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[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 6 ~ impression/opinion ~

I was a little disappointed in regards of Nomura Shuhei’s acting performance in the first episodes, however episode 6 showed his growth as an actor. He is not fully grown in terms of acting, but from what I saw in this episode, he has a lot of potential. Rikuto is starting to break out after closing […]

[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 5 ~ impression/opinion ~

Both brothers keep giving all kind of signals to their mother that there is something wrong, but all she cares about is Rikuto becoming a doctor to take over the father’s hospital and Takuto has to look after Rikuto.  Takuto even confronted her and asked if she is paying proper attention, but she didn’t seem […]

[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 4 ~ impression/opinion ~

Starting to understand Rikuto but since Takuto was the main character, there wasn’t much attention on the younger brother and he was just viewed as rude. Episode 4: “Just because I like you…Tears of determination!!” The mother mentioned that whenever Rikuto feels sad he plays his piano, however the older brother didn’t asks himself if […]

“Boku no ita jikan” Nomura Shuhei (Rikuto) interview translation (part1)

There are some interviews of the cast members of the drama “Boku no ita jikan”, however because English isn’t my first language, it’s a little bit hard to convey what they actually wanted to say in the interview, so I translated a little from Nomura Shuhei (plays Rikuto in the drama)’s interview and I want […]

[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 3 ~ impression/opinion ~

I’m really sorry for not posting anything about this drama, for two weeks or so, however because real life got in the way I couldn’t watch, and after that I got obsessed with Prince of Lan Ling, and since “Boku no ita jikan” requires a lot of attention for its complex subject, I needed to […]

[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 2 ~ impression/opinion ~

After watching this episode, I have to say that I’m finally rest assured with Miura Haruma taking on this heavy role. Going back to the story, this episode made me so angry towards the younger brother Rikuto, seriously don’t get this kid at all. I do understand that normally, siblings fight for the parents attention, […]

[Jdrama] ‘Boku no ita jikan’ ep 1 ~ first impression/opinion ~

The first episode of “Boku no ita jikan” had an average rating of 11.2% Has anyone else started a drama, watched the first episode then regretted to even start it? Because I sure did.  I regret watching the first episode of “Boku no ita jikan”, it’s not because the drama seems to be bad, but […]