[Kdrama] ‘Dear you/Beloved’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Hong Jong Hyun broke the barrier, finally he got a main role not just in  a special drama. I’m really happy but to be honest I don’t really know what to think of this drama.  Somehow I liked the first episode but at the same time I kinda want to stop watching this drama.

Hei! But this always happens in the first episode – awkwardness. Sill, even if the actors are trying to do a good job, some cameramans are testing my patience.

Plot:  Seo Chan Joo (Park Sol Mi) and Go Jin Se (Hong Jong Hyun) are married for 3 years but their marriage is tested when their former lovers come back into their lives. (-dramawiki)

The first episode starts with Go Jin Se and Seo Chan Joo’s wedding ceremony at a pool. Before the ceremony, a friend of the bride tells Jin Se that Chan Joo doesn’t want to come out/to get married. Jin Se goes to see what happened. Chan Joo tells Jin Se that he already been too good with her and that is not to late to give up the wedding, but Jin Se calms her down saying that he doesn’t want to marry her out of generosity but because he loves her.

Chan Joo: Are you sure you won’t regret this?
Jin Se: If I stop here, then that…I will regret. Trust me. I will prove to you every day as long as I live.

After she calmed down, the bride asks Jin Se to embrace her so he give her a hug, but Chan Joo wasn’t asking for that kind of embrace. Jin Se tells her that the wedding is about to start and that they will have a lot of time after to do it. But they end up doing it anyway before the wedding ceremony.

Chan Joo and Jin Se have a beautiful wedding at the pool and  everyone’s happy.

Three years after, we see Jin Se preparing breakfast for his wife. They pretty much lead a happy life that can make someone get diabetes. After breakfast both of them go to their work places. When Chan Joo arrives at her work place she finds out that the newspaper/magazine she was working for merged with another company. Jin Se goes to see a dance school for renovating, there he meets Hong Ran a highschool friend (more like they lived in the same town).

Chan Joo goes to a jazz bar to have an interview with a singer. After the interview she stays to listen to the concert. While listening to the concert, she remembers that at the same bar, 3 years ago her ex-boyfriend gave her a pair of earring an told her that he is getting married to another woman because apparently he ‘needs her’. Coming back to the present time, Chan Joo leaves the earrings at the bar and leaves. But when she leaves, her ex-boyfriend appears – they don’t see each other, still after seeing the earrings at the bar, Choi Eun Hyuk (ex-boyfriend) runs after her.

Chan Joo meets Jin Se – at the crossing, Chan Joo sees Eun Hyuk on the other side and she just blanks out in the middle of the street, while Jin Se was trying to pick up the ingredients that fell when his back broke.

You know, although, these two Chan Joo and Jin Se seem to have a great marriage, they still sleep in different beds – more like she sleeps on the bed and him on the floor. After remembering Eun Hyuk on the crossing, Chan Joo cuddles on to Jin Se’s floor. – this was so cute~~~~

Next day, at work Chan Joo finds out that the company that merged with the magazine she was working for was owned by Eun Hyuk’s wife, Baek In Kyung. Apparently Baek In Kyung  wants Chan Joo to take her an interview about her life.

Jin Se helped Ran get an apartment, but it still needed to be renovated. Ran tells Jin Se to move some stuff but he tells her that she should just get some friend over the weekend to help her – in the end Jin Se is the one moving the stuff – he is seriously bullied to easy. Because it was the 3rd marriage anniversary of Chan Joo and Jin Se, Ran asks Jin Se if she want’s to teach him how to dance, as a present. They start to dance and at some point Jin Se becomes a little flustered.

Chan Joo’s friend’s help her pick a dress for her wedding anniversary. After picking a dress she ends up going to meet her former boyfriend Eun Hyuk. Eun Hyuk says he wants to get back with her but she says that now she’s happily married.

Home, to celebrate their marriage, Chan Joo and Jin Se….well they do what married couples will do, just that she looks like a dead fish while he does everything.After that they drink some beer and have a discussion that again will make someone get diabetes. While they were celebrating Eun Hyuk calls Chan Joo and tells her that he is waiting in front of her apartment building. Also Ran calls Jin Se, because someone broke into her apartment.

Jin Se tells Chan Joo that it was a call from his workplace, and that he has to go there. Chan Joo, who also wanted Jin Se to leave so she could go to Eun Hyuk without being seen.

When Jin Se arrives at Ran’s place she hugs him, also Eun Hyuk tells Chan Joo that he wants to start over with her and gives her a back hug

Conclusion: I don’t really know what to think about this drama. The actors are clearly doing their best but because of the camera work and the way it is written, all the efforts of the actors is fading away. Somehow I will still continue to watch it, because I’m curious how this story will end. From what I saw, Chan Joo doesn’t really love Jin Se, I mean if you would’ve loved your husband why are you so flustered when your ex-boyfriend appeared? Also when Eun Hyuk called to tell her that he is waiting in front of the building apartment she was nervous while preparing to go meet him. Let’s not forget about the fact that Chan Joo married Jin Se after she found out that Eun Hyuk is getting married + they got married on the same day.

Anyway, as I said, I’ll continue to watch it, I’m really curious if these two Chan Joo and Jin Se actually love each other and if in the end they will save their marriage or just separate.



  1. awww Hong Jong Hyun! Glad to see him in a lead role! I don’t know why, but I have a soft spot for the actors of White Christmas…seeing them around makes me happy! Do you know how many episodes this drama will have?

    1. I feel the same, now if Mi Reu and Esom will get more roles I will be happy~ by the way Mireu changed his name, and now he goes by the sage name Kim Woo Bin – we can search for him and actually get some results. From what I know, this drama, will have 16 episodes

      1. Seeing Esom in magazines is more than enough for me, since she’s more of a model than actress…but recently, she had a cameo role in Ghost…ah, KWB is in A Gentleman’s Dignity! hihi..happy to see him getting praises although his role is not that big ^^

  2. anyone can tell me the ending song of this drama, i have been looking everywhere but apparently i got no clue abt the lyrics nor the title of the song,,,pleaasee..

    1. Sorry for the late reply,unfortunately I don’t know the song, I’ll come back with a reply when I’ll find it.

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