like she is the same age as Nana. She needs to act like herself and not like an idol.

In regards of Soo Hyun’s roommate, Nana, I like her straight forward personality, but at the same time, she kind of pushes a little too much the “2nd place most beautiful” that she recently won. I don’t know much about her, mostly because I don’t follow After School nor Orange Caramel, but from what I saw she has a rather narcissistic personality.

Lee Dong Wook, from my point of view was the one of those who seemed the most as themselves, although his MC side follows up from time to time, he seems okay so far.

Song Ga Yeon – I’m finding her to be the most beautiful out of the women of this show, and also part of those who act like themselves rather than trying to look like someone else. But for sure she doesn’t seem confident (?) around cameras. Still from the first 2 episodes, she showed to have a lovely personality.

Park Chan Yeol – he wasn’t much home, because of EXO’s schedule. Definitely shy around new people, and seems to be becoming more comfortable around his roommate and senior, Shin Sung Woo aka Mama Shin.

Weirdly, I like both Park Bom and Lee So Ra. So Ra has a bohemian and elegant personality, unfortunately that kind of makes it hard for her to get close with the rest of the members.

As for Bom, I personally don’t like 2ne1 nor do I follow their music, but I like Bom so far, not trying too hard to blend in if I were to compare her to Soo Hyun.

Shin Sung Woo – he is definitely on the mature side, probably the person with the highest maturity level. He also accepts a lot form the younger members, like for example shaving his beard, after all it can be a major change after having it for 5 years. I like how he is genuinely nice towards the younger ones, asking them to eat their meals on time or asking if they eat anything and if they didn’t he would prepare something not matter the hour.

Jo Se Ho – I think that the show needed a gagman and he was a good choice for the show. Se Ho has a nice personality (shown so far); I liked how he is trying to erase the awkwardness from time to time whenever someone new was entering the house.

Park Min Woo and Seo Kang Joon – the two live in the same room. This show makes me wonder if Kang Joon is like that in real life, because if he is then let’s say that he is a little …..too innocent.

They are also the ones Soo Hyun keeps running around, and its pretty funny because it confuses them. On the other side, Min Woo is also seen going a little towards Bom. But to be honest I wish the PDs would’ve let everyone act as how they are rather than pushing these love lines.

For now, I’m enjoying this show, although I have to say that I’m not too fond of the obvious scripted parts.


  1. I wish i could tell what the obvious scripted parts are. Am a bit clueless to them Will keep my eyes peeled. Thankks.

  2. i don’t know how i feel about this show either… just kinda awkward — perhaps it’ll smooth out once they get the ball rolling! 🙂

  3. Hong Soo Hyun is actually a lot better as the show progresses. I think editing is a big part of the problem, some of the members aren’t as bad as what the editing showed, especially once you see more of them in the later episodes.

    1. But still, I’m still pretty entertained so far. K-variety are always easier to watch than their drama counterparts, which is the main reason I regularly watch k-variety but only watch k-dramas when there’s mood to watch.

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