[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 1 ~ first impression/opinion ~

The first episode of “Boku no ita jikan” had an average rating of 11.2%

Has anyone else started a drama, watched the first episode then regretted to even start it? Because I sure did.  I regret watching the first episode of “Boku no ita jikan”, it’s not because the drama seems to be bad, but because it seems to be good, unfortunately the story is like a road that may be painful to walk on.

The ‘human’ subject that this drama touches: problems that senior students have when facing job hunting and humiliation from the interviewer(s), the pressure made by the society and the family members and most importantly facing the news of having ALS.

Even after just the first episode of “Boku no ita jikan” I can’t help but remind myself about “1 Liter of tears” and the important meaning those dramas have in delivering a significant message. For me and maybe for many others, “1 Liter of tears” definitely changed the way I (we) may look on life and things that surround us.  The same goes with “Boku no ita jikan”, this drama is in to deliver not just a story to its viewers, but a lesson.

“Boku no ita jikan” tells the story of Sawada Takuto (Miura Haruma) an University senior student who is facing difficulties in finding a job. Although on the surface he seems like a cheerful young man, because of the stress and pressure he faces from society and his family, Takuto is actually insecure to show his true feelings and always puts on a mask in front of those around him, be it his family or University friends.

During a job interview, Takuto meets Hongo Megumi (Tabe Mikako); Takuto helps Megumi by telling the interviewer that the phone ringing was his, when in fact it was Megumi’s. Days later, the two meet again on the University campus; since neither of them got the job (from the company where they meet at) they go to the company and ask directly why they weren’t selected for the job. After receiving the statement from the company (a rather ‘empty’ statement), Takuto and Megumi crave to break away from reality and decide to buy a bottle of champagne and drink it on the beach. A while later, because it was a shame not to do anything with the empty champagne bottle, they think it will be a good idea to write letters to their future selves both agreeing to open the letters 3 years later.

As Takuto daily life goes on, the viewers get to meet his family as well; the younger brother Rikuto, who is preparing to enter University, the mother who always seems to focus on Rikuto and puts Takudo aside and the father who always ‘hits’ Takuto’s confidence and throws it on the ground.

Although Takuto seems to be a cheerful and healthy young man, in the first episodes there are also given some slight signs of the disease that is progressing and taking over his body, disease that he isn’t yet aware of.

Even if the first episode gave a lot of hints about the story, it still was too little. For now, I’m looking forward to see how Takuto will cope with the unexpected news of the disease that will hold him down and how his family will deal with it, considering the way his parents tend to look down on him and always focus their expectation regarding everything in Rikuto. Also even though, Miura Haruma may not be an actor with the necessary experience to handle such a heavy subject, he can attract attention to “Boku no ita jikan” making this drama a successfully way to deliver and educate people through a story so endearing but painful.

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  1. I agree with you in many points. While I was watching the first episode I kept remembering some “1 Litre of Tears” scenes. From that we can expect some sad moments ahead. Even though we know the ending and how sad it will be, I’ll keep watching it. I really want to see how Takuto’s family will face his disease; I mean, all they can think about is Rikuto, while their eldest son is also trying his best. Will they regret everything they have done or haven’t done to Takuto? I hope so. This dorama will show the viewers more than the ALS progress and the difficulty that people with this disease face, it will show the value of our lives, just like “1 Litre of Tears” did. We sure complain a lot about trivial things, but most of us don’t know what sadness is. The only thing that bothers me a little is Miura Haruma. Yes, he is handsome but as an actor…I have watched 14 sai no haha, Kimi ni Todoke and Taisetsu na koto kimi ga subete oshietekureta and I must confess I didn’t like his acting. Since the last dorama I watched with him was from 2011, maybe Miura will surprise me, but from now I must say that…no. While I was looking your blog I noticed that you seem to like more Korean dramas but I still hope you will keep watching “Boku no Ita Jikan” and keep reviewing it, since the second episode is now available. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Honestly speaking, I was a little concerned about Miura Haruma taking on this role, mostly because of the heavy/seriousness of the story, however he has the popularity advantage that may make people watch this drama which may also be a good opportunity to showcase the point of the story.

      On the other had, I have to give kudos to Miura Haruma for taking on different roles….his characters don’t really resemble each other, still he indeed lacks something, I don’t know what, maybe he lacks his acting trademark, for example Kase Ryo, Odagiri Joe or Matsuda Ryuhei have their one acting flavour that Miura has yet to develop for himself.

      Yes, I will keep on watching it, I’m really curious regarding how his family will wake up and notice Takuto’s struggling.

      Thank you for your comment and for reading my post. ^ ^

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