[Kdrama] ‘Reply 1994′ eps 20-21~ final impression/opinion ~

It’s finally over, this long and painful ride it’s finally over. Rather than being sad by the way it ended, since I was in the other team, I am more relived that it’s finally over.

Looking back to this drama, it looks like a forgetful drama, nothing actually good to keep in your mind, the only thing that people, or at least me, can keep whenever they start thinking about this drama, it isn’t the lifestyle of the beginning of ’90s, or how some products from that time influenced the life of people in present, or the beautiful memories/nostalgic feelings of the ‘90s, what people will keep in mind is that damn guessing game of who the husband is.

As I said it in my last post about Reply 1994, it has such a good start, the first half of the drama was great, however, after the production team noticed that “guessing the husband” may bring them more ratings, they kept pushing it more and more, forgetting what they actually wanted to deliver through this drama, the beauty and ugly of the 1994. Not really complaining, I also got caught in the game, but in the end it was too much, not to mention that most of the hinds were about Chilbong, but since the Korean netizens were mostly rooting for Trash, I have a feeling that that ending was changed in the last episodes – well, it’s not like it’s the first time when a Korean writer changes the ending based on what the viewers want so….it’s okay but I suppose.

In the end the writer decided to make Chilbong even more pitiful than he was in the beginning, considering that he lived mostly in loneliness because of his parents, he got even more pitiful when the writer decided to stop him play baseball and become a coach…..you could give him at least a girl ya know, not that happiness always comes with love, but to be honest as a viewer that had compassion towards Chilbong, I wanted him to overcome that loneliness he got “thanks” to his parents.

Although I was rooting for Chilbong all along, I’m not actually bother that Najung ended with Trash, but for me the writer failed to make me see Trash worth of being the husband, I do understand his inner battle about acknowledging his feelings for Najung, but all those inner conflicts were pointless in the end. Also I didn’t see Trash doing something worth of Najung’s feelings for him, mostly because he was SURE that Najung will choose him, he didn’t even bother to share moments of sadness with his loved one, and don’t give me the excuse that he didn’t want Najung to see his weak side or something like that because I’m not buying it. Najung was always the one tailing behind him, even when he supposedly felt threatened by Chilbong’s presence, he just let Najung run after him rather than seeing him also go after her; I really wanted to see Trash also run after her and not always let Najung go where he was no matter how far or close, for example in Busan or x place or n place and so on. Regardless, Chilbong’s constant ‘fight’ for her feelings was in the end pointless.

It’s kind of disappointing seeing a drama that wanted to be different, end being a pretty normal drama, but what could we expect from it, the second guy never gets what he wants in the end! Chilbong’s scenes were filled with heartache in every moment, from his parents leaving him in loneliness until his friends. He did become happier with the people from the boarding house, but it still didn’t feel like he was truly happy.

Honestly speaking, what upsets me the most isn’t that Najung’s husband turned to be Trash, after all Najung did love Trash, he was her first love and she managed to marry him, but rather the fact that all the rest of the characters had happy families, although the friends did stay in contact with him, I somehow feel that he didn’t manage to leave behind the loneliness he grow up with, maybe he just got used with it I suppose….  yes yes, he did meet that girl but did he just got over a 6 years old crush in 2 seconds….?

Some may say that Chilbong supporters are being angered because he wasn’t the husband, but from my point of view and since I am also a Chilbong supporter, I am not angered because of that but because the writer kept that guessing until the last minute, stuffing the story with the whole game and hints until the end.

Leaving aside all that talk about the love triangle, I liked when Chilbong called Trash “hyung” for the first time, it was like they finally left behind any hard feelings they had for each other. Another thing I liked was Najung and Haetae friendship, there were no feeling of love between a woman and man, just feelings of friendship, it was somehow refreshing.

For the good old time sake

For the good old time sake

Regardless of what complains we may have, everyone let’s be happy, it’s finally over!!


  1. It is a pity you focused too much on a character to dismiss the entire drama because of it. Sorry If I’ll offend you by saying this but you sound butthurt – but you have your right. But as I read the ”forgetable” and etc, well, guess you really was watching because of CB and ignoring the other characters and some good moments this drama gave, yes, even aside the husband game.

    And even you dislike the drama or how it ended, you should still think good about it when you think how YYS thanks to CB role got more opportunities to show he can also act a gentle charming guy isntead of the assholes he played before. This drama I’m sure is really important to him. I think he would be sad to know his fans dismiss a drama that made wonders for him and his career

    1. Saying sorry before offending someone won’t make your intention less offensive or rude.

      I sound butthurt because I told my own opinion regarding the drama and how the whole story forgot its main focus? Indeed the drama did have good moments, and as I said the beginning was great, however everything got buried in the game. The flavor of the drama got washed away.

      Yoo Yeon Seok isn’t the only one who got the opportunity to showcase his ability and even increase his popularity thanks to this drama. Go Ara has been an actress for 10 years, just now people found out she can act, Jung Woo has this career for over 10 years, but where was he exactly? Around here I suppose….

      Do Hee got the popularity she would’ve never got as a member of the idol group Tiny-G who since debut got thrown into the many many idol groups that debut every year. Not to mention Son Ho Joon having a positive image even though he is from an agency with a very shabby image.

      I did not dismiss this drama just because I said my personal opinion on it nor I have been belittling the hard work of the actors/staff-production team, this is how I saw it, just because I didn’t liked the development of the story, it doesn’t mean that I dismissed the whole show.

      Also I’m far away from being Yoo Yeon Seok’s fan; in the end, Reply was an important drama for every younger cast member and didn’t made wonders just for his career.

  2. omg i totally agree with u but i fell in love with CB in this drama and was so sad to see his ending. Everyone else had such a good future and i feel like i wasnt satisfied with his =( btw how did u know it was the back of his head being shown.. i know it’s a silly question but i swear i stared at the screen for ages like a weirdo and i couldnt tell =/
    i also really liked Hiati for some reason… tell me u did tooooo =D i cant pinpoint why i find him so cute tho =/
    and the whole gay thing with Baro seemed just to be thrown in there coz in the end he ended up with a chick right … it just seemed weird to me … am not gonna lie tho i was hoping he would end up with a guy since Hoya didnt in reply 1997

    sry if this comment was really long. i just really liked ur post.
    Have a great day (=

    1. I’m not sure about the “back of his head” part you are referring to?

      Yes, I liked Haiti, actually I liked all the characters – although I was more into Chilbong as a character but I did enjoy all the characters with their bads and goods.
      I would’ve wanted to see Baro in love with Trash, and not just be shown as a “insecure on his sexuality” thing, I kind of wanted the writer to have the courage to show it, but I suppose it’s okay as this as well.

      Don’t worry, I enjoy having longer comments since it shows people actually reading my posts, I also enjoy reading others’ opinions so it okay.

      Thank you for your comment ^ ^

  3. oh i meant how did you know that the writers changed the ending?

    and omg yay about the Baro thing i totally agree

    1. Mostly because when the general public was in Chilbong’s favour, the story went towards him, however when people started to switch for Trash, the story also switched…they did this with other dramas as well, it didn’t happen just with Reply

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