[Update] Kim Da Hyun in discussion for “Dad, where are you going? 2”

According to multiple sources, Kim Da Hyun is discussing to join the second season of the MBC variety show “Dad, where are you going?”.

Kim Da Hyun married his wife in 2008, following their marriage, in 2009 his wife gave birth to their first son, and last year she gave birth to the couple’s second son.

Kim Da Hyun first debuted as a member of the band Yada, and currently is a musical and drama actor, last year he appeared in MBC’s family drama “I summon you Gold”. If the actor will accept to participate in the second season of “Dad where are you going?” it will be the first tv appearance of his son since, until now Da Hyun didn’t showed his son on tv.

The first recording of the second season will take place in the second half of January. Currently, the members of the first season Lee Jong Hyuk with his son Jun Su and football player Song Jong Guk with his daughter Jia have confirmed to be leaving the show. Sung Dong Il with daughter Bin, singer Yoon Min Soo and son Yoon Hoo also MC Kim Song Ju and son Min Yul are discussing their participation in the second season.

Update 4th Jan: Sung Dong Il – Sung Bin, Yoon Min Soo – Yoon Hoo, Kim Song Ju – Min Yul accepted the offer for the second season.

Actor Ryu Jin (currently in Prime Minister & I) and football player Ahn Jong Hwan also received the offer to appear on the show.

News cr: Son Hyo Jong @tvreport.co.kr via Nate
Picture credit: MBC (drama “I summon you gold”)
English trans: Soori @ SHIKIDRAMA WORDPRESS > If re-posting please credit me <


  1. he seemed so comfortable caring for a child in “gold” — now i know why! 😉 looking forward to another interesting season of “daddy” 🙂 🙂

    1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping he will accept to appear with his son, the response from the netizens seems favorable as well.

  2. No junsu and Jiah Q_Q But at the same time, I’m quite hopeful towards Minyul and the new additions.

    1. Sung Dong Il accepted to come with Bin, Kim Song Ju also accepted to come with Min Yul so for now everything is good (hahaha) still, I’m hoping for Kim Da Hyun to accept as well,

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