[Kdrama] Soori’s 2013 Korean Drama Awards (part 1)

Yes, I’m making my own awards; since 2013 is coming to an end I decided to look back at this year’s aired Korean dramas and shout from my point of view my favorite and worst picks from OST until writers.

Again, keep in mind, these “awards” are my point of view/personal opinion on certain actors, characters, dramas and so on, if I give something like “worst acting” don’t take it to heart, it’s my own opinion. Others may like it I may not, I may like it others may not!

I may give more people the same award….

 Best actress of the year goes to: Han Ji Hye (I summon you Gold) and Hwang Jung Eum (Secret)

I give this award to two actresses because both deserve it.

Han Ji Hye did a great job portraying to characters in the same drama. She had to act as the twins Yoona and Mong Hee, giving those two characters complete different feel. Not to mention that she also had to make her Mong Hee character act/post as Yoona but still managing to make a difference between the two. Although Mong Hee would impersonate Yoona from time to time, thanks to Han Ji Hye’s acting even when Mong Hee acted as Yoona there could be seen bits of Mong Hee’s personality but still not making it too obvious.

Hwang Jung Eum also did a great job with her character in “Secret”, she has my respect because she doesn’t care how she looks on screen while doing her crying or mental breakdown scenes.  She just dropped all that useless “self respect” that normally Korean actresses have which restrains them for giving an actual great acting performance, well Hwang Jung Eum throw it away and gave the viewers an awesome drama.

Best actor of the year goes to: Lee Jun Ki (Two Weeks) and Jung Kyung Ho (Cruel City/Heartless City)

Again, I give the same award to two actors because both of the deserve it.

“Two Weeks” reminded me how great of an actor Lee Jun Ki actually is, in every episode he made me feel the fear Jang Tae San (his character in the drama) had while on the run from the police and the other guys that tried to kill him.

On the other hand, Jung Kyung Ho made me feel his despair and hardships he had to endure and hold in his heart while working as an undercover agent in the middle of the Korean drug mafia.

I’m a model but don’t worry, I can act award goes to: Song Jae Rim (Two Weeks)

He played the role of Killer Kim/Professor in Two Weeks, although he didn’t manage to have his popularity break out, Jae Rim is a must follow in the future. Slowly but surely he will get what he deserves.

I’m an idol but don’t worry, I can act award goes to: Jin Young (She is WOW),  Baro (Reply 1994) and Lee Jung Shin (Seo Young, My Daughter)

I normally don’t expect much from idols, mostly because I have a somehow image of their agencies forcing them into the dramas, or because the directors use them as a last resort for ratings and the opportunity of selling the drama oversea on a large sum. But leaving aside all that, both Jin Young (B1A4) and Baro (B1A4) can act, neither of them had any “awkward” camera acting or stuff like that, giving a rather natural display.

I actually debated if I should also give this award to Lee Jung Shin, but I remembered when he’s character found out that his mother wasn’t his real mother. During those episodes where Kang Sung Jae wandered around after the shock he had, made Jung Shin deserve this award.

You tried but …. award goes to the drama: When a Man Loves

What the heck is this drama?

Siblings of the year award goes to: Young Chae,Young Soo and Go Young Joon (Wonderful Mama)

The drama didn’t have two digits ratings, however for me these 3 siblings and their development throughout the drama, from episode 1 until the last, learning the importance of money filled the drama with joy for the viewer.


  1. That screencap of wonderful mama looks fun, I’ll probably watch it when I’m bored =p
    I haven’t watch two weeks since I’m not in the mood for that genre but I heard a lot of great reviews for it so maybe I would try it someday…

    This may be a unpopular opinion, I’m always indifferent towards Lee Jun Ki, I’ll always remember him as being the feminine guy in the movie King and the Clown and My Girl. I’m allergic towards guys with long-locks and feminine looks but he look like a nice person behind the scenes.

    Baro still feels green actually, I think that Hoya did a better job than him but Baro is very natural and have you seen Song Jae Rim in Nail Shop Paris?? Never mind about the weird plot, I totally watch it for kara’s gyuri (kara is my guilty pleasure cos I like the maknae Jiyoung of that group) at first but he was the star in that drama!! Although he’s supposed to be the second male lead but he’s so awesome that he got the girl in the end, hahaha!

    Hwang Jung Eum acting has always been great, she’s not afraid to put herself fully into character. While some people may feel she’s overacting in some scenes, I think she did great. In Highkick2, I was totally rooting for her instead of Shin Se Kyung and SSK fans tend to criticize HJE for overacting but it’s totally better than SSK’s acting where she sucks my energy out. SSK is SO bland, I’ve watched fashion king and damn… I pity the guys that stars in the same drama as her.

    Jung Kyung Ho’s performance may be the biggest surprise for me in this year. I knew he was good but not this awesome. He always have that cheerful bright image in my mind, so when he takes this dark role, I was taken aback but at the same time likes this new image of him. A hot and intelligent bad guy… Yummm!!

    1. The ratings of Wonderful Mama weren’t that good, but the story is nice, I actually enjoyed it, also the 3 siblings made the drama even more fun, but be careful, it had 48 episodes….kind of long if you are not used to family dramas.

      Also had that opinion regarding Lee Jun Ki, I did see most of his dramas, and some of his movies, but didn’t actually regarded him as a top notch actor, he was good, but never actually felt his popularity, however, his acting in Two Weeks was pure gold.

      I had a somewhat allergy when it comes to Nail Shop Paris’s story and I refused to watch it, but saw him in other dramas where he was just a supporting actor, still I’m looking forward to his future projects from now on.

      I saw most of Hwang Jung Eum’s dramas, Secret and Can you hear my heart were her best works so far; with Secret it’s like she finally bloomed and showed people that she is a truly good actress. As for Shin Se Kyung, she seems an okay person or at least from what she let’s to be seen on tv (like in variety shows) but as an actress she is rather plain…. actually more like stiff than plain.

      With Jung Kyung Ho I always had the image of his role from “Smile, you” about him, so I never expected him in a more dark oriented drama, but he gave “Heartless City” a WOW pinch.

  2. Agree that SSK seems to be a nice person behind the scenes, saw her in Infinity Challenge and Running man but as an actress, she is really just soooo boring. It’s funny that three of my crack dramas are led by HJE, Highkick2, Can you hear my heart and Secret… She got a good eye for picking drama. I skipped Full house 2 though and I’ve not yet watched Incarnation of money…

    I much prefer LJK with short hair, he looks a lot more manly now… I watched him in Time between dog and wolf and while I only watched a few episodes of that, he was alright… Jung Kyung Ho was in that drama too by the way.

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