[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 31 ~recap/review/opinion~

I’m back with the Five Children recaps. I was so busy with school in the last weeks that I decided to take a break from writing the recaps and overall blogging. However, can’t wait for summer break so I can wring a post a day like I used to in the past.

The thing is that even though I’m coming back with the recaps, I’m leaving behind episode 19-30 and I won’t recap those at all. I don’t see a point to write those as well and it’s hard work when for now I don’t have that much free time so I will re-start writing from this one, episode 31. However I will talk a bit about what happened in these more than 10 episodes that I didn’t recap.

First, Jin Joo got punished by her parents to live with 20$ a day because she has a boyfriend and doesn’t focus on her studies. For Tae Min’s sake, Jin Joo decides to live on that for now to show her parents and to herself that she can reduce some of her spending. But problems appear in this couple as Tae Min finds out from her father that she went on a blind date with another guy.

Yeon Tae and Sang Min become friends – actually this is just an excuse for him to be close to her after being rejected. She then started getting curious about Sang Min as she discovers new things about him. Meanwhile he acts like he and Yeon Tae have a lot of things in common, when in fact it isn’t true.

Ho Tae finds out from Soon Young that she is pregnant and even though his mother doesn’t want her as a daughter-in-law, with the help of down to earth father, Ho Tae receives the approval to take responsibility for the child that is yet to come. On the other hand, In Chul regrets meeting Soo Young.

The main couple, Sang Tae and Mi Jung know that they can’t get married and decided to remain as a dating couple. Yet, Sang Tae’s in-laws found out about Mi Jung and also that Bin’s friend is her daughter so the mother-in-law lashes out on the girl, blaming her to have stolen Bin’s toy. Later, Sang Tae’s mother also finds out and is angered that Mi Jung wants to date Sang Tae but won’t marry him. At this point, Sang Tae is working hard to make his relationship with Mi Jung work but also to receive the approval of those around.

Episode 31 recap:

When Sang Tae and Mi Jung arrive at her apartment, they see his mother and mother-in-law fighting with her grandmother. They try to separate the 3 women however their mouths can’t be stopped cuz y’all know, old ladies in Kdramas are like that. The mother is angry and tells her son to stop dating Mi Jung because she doesn’t want them to date nor to marry. She continues and goes on about how Mi Jung should let her son go and meet other men since she is young and pretty and doesn’t want marriage – the woman pretty much implied that any other man will do for her. ARGH!!! In the end, Sang Tae manages to drag his mother to the car leaving the mother-in-law behind, to leave in her own car.

In the car, Sang Tae’s mother keeps on yapping about how she is right and the grandmother was first to grab her hair. However he remains silent and doesn’t speak back. On the other hand, his mother in law is irritated that he left her alone and took only his mother. She receives a call from her husband asking how things went but since she was near their house she decided to tell him everything when she arrives. Before parking her car, the mother in law sees a ‘crazy woman’ around their block yet she is soon told by her husband that ‘the crazy woman’ is actually their daughter who is drunk.

They enter the house however Bin and Soo see the scenes with Jin Joo being drunk. She advice them to be careful because their grandparents will get rid of everyone they like. The scene ends with Jin Joo saying that she has more things to tell her parents but because she is drunk and sad she doesn’t remember what other things she wants to say.

At Sang Tae parents’ house, while Yeon Tae helps Soon Young with her wedding dress, her older brother and mother come back home. After the mother finishes her rant, Sang Tae tells her that he feels disappointed for acting like she did towards the person he likes. He is scared that after what happened, Mi Jung will decline his marriage proposal and asks his mother if she is okay for him to live once again like he used after his first wife died. The father and the others from the family try to make her heart change but she still doesn’t want to listen.

Later, both Mi Jung and Sang Tae have a hard time understanding what happened. He sends her a message saying that he took his mother home and asks if her grandmother in okay.

Next morning, Bin refuses to eat because her grandmother needs to apologies to Woo Ri. She accepts to apologize. The girl continues and tells her grandmother to come to school and talk with Woo Ri, if not, she won’t come home.

Jin Joo is way calmer and apologies to her parents for calling them ajumma and ajusshi and for blaming them of destroying her relationship with Tae Min. Apparently she doesn’t want to hang onto a man who doesn’t want her. Meanwhile at school, Tae Min reads Soo’s daily journal and finds out that Jin Joo got drunk and blamed her parents that they broke up. In return, Tae Min writes a message for Soo on his journal, to comfort his aunt. Also, Tae Min seems to be waiting for Jin Joo to call him moreover he seems to start regretting asking her to break up.

Mi Jung doesn’t accept Sang Tae’s marriage proposal and returns the necklace he gave her. But, surprisingly to her, Sang Tae says that he always trusted himself and her but looks like she never believed in him nor in herself. He tells her to take the necklace and throw it away, but he remains sure that she can’t do that and asks her to think more about them marrying.

Soo Young’s mother is facing the decision to tell her daughter about her illness. She decides not to and wants to take the surgery alone without telling anyone from the family.

Jin Joo received back her card and car and thinks that she is happy like this. As she ‘enjoys’ her time, Sang Min calls for a second date, second out of their 3rd date deal. As for Yeon Tae, she wants to see Sang Min’s standards in women so she sends him a message asking when is he going o meet again with the woman from the blind date.

The mother in law is curious about how things went the night before with Sang Tae but the mother doesn’t say much.

Jin Joo arrives at the school with the excuse that she wants to take Yeon Tae clubbing. She acts like she doesn’t care about the breakup however Tae Min is somehow disappointed that she got back to how she used in just one day after their break up.

Later, Jin Joo’s mother appears and says hello to Tae Min. She tells him that it’s good that he and Jin Joo broke up because he needs to meet someone better than her. Minutes later, she goes to apologies to Woo Ri. After that she takes the 4 children to lunch and notices the friendship between them.

Yeon Tae advice Jin Joo to think carefully before really breaking up however, Jin Joo acts brave about the break up -seconds later, tears start dropping.

At Sang Tae’s office, he finally reveals to everyone that he likes Mi Jung. Compared to his happy face, on Mi Jung’s face we can read concern.  Sang Tae wants Mi Jung to see that he is making an effort for her and asks his girlfriend to wear the necklace. For her it’s still hard but Sang Tae want to hold her hand – the guy is really making big steps towards her especially to make her understand that he is there for her no matter what.

Yeon Tae prepares to go see the woman that Sang Min is having a blind date with. Yet, Jin Joo isn’t ready for the blind date and goes back to being sad for breaking up with Tae Min. She returns everything back to her parents saying that she can live without those things but can’t without Tae Min.

Sang Tae takes care of his son and Woo Young since In Chul didn’t go to the taekwondo competition. He also tells Mi Jung about Woo Young’s father not being able to go but he will drive back the boy.

Sang Min is worried that Jin Joo won’t come to their meeting since he had to make Yeon Tae jealous.  While he goes to the bathroom, Yeon Tae appears. When he returns, he hears her talking with one of the staff from the coffee shop. She keeps asking if she lost him again or if he looked happy with the other woman. When the staff member sees him, Sang Min makes a sign to that person to not say anything about him being there. Yeon Tae falls on the chair and starts tearing up, he goes close and looks her in the eyes as he asks if she is crying. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA I died here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the same time, Sang Tae’s mother wants to meet up again with Mi Jung. The two meet and she asks Mi Jung if she really doesn’t want to marry Sang Tae. Mi Jun replies that she can accept only if the elders will accept and if they can live together with their children.

My thoughts so far:

I’m happy with the couples and how they balance each other. The main couple is showing a higher level of maturity while the other 3 couples are still green however they are all working their way to make the relationships work. Sang Tae is a man that can protect his woman. Not saying that the others aren’t but he is the type of man that wants to ensure his loved one that he will protect her so all she needs is to believe in him.

Sang Min is a total love! I couldn’t stop myself grinning during these last episodes with him trying to stay close to Yeon Tae. And this episode was the cherry with the way he looked at her from behind, waiting for Yeon Tae to reveal her feelings. At first he was such a typical hypocrite male character but slowly he turned out to be out of the box (?) Despite his looks, that give off a rather cocky personality, he isn’t really like that and always gives Yeon Tae reasons to be confident.

As for Jin Joo and Tae Min, I always thought she was the immature one in this relationship but it’s not actually like that. On the surface, Tae Min is the mature one but she is changing her ways and she understood that money or a car aren’t things that will make her truly happy.

Now, let’s face it, Tae Min isn’t that poor. If their family was poor then Sang Min wouldn’t have the money to become a golf player in the first place. I can’t wait to see the faces of Jin Joo’s parents when they will find out that Tae Min and Sang Min are actually brothers.  They also need to realize that he is the one that changed their daughter, from being a superficial bunny into a woman that has more to offer than her beauty. People around always saw Jin Joo as an ignorant girl yet for Tae Min she wasn’t like that. Also, regarding their fight, I kind of liked it. Until now, both were careful with the way they acted around each other but from this fight they will become way more comfortable with each other. As for the reason of their fight. I understand them. Jin Joo was making efforts for her parents to accept Tae Min, at the same time he is also right because she kept everything for herself and didn’t trust him with her worries. For him, that was more important than the fact that she went with a guy on a blind date.

Lastly, I was really angry with Sang Tae’s mother and mother-in-law. I can’t believe the way they act. Both see Sang Tae as some prince on the other hand Mi Jung is someone way lower than them. It’s sad and annoying to see these two women speak about how Sang Tae deserves better while putting down Mi Jung. If he is to marry her then they will be a family with 5 children and that will be hard for Sang Tae to carry. But, at this point, Mi Jung is a single mother, working for her 3 children, how is that easier? It’s not like the moment they will marry, Mi Jung will quit work and he will have to bring all the money.

It was also annoying to see the mother shouting how Soon Young should go to the parents of the guy who left her pregnant but when it turns out that that good for nothing bastard was her son, all of a sudden Soon Young isn’t that good.

I have so many more things to say but I feel that I will go on and on without an end.



  1. welcome back! i’ve missed your recaps but school stuffs so important!! 🙂 hope it went well!

    ah…shows come a long way in some instances, not so much in others! but the pace suits me just fine; with the exception of- i think its time for some more reveals, don’t you?? i mean, does it really make sense at this point that tae min and sang min don’t know about each other with jin joo and yoon tae? ntm jin joos very annoying parents finding out yoon tae is sang min’s girlfriend (YAY! ^^)
    i’m over 24 hrs removed from watching the last episode but i still have the urge to punch sang tae’s mom in the face. her sneering look as she yaps away condescendingly to everyone just grrrrrrr. bitch!!! how’s she’s treated the mouse; whom she loved (supposedly) and whom she knows is alone in this world now….is completely despicable. sang tae’s dad needs to step up here, i think. someone does.

    i know its a trope but really, cant one of the moms be decent human beings?? i’m a mom (i also have 3! 🙂 ) & it’s annoying to watch this over & over again. even mi jung has her bad traits in this regard tbh; she’s not so old to act about certain things the way she does (ex seeing the kids, not telling the kids about his wife; etc etc)….i also think she hasn’t been fair with sang tae. she keeps withholding info about all this pressure from his mom & mil. it’s a form of dishonesty. i understand her trying to protect her livelihood with the job etc; but it’s also quite selfish esp given what he’s been saying & doing. she needs to be honest & watching her mope ep after ep is detracting from the strength of her character.

    sang min & yoon tae, what can i say. totally adorable and although i often get annoyed with kdramaland infantizing grown women esp in love scenarios; he more than balances out that dynamic and she is quite believably shy. i love these two the most and sung hoon is just such zany & beautiful perfection ^^ i couldn’t love him any more than i love him.

    the mouse & ho tae have gotten more fun; the kids are all cool at this point (was worried for a bit) and jin joo won lotsa points with me lately 🙂

    thanks for the recap soori!

    1. Aww thank you~

      I saw the preview for episode 33 and they are making some reveals this week or maybe next week with Sang Min starting to feel jealous of the guy on whom Yeon Tae had a crush in the past. That will be fun to see.

      I’m trying to ignore the mother. At least Sang Tae isn’t doing what she wants and is sure on his love for Mi Jung so he is trying to do everything that can keep them together. I like that about him, a whole lot.I’m still waiting for his father to make his mother shut up. She always takes the lead and makes the others miserable.

      As I already said it on my twitter, I used to dislike Sung Hoon, but thanks to his Sang Min character I’m starting to like him. I love how he shows his love for Yeon Tae so openly and doesn’t even care that he is a celebrity. They are such a lovely couple.

      Thank you as always for the comment ~

  2. […] of personal reasons, school, I had to stop the recaps for a few weeks and restarted from episode 31. Sorry for the […]

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