[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 12 ~recap/review/opinion~

The two women continue their conversation but hearing how the mother of Sang Tae wants for him to be happy and smile for real, Sang Tae’s mother in law finally overflows and tells her that her daughter is more pitiful since Sang Tae can at least see his children grow but her daughter lives in a jar as powder.

Sang Tae wins some toys and gives them to Mi Jung, she gives 2 back for his children.

Back at Sang Tae’s parents’ house, his father scolds his wife for making the in-law cry, saying that words should be chosen according to time and place. The woman doesn’t seem to get what she did wrong and still thinks that her son is pitiful. Great thing you did there woman, telling another woman who lost her daughter that your son is pitiful. She tells her husband that she wishes Sang Tae to have someone to live with, to fight and laugh with. She also remembers the first child she and her husband lost before they had Sang Tae and considers her eldest son to be their savior because since he appeared, they managed to continue their lives.

Sang Tae’s heart seems to have been moved by Mi Jung and her witty personality. Meanwhile, Sang Tae’s father who went outside to get some fresh air, after getting angry with his wife, remembers the moment when his eldest son told him that his wife was pregnant with their first child. Worried about his son, the man gives Sang Tae a call and tells him that he understand him, he understands his heart. Not being able to hold his tears, the father says that they should end the call.

He finally gets home and is welcomed by Jin Joo who is happy to be home. She tells him that although she isn’t smart, she still can use her head and that’s how she got to return home. When she wants to tell him that her mother is drunk, her father stops her, so they won’t lose face in front of Sang Tae.

Next morning, Sang Tae was told that his mother in law has a cold. He goes to do his own business, since it was weekend and the in laws start talking about his parents and how his mother still didn’t give up on the idea of re-marrying him. Then they start talking about Jin Joo and what to do with her if she doesn’t want to finish her studies. The result of the conversation: have Jin Joo shave her head if she doesn’t finish University.

Tae Min takes Jin Joo to a fancy restaurant and to her surprise, he orders only one plate of food. Curious if he doesn’t have money, Jin Joo says that she can pay if he doesn’t have enough but Tae Min says that it’s not about money. He starts telling her a story from the past: a man took his girlfriend on their first date to the restaurant, since it was the best place in Seoul, it was also expensive and the man was only a salary man. His girlfriend, ordered the most expensive dish that was on the menu and told the man, who was conscious regarding the money he barely had, that from that day onwards they will share everything. With this story, Tae Min makes Jin Joo smile and appreciate (?) his romantic side. He goes further and tells her that the story was actually the story of his parents. When he heard it for the first time, he also wanted to bring his girlfriend there. Jin Joo smiles and says that they will also share everything.

On a beautiful Saturday, Yeon Tae and Ho Tae do their laundry. He tells his sister the sad story of his first love. It’s too annoying to write about it, y’all know the full story so I won’t write about what he says.  Yeon Tae tells her brother to go after the woman he loves but he says that he can’t. Love won’t keep them warm, they also need money to survive and he doesn’t have that to provide for his loved one. Good thing dude, but it’s not like you are doing anything else other than crying all day…

Mi Jung tells her kids that their father is returning from America. Although the girls are happy, Woo Young doesn’t seem to be sharing his sister’s happiness. Later, granny takes Mi Jung to her room and tells her that she is doing the right thing, telling the children about In Chul.  Mi Jung already noticed that her son isn’t his usual self so he takes him out for a walk. After buying snacks for those at home, Mi Jung takes Woo Young to a nearby park.

She tells Woo Young that even though his father will come back to Korea, they will still live in a different house. However, since the boy knew something, he bluntly asks if they got divorced. Stunned at the sudden question, Mi Jung regains her composure and confirms it. She tells him that although they will be separated, they can still live happily but then she faces another question, was she happy after the divorce? Since Mi Jung was ready to tell the truth to her son, she reveals that she wasn’t happy however, by spending time with him and his sisters, she had a lot of happy moments in her life. Woo Young is young, but understands his mother and says that he will help her when the time to reveal the truth to Woo Ri and Woo Joo will come. Note: she didn’t say why she and In Chul divorced, told him that they just did but didn’t reveal the reason.

Mi Jung shows Woo Young her way of making herself look happy so he can also do it because it wouldn’t be good for his sisters to see them having a sad face. Seeing his mother forcing a smile in the mirror, he understand her even more since she didn’t wanted them to see her sad.

Jin Joo and Tae Min continue their date late into the night and the two go to Nam San Tower where they are utterly cheesy.

Yeon Tae sent a message in the afternoon to Sang Min regarding the jacket he lent her. She told him that she will send it via fast delivery. However, Sang Min had another plan. He asks her to come at his training center. More like he wanted to show off in front of her. Yeon Tae gives him the jacket but he asks about what happened with her one sided love story, if she confesses. A bit irritated, Yeon Tae tells him that he has nothing to do with it so he should stop asking about that. Because it was an innocent curiosity, as he said it a few times, Sang Min tells her that there are two reasons for her to be in a one sided love story for 7 years. One: the guy knows about her feelings and pretends to not to know, two, he is ignorant and doesn’t see her as a woman. He asks if the guy has a girlfriend. Yeon Tae says that he doesn’t but seems to be in love with her friend.

Yeon Tae admits that her friend is prettier than her but Sang Min advices her to reveal to her friend that she likes the guy. That way, she will (probably) stop them from dating. At that moment, she receives pictures from Jin Joo from her date with Tae Min. She starts crying making Sang Min flustered. Yeon Tae keeps talking about how she wishes to die but he tells her that she doesn’t have a reason to. To stop her from any weird ideas, like jumping in the Han River, Sang Min tells her that the world is full of men, it will be stupid to die for one. She calls him an idiot for not understanding and proceeds into telling him that in those 7 years, she dreamed to marry the guy she likes and grow old together. Sang Min stops and listens to all she has to say.

She calls for a taxi and tells the driver to take her to Mapo bridge. Hearing ‘bridge’, Sang Min thinks that she will go to commit suicide thus he takes her out of the taxi saying that he will personally take her there.

Before going to the bridge, Sang Min buys her a balloon. At the bridge, he gives her the balloon and says to put her heart into it and think of the balloon as the guy she likes and then let it go. According to him, it works, because he is a living proof of that. After that, he lets Yeon Tae cry her heart out. Sang Min drives her home. She thanks him for making her feel better and for the drive. Before she left, Sang Min tells her that ideas regarding death are just temporary stuff, time will heal everything.

Mi Jung wants to meet up with In Chul and talk about the children so she sets up a date for them to meet.

On Monday, Mi Jung tells Sang Tae that she revealed the truth to Woo Young, but he just noted since he can’t look at her properly. She tells him that from now on, she will try to live happily for her children. Sang Tae approves of what she says but acts cold with her.

In the afternoon she meets up with In Chul and he finds out that Woo Young knows about the divorce. He tells her tat his desire to see the children have nothing to do with wanting to give her a hard time. Mi Jung says that he has to tell Woo Young about his marriage. After they end the conversation, In Chul starts being overly friendly but Mi Jung can’t accept that so they start fighting again. Eventually he tells Mi Jung that she’s a woman with 3 children and it’s not the time for her to date. Angered, Mi Jung stabs his leg with her heel.

Later, Sang Tae still ignores Mi Jung.

My thoughts on episode 12

Sang Tae’s mother wants a woman who can make him smile but she also has to be young, quiet, witouth children or she shouldn’t be a divorcee. I was so annoyed at how thoughtless she was in this episode. She knows how hard it is to have lost your own child but still said in front of her in-law (who lost her daughter) that her son is pitiful…but her son can still laugh, sleep, move, fall in love and so on while Sang Tae’s lost wife is, as Sang Tae’s mother-in-law said, is living in a jar.

It was a beautiful moment between mother and son. How she finally felt relieved to have told her son the truth knowing that she has someone to rely on. I was scared that the writer will drag the story and make Woo Young hard to handle after he was to find out about his parent’s divorce.

By the way, I have to say something. The only male lead I liked was Lee Min Ki’s character in Dalja’s Spring but I have to add another guy, Sang Min. He is awesome. I loved how he stayed with Yeon Tae so she won’t hurt herself and even helped her send her love for Tae Min away. He did put her at ease and this way it will be a bit easier for Yeon Tae to accept the fact that Jin Joo and Tae Min are dating. But I have to agree with everyone else, the whole “I had a 7 years one sided love for him” was a bit too much for me to accept. In a way, Yeon Tae acted like she deserved Tae Min, but he is free to choose who he likes, considering that she never told him about her feelings. Moreover, it was no one’s fault, maybe just Yeon Tae’s, Tae Min ignored her. We can’t even say he ignored her, he did put Jin Joo first because she was the girl he likes but from a romantic point of view, he did nothing wrong towards Yeon Tae.



  1. for me, sang tae’s mom is hard to like. she’s supposedly educated yet she acts incredibly ignorant. she supposedly wants her son to have joy again- a noble & understandable thought; yet all that crap about specs have nothing to do with joy or love, in fact speak to shallowness & unhappiness. she is self absorbed and self centered almost all of the time and acts out in nearly sociopathic ways, saying whatever she wants & not caring in the slightest who it hurts. she is far nicer to ho tae’s mousy pathetic creature than she is to him, her own son. i’ve not seen her really try to understand any of her kids.
    yeon tae has some of her mother’s characteristics too. i don’t like how unbearably rude she is to sang min when he’s been so nice. her obliviousness about tae min is a pretty good mirror of her mother’s m.o. with people. the 7 year thing is an excuse to fail and i don’t feel sorry for her in the slightest. she is one of those people who don’t fathom the depths of other people’s relationships because she herself has been incapable of that sort of thing. case in point, saying tae min’s not dating when in fact they are pretty far along.
    tae min & jin joo were cute this episode & the restaurant scene was lovely.
    i was also glad writers didnt go stereotype with mi jung’s sons response! children are pretty cool in this way and i could really identify with the son’s response. having been through something similar it was amazing how protective a son can be with his mother, and how pragmatic too. good job, show! i hope they let it flow…the children have been well-raised and should adjust to changes better than the grown ups do, that’s really how it goes in life.
    thanks for the recap! onwards! methinks sang tae’s gonna have a freakout and pull back now that he’s def got feelings for mi jung. we shall seeee. 🙂

    1. That’s what annoys me the most at Sang Tae’s mother., She’s so focused about spects not only when it comes to a possible new lover for Sang Tae but when she looks at Jin Joo, she just finds the girl too stupid to compete with Yeon Tae. Jin Joo is far from being stupid. Of course, she may not be book smart but that doesn’t mean she’s overall stupid. Both Yeon Tae and her mother have this low self esteem that angers me. The father is pretty normal and thinks of Sang Tae’s feelings, he understands his son and knows that for him is still pretty hard and too fast to open up to another woman. Yet, the mother doesn’t understand that.

      I was so happy with how the story went in Woo Young’s case, he will be a fine young man XD

  2. ps. i don’t remember if it was this ep or the last; but i absolutely loved it when jin joo kicked everyone’s ass in go stop. haha! she also told sang tae she used her brain to get out of his parent’s house….she knows what she does. she’s clever and i wonder how that will pan out in the story.

    1. Shows that she’s not that stupid how people think she is XD

  3. I keep visiting this recap page for 5 children…. thank you for the amazing recaps!!!

    1. Thank you for reading and for the comment! 😀

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