[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 31 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


This episode was one of the best so far, after watching it, I’m happy the staff and writers are finally getting on track with the show.  Lately they focused a lot on Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae, so to be honest it kind of bored me. But now, that they are starting to show again more Mong Hee and Hyun Soo, also with Sang Chul who is shaking Mong Hee’s heart, I woke up from the sleep Mong Hyu and Hyun Tae put me for the last couple of episodes.


Every time I see Mong Hee and Hyun Soo together I want to give them a hug, I just love the chemistry between them. Well, but every time I see Mong Hee being shaken by Sang Chul, I want to give her a glass of water with lots of ice so she will come back to her senses. As for Sang Chul, I just want to punch him. I mean what the heck dude, now your “heart aches” every time you think about Mong Hee, too little to late my dear, your heart should’ve hurt when Mong Hee begged you don’t to leave her, but you shoved her away and run to Sung Eun.

Now the recap:

Because Dok Hee couldn’t sleep after finding out about Sung Eun’s past, Dok Hee goes to Sung Eun and tells her to leave the house, but the daughter in law tells Dok Hee that it’s a problem between her and her husband, Hyun Joon, and the two of them will sort things out. Since Dok Hee made a commotion, Soon Sang heard the loud noises; he comes to the kitchen to ask why the two women are fighting. Although, at first the two were glaring at each other, eventually both decided not to tell Soon Sang the reason why they were fighting.

After the fight, Sung Eun rushed to call Sang Chul and asks him if he said anything to her mother in law. Considering that it was pretty late in the night, Sang Chul doesn’t want to talk with her and hangs up the phone. Angry Sung Eun throws the phone on the ground. Then, Hyun Joon appears and picks up the phone. He asks his wife who she called at that hour (acting as if he didn’t knew) but after a few seconds he gets angry and breaks the phone asking Sung Eun how could she make that phone call when he is in the house.

Now that Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun moved back into Shim Dok’s house, Mong Hee had to give up her room so that the married couple could sleep there, and she ended up sharing the room with the two grandmothers. Unfortunately for Mong Hee, both grandmothers…..snore, therefore she can’t have a proper sleep.

While Hyun Tae was sleeping like a baby, Mong Hyun and her parents decide to send Hyun Tae back to his family in the morning. When she returns to the room, Mong Hyun gives Hyun Tae a kiss. In the morning the maternal grandmother cooks breakfast and Shim Dok goes to wake up the married couple. When Shim Dok enters the room, she sees Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae hugging each other in their sleep.

Shim Dok: They are so in love.

After breakfast, Shim Dok and her Byeong Ho tell Hyun Tae that it’s time for him to return to his family, but Hyun Tae refuses saying that he will live with his wife in that house until they will manage to buy  a house of their own. The family looks rather shocked hearing him say that but at the same time they are happy with his plans of future that seem to also include Mong Hyun.

Sung Eun shouts again at Sang Chul for calling at the main house and also for telling her mother in law his name. He tells her that she should end her game, since it will be better but Sung Eun doesn’t want to and threatens him saying that he may not see Aram for the rest of his life.

Soon Sang calls the whole family for a meeting where he tells them to find Hyun Tae. Dressed as Yoona, Mong Hee tells him that she may know where Hyun Tae is currently staying but she will tell him only if he promises to break the contract with Mina’s father. Soon Sang tells ‘Yoona’ that he wouldn’t search like that for Hyun Tae if he were not to have the business contract with Mina’s father.

A few days later, at the company, Sang Chul drags Sung Eun out on the hallway and tells her to give his daughter back. Mong Hee appears at the right moment, and tells them not to make a scene there, after all they were at the company and someone may hear them. After Sung Eun leaves, Sang Chul breaks into tears saying that he misses Aram and she also must miss him. Mong Hee comforts him, saying that he will see his daughter. Then Sang Chul tells Mong Hee that he regrets hurting her in the past and that every time he thinks of her, his heart hurts. (Hope it hurts a lot, because you deserve it, muhahahaha)

 Sang Chul: When things were tough for me, I actually thought of you. Because I knew how much you loved me, I thought it was my punishment (…) I’m sure you resent me, but it broke my heart too. My heart ached so much every time I thought of you. You have no idea how much I regretted.

After Sang Chul’s confession, Mong Hee calls Hyun Soo and asks him to make Sung Eun return Aram to Sang Chul. Hyun Soo look rather irritated/sad hearing Mong Hee being concerned over Sang Chul and tells Mong Hee to wake up because he can’t help, since it means he will have to use his last card against Sung Eun for Sang Chul. Although he told Mong Hee he couldn’t help, Hyun Soo still goes to Sung Eun and tells her to return Aram to her father.

At night, Mong Hee and Hyun Soo meet up. He asks Mong Hee why is she so concerned with Sang Chul since he hurt her in the past once, he can do it again.

Mong Hee: Are you that worried about me?

Hyun Soo: Yes, I always worry about you. I worry that you may be sick. Or that you might feel hurt. And that you might get lonely again.

Hyun Soo also tells Mong Hee that because she is afraid of hurting Mong Hyun (by working on the new product for the Park family’s company who now has a contract with Mina’s father for selling the future products into Mina’s father’s stores) she won’t let him come closer to her.

Hyun Soo: All I can do is hide from people and worry about you from inside.

Hyun Soo asks Mong Hee if she still likes Sang Chul, knowing that he may hurt her again. Mong Hee is confused why Hyun Soo would ask that, then he responds by saying that he wants her to be happy.

Sang Chul looks at some old pictures of him with Mong Hee and breaks into tears. (Regretting huh? Continue regretting it!!)

Hyun Soo receives a phone call from Yoona who tells him to stop sending her money and sign the divorce papers.

In the morning, at work, Sang Chul and Mong Hee meet by coincidence at the elevator. He tells Mong Hee that from that day he will also work with her on the new product, because Hyun Soo proposed it to him. Mong Hee goes to Hyun Soo to ask him why he added Sang Chul to work with them on the new product and Hyun Soo tells her he did that because neither do Sang Chul or Mong Hee made a first step. Hyun Soo also tells Mong Hee that Yoona contacted him and she will be back soon. Mong Hee is a little shocked at first but she congratulates Hyun Soo because now she won’t have to act as Yoona in front of his family and he also won’t have to fear of his father finding out about it.

Hyun Tae washed Mong Hyun’s feet……………….what the heck are they trying to do, reenact Alex and Shin Ae from the first season of We got Married; those that saw the first season will know what I’m talking about.

Hyun Joon and Sang Chul meet up. Hyun Joon asks Sang Chul if he loved Sung Eun but Sang Chul answers that he doesn’t remember if he loved Sung Eun or not.

Dok Hee tells Sung Eun that from now on she will have to stay low key and always do everything in the favor of Hyun Joon until he will get the company. Then, Sung Eun threatens Dok Hee that she won’t be able to kick her out of the house after Hyun Joon will take the company, if Dok Hee will try to kick her out, Sung Eun will also reveal the truth behind Hyun Soo’s mother’s leave of the house.

Soon Sang calls Shim Dok into his office to tell her to return Hyun Tae. Shim Dok gets angry and shouts at Soon Sang that if he wants Hyun Tae to return to his house, he should come and drag Hyun Tae out of her house.


  1. rome_jyap · · Reply

    So glad I found this site. Thanks for your recap girl. Hope to read more recaps for the coming episodes once the MH-HS loveline happens.

    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment. I will continue recapping it ^ ^

  2. rome_jyap · · Reply

    Recappers are hard to come by for this drama. Thank you very much for this.

    1. Well, the drama is pretty long and time consuming so a lot of people don’t want to do these kind of dramas, after all it has 50 episodes. Thank you for your comment ^^

  3. Peggy sherratt · · Reply

    Personally I love the Taemong couple the best! there is no chemistry between the main couple…at all. I only watch it for these two cutie pies! (LOVE that he calls her darling!!!) it better end well for them….because with her he is a better person and has learned how to be a man!….please let her be pregnant, then the outlaws…oops in laws won’t separate them!

    1. I have a love-hate kind of relationship with that couple, I like them just that there are some really cheesy moments at times, but indeed Hyun Tae can finally be himself thanks to Mong Hyun. As for the main couple, I couldn’t find them as a ‘couple’; for me, until ep 31-32 they were just good friends or 2 people licking each others wounds, now I’m starting to see them as 2 people who start to love (romantically) each other…….. but to be honest I’m still in “Yoona team”. Thank you for reading, and commenting ^ ^

  4. Thank you! I read all of the recaps in the past 2 hours.

    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment (^o^)/

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