[Kdrama] ‘One Warm Word’ ep 5 & 6 ~ impression/opinion ~

As expected a good written script and good acting makes a good drama. From my point of view ‘One warm word’ is from episode 1 to 6 a feast of reality among all the typical Korean dramas. All the characters, side characters or main, are developing nicely and the story is flowing smoothly, not too fast but not too slow.

This week’s episodes gives an insight about the characters which makes the viewer to start understanding the 4 main characters more…. even so, I have zero compassion towards them.

Jae Hak is still the same; he continues to diminish his cheating on Mi Kyung by taking the whole attention from the actual fact towards Mi Kyung who hired a private detective to follow him around. I do understand his cold attitude with Mi Kyung, since he was forced into marrying her, however she is still the mother of his two boys and I don’t understand why he lets his mother make Mi Kyung a slave, mocking her every minute of the day. It’s annoying to watch the mother-in-law stepping every moment on Mi Kyung, while he just sits there and accepts seeing his wife being made less than garbage. It’s like Jae Hak has no saying and let’s himself be bossed around by his mother, he pretty much has no personality.

Honestly speaking I liked Mi Kyung for making Jae Hak do everything for himself, from cleaning to washing his clothes and making food – it was actually a funny view and maybe a lesson for Jae Hak to learn that he doesn’t know and can’t do anything for himself

One new thing I liked about Mi Kyung after seeing these two episodes is her bond with her half-brother Song Min Soo. It is revealed that Min Soo is the son of Mi Kyung’s father with another woman who run away leaving Min Soo behind.  Regardless, Mi Kyung took him in and helped him; therefore Mi Kyung’s help made Min Soo respect his older and always puts her first before anything.

In episode 5, after Mi Kyung comes to know that her brother knew about Jae Hak cheating on her, she starts suspecting Min Soo to be responsible for Eun Jin’s family car accident (from episode 1) and in episodes 6 Mi Kyung decides to directly ask Min Soo about it. He does confess that he is the one who is responsible for Eun Jin’s accident and tells his sister that he will do anything for her, even if it means to put down his morality. After finding out that he was the one to blame for Eun Jin’s accident, Mi Kyung tells Jae Hak that the one responsible is her.

Although this example was a little bit darker for lining the bond of the two siblings, in episode 6 when Mi Kyung is trashed by the mother-in-law- and while Jae Hak was just witnessing the scene, Min Soo finally steps in and defends his sister from the mother-in-law and also asks Jae Hak why he isn’t doing anything even though he witnesses Mi Kyung’s daily struggles.

Min Soo: Why are you staying still? Why aren’t you saying anything and just watch? (…) She wakes up at 5 am, prepares breakfast and small snacks. She cleans the whole place and takes care of you (the mother in law) and the children. She runs and walks all day. She always prepares for brother-in-law dinner no matter how late he is. The labor never ends till midnight, you think that is nothing? To someone who works 48 hours in a 24 hours day, did you just say that she did nothing?

The other couple is trying to revive their marriage after Eun Jin gave Sung Soo two options, either open the Pandora box or start again their relationship without asking anything. Sung Soo chooses the second option for their relationship and contrary to his wife he is trying to change himself for the family.

Still, although he choose to take everything from scratch, Sung Soo can’t take his mind away from the “Pandora Box” – he does try to trust Eun Jin in everything, however, he still doesn’t understand some stuff, like for example why she wanted the police to close the case of their accident (in truth Jae Hak asked her to) and other stuff like that.

On the other hand, Sung Soo and Eun Jin’s daughter continues to break the viewers’ hearts when she tells her father:

Yoon Jung: I was scared, that you would get divorced. I hated dad a lot, too. You only drank everyday and yelled. I didn’t like you.

Sung Soo: But why did you say you were going to live with me if we got divorced?

Yoon Jung: Because you are my dad, you are Kim Yoon Jung’s daddy.

Hope this drama’s ratings will grow because although it has a somehow heavy plot, it’s not a gloomy show but rather maybe something to learn from it.



  1. I LOVE THIS SHOWWWW and am sososooo glad to have a fellow lover in youuu, soori!!!
    i know it’s asking a lot for the ratings to go up, based on k-netizens’ tastes, but this show deserves so much more than what it’s getting right now T_T we just need to keep hoping hehehee! ^^

    1. The actors and actresses are so good it’s a shame that the ratings aren’t bigger, well, actually the ratings are slowly growing.

      I know the subject isn’t actually what makes ratings in Korea, but I hope they will at least get 15%, they deserve better, especially Han Hye Jin and Kim Ji Su – those two are doing such a great job with their characters. ㅠㅠ

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