[Kdrama] ‘One Warm Word’ ep 7-10 ~ impression/opinion ~

Everyone has a lot of things to say to each other, they hate and resent each other but at the same time it’s hard letting go.

One thing I did understood after watching these episodes, is that Mi Kyung may seem crazy at first but if you give it a second thought she isn’t crazy. Yes, on the surface she kind of acts like there are some mental stuff going on with her, however all of Mi Kyung’s actions are justified.

All her life she knew only Jae Hak, and loved only him, her world revolved around him and now finding out that her husband betrayed her, she feels like the whole world crumbled. Tracing/stalking Eun Jin isn’t because Mi Kyung is nuts, actually, Mi Kyung starts going wherever Eun Jin was (e.g. the cooking class) mostly because she was curious regarding what kind of woman ‘stole’ Jae Hak’s heart.

Even so, I’m by no means saying that her actions are right, but different people act in different ways when they have to face betrayal from the person they cherished the most.

I was a little confused with Mi Kyung, thinking that she has a rather weak personality, yet she is slowly changing into a stronger person by showing Jae Hak and the mother in low that they used her during this whole time without noticing that now they can’t do/handle anything without having Mi Kyung around.

Putting aside the ways she tries to show her husband and the mother in law about their flaws if she isn’t around, Mi Kyung does try to take Min Soo’s advice when he told her that hating others won’t let her move forward but in fact drags her backwards. However, it doesn’t last much, because Mi Kyung can’t help but remind herself about Jae Hak’s betrayal.

Now moving towards the characters that annoy me with their actions; Sung Soo found out about Eun Jin’s cheating on him with Jae Hak and starts acting like he is a victim of some big incident, when in fact Sung Soo just got treated with his own medicine. I do understand that Eun Jin and his cheating happened in different cases, he cheated on her because she went through post-natal depression and stopped giving him attention, and she cheated on him because she felt at peace around Jae Hak but in the end cheating is still cheating, just because the situations are different, it’s doesn’t make one be guiltier than the other.

Another thing that annoyed me was that they totally forgot about Yoon Jung. Although Sung Soo did remember when she asked him never to let her behind he still got covered in the fact that Eun Jin cheated and ended up forgetting about his daughter. On the other hand, Eun Jin needed her mother to remind her that there is Yoon Jung who will always get affected by her parents’ words and actions, even if Sung Soo and Eun Jin try to act in front of Yoon Jung, she will always know that something is wrong and affect her.

As for Jae Hak, he really needs to start thinking seriously what and who he really wants. He tells Mi Kyung that he wants to start over with her and tells her that he wants to change but he still follows Eun Jin around.  He needs to start thinking what he wants to do and stop lying to himself and to Mi Kyung.

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