[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 12 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m back! Actually I came back home last weekend, but delayed the recaps because I was busy with ….life (?) in general. Anyway, now I’m back at recapping – and I’ll try to write about ‘Shut up family’ since I am way behind.

I decided to recap episode 12, although Ji Ho, Al and Seo Joon are pretty nonexistent in this episode but still I like it so I’m going to write about it. This episode is focused on the step mother, the step son and porn.

Episode 12 starts with Woo Bong receiving a spam mail with porn sites, of course that’s the perfect moment for the step mother to enter the room – he tried to explain that it was just spam mail but in the end he run away.

Next day, Ji Ho enrolls Seo Joon in the same high school as Woo Bong and Da Yoon. When Seo Joon enters the class, the reaction is what you would’ve expected, the boys booed/looked annoyed but the girls started saying he is handsome and “totally cute!!!!” The teacher introduces Seo Joon to the class and tells him to describe himself, but since Seo Joon is an idiot tells the class that his ‘speciality’ (talent?) is to write his name with the butt. Again the girls thought it was really cute but the boys looked ….frustrated (?) After the introduction Seo Joon sits on the only available seat….near Woo Bong. Seo Bong gets really friendly with Woo Bong, but it seems that Woo Bong doesn’t want to be friends with him.

The trouble maker (more like the bully – who also sits behind Seo Joon and Woo Bong) tells Seo Joon that he is annoying and grips his hands – Seo Joon thinks that the ‘bully’ (going to call him that for now) is joking:

Bully: Hey! The transferred student, you’re annoying. Stop it!

Seo Joon: You’re talking with me?

Bully: Yeah with you.

Seo Joon: oh! (You’re) strong! I’m also strong. (While he was trying to strangle the bully) How is it? Aren’t I strong?

Bully: when you’ll release me, you’ll die. (I’m going to kill you).

Seo Joon: Hey look I’m very strong.

When Woo Bong arrives home, the step mother catches him starring at his step-sister’s (Ji Yoon) butt – but in truth he wasn’t starring at her but, he just saw that Ji Yoon forgot to take of the price tag – still the mum thought he was starring at Ji Yoon’s butt. Later the step mother scolds Ji Yoon for wearing revealing clothes at home.

Next day at school, the bully tells Woo Bong to go and buy him some bread – Seo Joon appears and tells Woo Bong that he wants to go along – the bully calls both of them the “bread couple” but since Seo Jin is an idiot he thinks it’s a game. When they come back Woo Bong tells the bully that they run out of bread, but the bully got annoyed – cuz he wanted to eat bread right then – and bullies Woo Bong, Seo Joon interferes asking if again their showing their strength – sometimes I wonder if Seo Joon is an actually idiot or he wanted to save Woo Bong from being bullied but since this is a sitcom – Seo Joon is an idiot!!

At the step mother’s beauty salon, she hears some ladies talking about their sons and how their at the ‘curiosity age’. Later at home, when she was passing by Woo Bong’s room, she hears some girl’s moans. Woo Bong steps out closing the door of his room:

Step Mother: (she says something like: stuff like that should be watched quietly – she thought he was watching porn)

Woo Bong: you can hear it from down stairs? I will lower the volume.

Step Mother: are you going to lower the volume and continue to watch it?

Woo Bong: why? I can’t watch movies at home?

Step Mother: it’s not that……..what type of movie is it?

Woo Bong: it’s a type that I really like. Why? I will lover the volume.

He was actually watching a horror movie.

Another day, Woo Bong was taking is pants from the washing machine, but with the pants he also took of a girl’s swimming suit – at that moment the step mother enters the bathroom and sees him with the swimming suit – he tries to explain that it was attached to the pants but ends up running away.

Next day at school, Woo Bong brings the bully a CD with a porn movie. Seo Joon takes the CD and reads out loud the name of the movie – the teacher comes and takes the CD scolding Seo Joon, but Seo Joon –playfully – tells the teacher that the CD was actually Woo Bong’s and that Woo Bong was giving it to the bully.

The teacher calls their parents at school, and during the meeting, the bully’s mom was saying that her child doesn’t watch those kind of movies and pretty much wanted to throw all the blame on Woo Bong – but the step mother got annoyed and defendes Woo Bong.

At the coffee shop, while Ji Ho was scolding Seo Joon for creating trouble at school, Da Yoon enters the shop and asks for baby sugar (?) – Seo Joon falls in love at first sight …cuz he is an idiot:

Seo Joon: Hey! Baby sugar, will you go out with me?

Da Yoon: what the heck? Get lost!

Seo Joon: You’re beautiful even when you’re angry.

The quotes are translated by me so there may be some mistakes – sorry.

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  1. hahaha always getting paired up with SISTAR members XD who’s next? Bora? Soyu?

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