[Kdrama] ‘Adolescence Medley’ episode 4 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Last episode! It will be kind of kind of sad seeing it end, but at the same time having a small number of episodes it does have its own good points, after all the story didn’t got dragged and had everything it needed to be a great drama.

It the present time, Jung Woo is worried about his teaching qualification exam, but Dok Won cheers him up saying that he will pass the exam. Before leaving, Dok Won reminds Jung Woo about the closing of the café (internet forum) of their high school days, therefore he should save the pictures and contacts before it will be deleted. While checking his messages on the café, Jung Woo sees a message from Ah Young – it seems that she send him messages all that time, for Christmas, coming of spring and other events.

Back into their high school days, Yuk Ho beats Jung Woo at the boxing game. After the game, Yuk Ho and Ah Young meet up on the school’s roof top. Ah Young tells Yuk Ho that she will soon transfer to Seoul, and asks him to go to the singing contest and listen to Jung Woo in her place. However, Yuk Ho declines her request, saying that on the day of the singing contest, he is having his professional boxing test; therefore he won’t get to listen to Jung Woo sing.

Despite the fact that they fought, both Jung Woo and Yuk Ho seem to become rather friendly. After some small jokes, Yuk Ho asks Jung Woo what song he prepared for the singing contest.

Jung Woo: I will sing something that would cheer people up.

Another day, knowing from Dok Won that Jung Woo’s parents aren’t home, Ah Young visits Jung Woo. Even though Jung Woo thought that he will be alone with Ah Young, Dok Won also comes to visit. Ah Young gives Jung Woo a guitar, which seemed to be her brother’s – more like a good bye gift without Jung Woo knowing.  While having lunch, the 3 of them talk about Jung Woo who had to transfer a lot, from school to school, and about what they want to do in life. But compared to Dok Won and Ah Young, Jung Woo isn’t sure of what he wants to become when he will grow.

While Jung Woo was taking Ah Young home, on the way, she kept talking about how she wish they will meet again when they will grow up, making Jung Woo confused.

Ah Young: I hope we meet again once we become what we wanted to become.

The day of the singing contest comes. Hyun Jin, Dok Won and Young Bok join Jung Woo as being part of a group for the contest. Actually Young Bok wasn’t supposed to join them on stage, but during the boxing match, Young Bok wanted to make fun of Jung Woo telling him that if he punches Yuk Ho at least once, he will accompany on stage with a tambourine, and since Jung Woo did manage to punch Yuk Ho once, Young Bok had to go on stage at the singing contest.

Yuk Ho successfully becomes a pro boxer, and after his ‘testing’, he rushes to the singing contest. Unfortunately he arrives at the contest after Jung Woo sang. But in the end, Ah Young also managed to arrive at the contest …. although at the end as well.

Knowing that her transfer day was coming, Ah Young tries to spend as much time as possible with Jung Woo. Because he didn’t know how to ride a bike, she teaches him. She also gives him the bike as a present. After spending the whole day with Jung Woo, Ah Young musters up courage and decides to tell him about her transfer. Hearing the news, Jung Woo doesn’t say anything.

Thinking that he could disturb/upset Jung Woo, Won Il tells him about Ah Young’s transfer but because Jung Woo already knew, Won Il tries another tactic, he tells Jung Woo that Ah Young knew about her transfer even before she started her relationship with Jung Woo. Irritated, Jung Woo takes Won Il by his collar, but fortunately Yuk Ho appears, and stops the conflict.

Because of what he heart from Won Il, Jung Woo has a rather cold attitude towards Ah Young. After class, the home room teacher informs the whole class about Ah Young’s transfer.

Although Ah Young asked him to go together home, Jung Woo leaves without her. Both of them remember (separately) the moments they spend together, and on her way home, Ah Young meets Jung Woo. Walking home together, Jung Woo asks Ah Young why she accepted to go out with him, although she knew about her transfer beforehand. Ah Young tells Jung Woo that it’s a secret and kisses him.

Back in the present time, seeing all the mails Ah Young send him all along, he decides to write her a mail, but he doesn’t know how to start. Next day, Jung Woo receives a message informing him that he passed the teaching exam.

Going again into their high school days, after Ah Young’s transfer, Jung Woo finds Ah Young journal were she wrote every moment she spend with him. The final year of high school finally hits Young Bok who all of a sudden goes into studying mood, but Yuk Ho tells him that he could start as a boxing coach. Won Il starts to like Hyun Jin but too bad for him, because she likes Dok Won and Dok Won likes her.

Even if Ah Young didn’t manage to see Jung Woo sing live at the singing contest, she sees his live on tv (the contest is tv contest ….. a really old Korean show).

In 2013, Jung Woo goes as a full time teacher at Namil High School. One day, on his way home, he hears someone calling his name, when he turns he sees Ah Young standing in front of the school’s gate.

My thoughts on ”Adolescence Medley”:

Short but beautiful – this is the only thing I can say about this drama. The acting was nicely done without even a single moment of awkwardness from the actors. The script was beautiful written and the camera work was artsy. The whole drama gives a nostalgic feeling and makes the viewer remember his/her high school days

If I had to put ”Adolescence Medley” into 3 words, it definitely has to be: Beautiful, nostalgic and quiet.



  1. To be honest i’ve never heard of this drama. Came across it because of Jonghyun but just by reading the reviews (i haven’t watched it) it has a very nostalgic feel to it. Kind of sad but happy at the same time. Reminds me of my a happy day. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. You should give it a go when you have time because 4 episodes can go by in a minute ^ ^

      Thank you for reading~

      1. Yes will surely do. 🙂

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