[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 31 ~recap/review/opinion~

Things are getting more complicated with the new reveals and weirdly I’m enjoying these episodes. The development is okay and actually smooth and to be hones I was thinking that they won’t do much now near the end of the drama but the tables were turned and the story is getting really interesting.

From my point of view, Aeng Ran just won the show with everything she done and the presence she has in the overall story. Definitely my favorite character for this drama!

Surprise! Do Hyun I alive – I was sure he will appear even since the 2nd episode, kind of obvious if you ask me because they apparently didn’t find his body. The moment he wakes up from the coma, the man calls out Soo In. Next we see Soo In happily remembering the moment when Woo Seok gave her the ring.

Poong Geum and Bok Nyeo appear and interrupts her moment making jokes over her constant starring at the ring, however Soo In turns back to Poong Geum and mentions Mr Tak who confessed his feelings recently (last episode). Both Bok Nyeo and Soo In tell her that Mr Tak is a good person so she should forget about the money issue and just accept him. On the other hand Soo In says that before marrying Woo Seok she has to improve the bakery, plus there is also Woo Seok’s issue with the Ma family.

At the Shinhwa Company, Woo Seok asks Tae San if he has anything to do with his father’s death but the older man tries to brush it off saying that he got no evidence to make such statement. Tae San goes one about his business partner was indeed a good baker but as a businessman he lacked a lot, shortly Woo Seok stops Tae San’s way of changing the subject saying that regardless if it was direct or indirect he is indeed connected with his father’s death. Before leaving the office, Woo Seok promised to find the truth behind everything leaving Tae San bewildered.

On the company’s hallway, Woo Seok meets up with Joo Hee who asks if he decided to come back to Shinhwa. But to her surprise, he isn’t even thinking of ever helping Tae San with anything. Joo Hee doesn’t understand his words; close by Joo Ran’s husband appears and tells her that currently Woo Seok thinks of Tae San as his worst enemy. Joo Hee can’t believe that her father could’ve had anything to do with Woo Seok’s father.

On his way out, Woo Seok calls Aeng Ran to settle a meeting. When they meet, Woo Seok seems confused about everything and although he knows that the one lying is Tae San, he still can’t understand why Aeng Ran helped him. Aeng Ran tells him about how he used to call her “noona” (older sister) because back then they were neighbors. To get a grasp of everything, Woo Seok asks her to explain everything in details so she proceeds to reveal everything from the past.

Aeng Ran tells that in the past after she buried her lover and came back home, their house was already on fire and Bok Nyeo was taken by the police away. In her memories, we can see Aeng Ran staying at the hospital and taking care of Jin Woo as the boy was severely wounded and unfortunately lose his memories. At the time, the woman thought that will be too cruel for Jin Woo to wake up and find out about his lost father and the mother who was sent to prison so she wanted to give him a new life by pleading the doctor to release a death certificate for the boy. Back to the present, Aeng Ran tells Woo Seok that her loved one died because of Tae San and although she wasn’t present when the fire broke out, she can’t clearly say that the older man wasn’t behind it.

To close the discussion, Aeng Ran advices Woo Seok that for his father’s sake he should at least take Shinhwa back as the new company was made out of the former factory.

Poong Geum and Nr 911 are still busy fooling Joo Ran. In the afternoon, while Nr 911 and Joo Ran were having their date, Poong Geum is let alone with Mr Tak. He is like normal but she wants to pretend that nothing happened. However Mr Tae needs Poong Geum to be his wife for a day but she refuses his request.

During their date, Joo Ran wants to join and find more about the “top secret asset” but Nr 911 is asleep. When the person from the massage salon puts hot rocks on Nr 911 and she wakes up from the hotness and starts swearing and mentioning the prison. To save herself, nr 911 says that she had a bad dream.

Mi Oh is taking the camera test for the CM but Do Jin is still not to welcoming with the idea of her becoming a CM model, yet she doesn’t listen and takes the test.

The chicken shop neighbor comes with a bottle of some ‘healthy water’ and Soo In thinks that she can use the water for bread as it taste sweet and can be good for customers with diabetes. Woo Seok comes by at the bakery and tells Soo In the things he found out from Aeng Ran also the two settle that it will be better for Bok Nyeo to not know about it for a while.

Aeng Ran meets up with Bo Kyung and her mother. Although the girl’s mother isn’t really okay with the meeting, on the other hand Bo Kyung confesses that she has no ill feelings for Aeng Ran nor Do Jin. Joo Ran sees the 3 and comes to interrupt them but Bo Kyung’s mother is getting irritated with her so she cuts the greetings short. After seeing Joo Ran, the mother tells Aeng Ran that now she sees how much she suffered in the Ma family.

Back to the fooling plan, Joo Ran wants to become a new member of the “top secret asset” and this time Nr 911 accepts to recommend her as a new member.

At the laundry store, Bok Nyeo finally accepts to marry Yi Moon but only after Woo Seok and Soo In will marry each other. Meanwhile Woo Seok tries to find more about the fire issue from the past.

Bok Nyeo goes to Woo Seok and tells him that she wants a daughter-in-law, meaning one specific daughter in law and that’s Soo In. In reply he says that everything will be discussed with Soo In. As for Yi Moon, he goes to the bakery to talk with his possible ‘daughter-in-law’ about Bok Nyeo’s marriage condition. Soo In says that she is not sure about marriage but the man tells her that there’s nothing to think about.

Joo Hee thinks about what her brother-in-law said about Tae San and Woo Seok so she goes directly to ask her father. Tae San tells his daughter that he and Woo Seok’s father just parted ways. However if it was so, then she asks why he won’t let her marry Woo Seok (woman, did you ask Woo Seok if he wants to marry you?). The conversation is interrupted by Joo Ran’s husband who says that Bo Kyung’s mother decided to be on Aeng Ran’s side.

Joo Ran meets up with her gangsters and tells them to follow Aeng Ran around. But her husband calls and tells her to come at the company. When she arrives, everyone tells her the mess she made especially after getting on the bad side of Bo Kyung’s family.

Bo Kyung uses Do Jin for the last time as a substitute driver and tells him that her family decided to be on his mother’s side as a last gift she will give him for telling her to take courage into talking with her son’s father.

At the share house, Poong Geum accepts to be Mr Tak’s wife for a day in front of his relatives. In the meantime, Soo In comes out with a new bread recipe after receiving the sweet water from the neighbor. Later Woo Seok comes to pick her up and on their way home, he tells her that the next say he set a meeting to find about the fire incident in the past. As they talk he also tells Soo In that his mother and daughter need her but more importantly he needs her. Soo In is a little reluctant knowing that both have a lot to do but Woo Seok says that he will wait for her.

Do Hyun wakes up and the nurse rushes to call his guardian. Surprisingly the guardian is no other than Wang who informs Aeng Ran. The two rush to see Do Hyun but clearly for them it wasn’t the right moment. But unfortunately, Joo Ran’s stalkers follow Aeng Ran and Wang on their way to Do Hyun.

Dan Shim prepares the food to welcome Do Hyun from work but the Ma family tries to calm her down and make her forget about Do Hyun who form what they know is dead.

Aeng Ran and Wang arrive at the place where Do Hyun is. The doctor says that Do Hyun finally regained consciousness however it seems that he can’t talk for now. According to the doctor, Soo In’s husband may fully recover however he needs to be moved to a hospital in Seoul thing that will complicate the situation if the Ma members find out that he is alive.

The stalkers send the pictures they made to Joo Ran and in one picture Do Hyun can be clearly seen. Shocked she calls her father and shows everyone the picture with Do Hyun.



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  2. recaplover · · Reply

    I find your blog thank to the Legendary Witch recap. I enjoy your recap so much that I read them first and watch the episodes later. As you said, the story now focused more on the revenge for things happened 30 yrs ago, and Soo In became a supporting character instead of main one. I’m ok with the plot so far until Do Hyun is alive. I don’t see how he fits in the revenge story, but his appearance will only make thing worse for Soo In. She starts to get on her feet again, falls in love and now her husband is alive only to put her in heart-breaking dilemma. I think it’s very unfair for Soo In because she will get her heart break over whoever she decides to live with.
    Thanks for your good work, and I’m waiting (impatiently haha..) for the continuing recaps.

    1. I also don’t mind that Soo In is more of a filling character than what she was supposed to me, a main. I’m too focused on Woo Seok, Aeng Ran.

      I agree with you, the sudden appearance of Do Hyun was a little too much, but I kind of hunched that they will make him re-appear since the beginning.

      Thanks for the comment and I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes I made in my recaps OTL

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