[Kdrama] ‘Gap Dong’ episodes 2-11 ~ impression/opinion ~

I had some free time and finally got to update myself with Gap Dong, and man this was one heck of a ride because this show still thrills me… and Lee Joon continues to freak me out!

As I was watching, I started thinking that normally I end up not liking how the story develops or that I don’t like how an actor/actress acts and so on, but with this drama, I can’t find anything like that; it has great acting and a good story development which makes me crave for more episodes.

Rather than looking for the real culprit and stuff like that I’m more interested in how things will end up for Ryu Tae Oh, because to be honest, in my life I did had my share of CSI and Criminal Minds, thus I kind of understand (?) that Tae Oh is actually wanting for someone to stop him. And the person he was waiting for may be Maria, only that…let’s face it, she has her own problems…..with her head.

During the later episodes, I had some moments of feeling sorry for Tae Oh, and even if it was for a mere few seconds, I kind of felt disgusted with myself for feeling sorry for him. On another note I enjoyed his scenes with Ma Ji Wool and I want to see him falling for her, but I don’t think that it will actually happen, especially if the writer wants to follow a more realistic development of the story, and it means that making him fall for someone won’t be actually realistic, after all can he have feelings of affection for anyone?

As for Oh Maria, for someone who is supposed to be a psychiatric doctor, she is rather emotionally unstable herself.

I do get her emotional scar, however wishing for someone to die so then you could feel better with your life, isn’t right, especially since Ryu isn’t the real Gap Dong and just a copy. Also MooYeom telling her that she did the right thing, in choosing not to save Ryu, makes me believe that they are also a little bit twisted as well. I mean aren’t they a psychiatric doctor and a detective…..? Shouldn’t she know how to deal with these kind of stuff? Of course real life and books may be different, still how can you treat someone when you can’t apply those methods with yourself or she should at least know how to handle those situations.

Oh Maria needs to stop provoking Ryu as well, I feel like she has a little too much courage for her own good, after all we are talking about psychopaths here, and she should know better how these actions can turn bad considering her work line. Even Ryu told her to stop provoking him, because he may end up killing her. But at the same time I wonder if her courage is coming from the fact that she is aware of Ryu’s “affection” towards her or the fact that she knows that Ryu wants to be stopped.



  1. Hi, I think the series tries to make the point that all humans are fragile and capable of terrible thoughts. Characters who only ever “do the right thing” are not realistic in my opinion. It takes great effort to be a good person in certain circumstances. I understand feeling sorry for RTO but not being the original Gapdong doesn’t make him less of a monster? He already killed many innocent women. Of course the impulse to take justice in ones hand will be understandable especially from people who have suffered so much because of a psychopath like Mad Monk and Maria. The series is very interesting. Let’s hope it stays that way 🙂

    1. Of course, waiting for someone to be perfect in all kind of situations, it’s not a realistic thought, however,when I said that Maria also has a twisted mind, I was mostly referring to the scene when RTO told her that it’s her choice to save him or nor, and before leaving she,had an ironic/arrogant smile on her face. It’s human to want to protect yourself, especially in Maria’s case, however sometimes as she is a psychiatric doctor, I tho she knows how to handle some situations, still as I said in my post, books and reality are a different matter,

      RTO most definitely doesn’t deserve pity, after all he is a psychopath who already killed many innocent, even if he is just a copy of Gap Dong. However I’m weirdly enjoying his scenes with Ji Wool, still at the end of the day he is a monster.

      Indeed, until now it was great, let’s hope the writer won’t rush things later on. ^ ^

      1. Hmmm her face! you have a point! Mad Monk also goes kookoo once in a while :p I guess none of these characters is well adjusted haha! but that’s cool! It makes them unpredictable

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