[Kdrama] ‘Marry Him If You Dare’ eps 5-6 & ‘Reply 1994’ eps 3-4 ~ opinion ~

The writer of ‘Marry him if you dare’ choose such a safe route for the characters.  Honestly speaking, I have no idea if I actually enjoy this drama or not, but it does have something that kind of makes me stick to it, maybe it’s because of the –somewhat- calmness of the story.  ‘Marry him if you dare’ has no revenge plot nor any heart beating moments, it does have some moments between Mi Rae and Kim Shin that makes your heart go ‘Thump! Thump!’ but still, even those moments are rather …. flat, nothing major, still I love Kim Shin’s development.

I think Seo Yoo Kyung is my favorite character. I like the fact that the writer gave this character the opportunity to explain herself and show more of her behind-the-story rather than showing Yoo Kyung as a mere second lead female character which annoys everyone…after all don’t we all love to hate on the second lead female character?

In the first episodes they showed her as annoying but now that we also have the information on why she was acting like that, I’m starting to like her.

The Mi Rae from the future still seems to have some misunderstandings regarding Kim Shin, even so her actions of wanting the present Mi Rae to marry Se Joo is understandable – call me a materialistic person, however love alone won’t give you any ‘yummy yummy in my tummy’.

As for Se Joo, I’m finding this character kind of stupid, although his attitude of wanting to work his way from the bottom and not use his grandmother it’s praiseworthy, however saying that “poor people live their lives freely” is punch-worthy. Dude you lived your life surrounded by money don’t go all ‘I admire poor people’.

By the way, I want to take a moment to clap for Oh Jung Se’s acting, though he doesn’t have a major role his acting is visible better and seems more comfortable with the camera than the others, but that’s expected from a movie actor.

Reply 1994 episodes 3-4 opinion:

Every girl needs a Sseureki (Trash) or a Chilbong!

I don’t care with witch of the oppa-ya Na Jung will end having as husband since I like both and hey both Sseureki  and Chilbong are perfect husband material, what I know is that I’ll cry for the one who won’t end up with her.

I like the relationship between Na Jung and SSeureki, they both seem to like each other, but even so,  he seems to try to surpass his feelings towards Na Jung. For example in episode 4 when Na Jung tells him that she likes him, Sseureki looks stunned/shocked by her sudden confession but afterwards he tries to act that Na Jung’s love confession was just an April 1st joke – although he knew it wasn’t.

Leaving Na Jung and Sseureki aside, there were some scenes between Na Jung and Chilbong in which he begins to nurture feelings towards her. The scenes between Chilbong and Na Jung made me curious on how the story will develop and if Na Jung will also start to like him.

All in all, I still love this drama, and the nostalgic feelings it gives to the viewer.



  1. ByTheWay · · Reply

    I agree with you on Mirae’s Oppa! Love his acting… love all his scenes! Will look out for Oh Jung Se from now on 🙂 Caught him in the variety program 1 Day 2 Nights’ Friends Trip. Yu Hae Jin invited him.

    1. Saw him in 1n2d as well. I’m going to start looking diligently through his filmography from now on XD

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