[Kdrama] ‘Doctor Stranger’ episode 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion ~

Since I have free time this weekend, I tried to watch as many dramas as I could. And of course I couldn’t neglect “Doctor Stranger”, after all I have a soft spot for Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra.

A lot happens in the first 2 episodes, making me wonder what the heck is happening, because the story moved way to fast. Even though the introduction into the drama was rather fast, I barely could show any interest in the story, however, after the episode 2’s second half, I finally got myself into the story and everything seemed to fall into place.

I was surprised seeing Lee Jong Suk develop so much as an actor, right now I can honestly call him an actor, his crying scenes were heartbreaking and he sent his normal awkwardness on a trip. But it was a disappointment seeing the older cast having awkward scenes. I may rush saying this, because until now just the first two episodes aired, but I liked the performance of the younger cast rather than the older ones….

The only person from the younger cast who I still can’t like is Jin Se Yeon, I don’t know I just can’t seem to like her acting, maybe she will let go of herself when the other character played by her will appear later on, hopefully she will bring something new and not the same plain acting.

I liked the fact that after the darkish scenes from when Park Hoon was living in North Korea, they show showed a funny side of Hoon when he starts living in South Korea. The funny scenes definitely relieved the stress acquired by the viewer after seeing our main character handling hardships from childhood until the present time.

For now I do liked this drama, the medical stuff kind of bore me (already sick of it ‘thanks to’ Medical Top Team and Good Doctor), since there were a little too many scenes where they operated and so on and somehow it felt like they are pushing a little too much trying to show the “cool doctors”….even though it’s indeed a medical drama, but what’s too much is too much.

Although I enjoyed these two episodes, to be honest, I don’t want to jump around when it comes to “Doctor Stranger” as a story. Because even if I do trust the young cast that they may turn this drama into a good one, I’m skeptical about the writer and the producers.

Regardless, I’m mostly looking forward to see the four main cast members interacting with each other so that the story can finally start.

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