[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 9 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I don’t know how to start this post – I don’t know how to express my love for the writers of this drama -WOW! The way Shim Ji Ho portrays Chan Jin is perfect. The thing is, because I already know how this episode ended, the beginning is ….hmm – I just want to jump directly to recap the ending -lol-.

Last episode ended when Jin Joo got annoyed seeing Joon Soo and So Ra acting all lovely, so she told everyone that Chan Jin has feelings for So Ra and that he is the one who bought the dress for So Ra.

Jin Joo: Chief, you said you were curious about who sent that dress to So Ra? That person is none other than…Chan Jin ssi. So Ra, the feelings that Chan Jin has for you, is a friendship that surpasses love. No….actually, it is a love that surpasses friendship. Can you throw that away as though it were nothing?

But as I already intuited, all that was Jin Joo’s imagination….

Wait wait wait, before jumping into the actual recap I have to say this: I need more Jason in my life.

After the dinner, Jin Joo and Joon Soo (well he wasn’t actually drunk, just pretending) got drunk – while Chan Jin was taking Jin Joo into another room. So Ra, seeing the sleepy-face of her sunbae (currently lover) put his head on her lap – honestly this relationship is awkward, but not in the beautiful way, that lovers act in their beginning of their relationship, it’s more like the actors are awkward …Anyway, Chan Jin comes back and sees Joon Soo in So Ra’s lap, and again he makes that sad face (thumbs up for Shim Ji Ho’s great acting).

After So Ra and Chan Jin take apparently drunk Joon Soo in his room, So Ra wants to leave the room, but Chan Jin tells her to stay there and ‘check the patient’s’ pulse. After Chan Jin gets out, Joon Soo and So Ra have a cute talk, and at a moment he tells her that they should leave on a trip just the two of them, to see the sun rise on the first day of the new year (by the way the action in this episodes is taking place a few days away from the New Year).

A few moments later, So Ra goes to Chan Jin, and Chan Jin reminds her about their tradition of spending the New Year together, but So Ra forgot about their event:

Chan Jin: What? Have you forgotten? Kang Chan Jin and Byun So Ra’s 10th annual end-of the year event. We have to herald the end of the year together. (…) You can’t tell that the time is passing because you’re so happy. right? (…) I’m kidding. That kind of day should be spent with your lover.

Chan Jin: If Hyung ever causes you trouble, tell me.Since he’s my hyung I can’t eat him, but I can trouble him in turn.

They continue to drink wine, and at some point, So Ra, thanks Chan Jin for the dress (remember the dress she received), he doesn’t know how to act and starts to stutter.

So Ra: Hey! It was you. Apart from you, who could ever surprise me with such a thing?

She also tells Chan Jin that if it wasn’t for him, she would’ve never had the courage to start again with Joon Soo.

In the morning, Chan Jin wakes up and drinks the orange juice from his hyung (you’ll all gonna see later why I wrote this). Joon Soo keeps nagging his ‘little’ dongseng for not cleaning after last night.

Chan Jin: Ah, my considerate hyung. Thanks to you, I’m bound to have a long life.

Because Joon Soo has a meeting, he tells Chan Jin to clean up, but (ehem the lazy) Chan Jin says that if he were to be late to work, Joon Soo’s gonna fire him. (that’s a good way of skipping cleaning) – in the end Joon Soo cleans the mess.

Chan Jin runs in his room to change & Joon Soo follows him… erm I must confess, I’m not a big fan of Joon Soo but the way he takes care of Chan Jin makes me like him – isn’t he a nice big brother, ‘blood’ is really something beyond medicine – mysterious thing this ‘blood’ isn’t it? (don’t know if I said it in a way that you’ll all understand what I wanted to say – also my grammar must be wrong –  EHEM).

*Chan Jin sneezes*
Joon Soo: Get dressed. You’re going to catch a cold.
Chan Jin: This is why I can’t dislike you, hyung.

Joon Soo tells Chan Jin that on his way to work he should also give So Ra a ride, but it seems that Chan Jin’s car isn’t working, and he didn’t had money to repair it. Joon Soo, as a big brother he is, nags Chan Jin again about how he should take better care of his money. (well….I think he ran out of money cuz he bought the dress for So Ra – you’re to nice Chan Jin). Later, Chan Jin gives So Ra and Jin Joo a ride to work…..in a taxi.

On their way to work, those 3 talk about Jin Joo and So Ra’s 12 years old friendship. Chan Jin also mentions that he knows Joon Soo for about 20 years (wonder why -lol-). At some point Jin Joo asks So Ra if the Chief didn’t confessed his love to her yet, she says he didn’t. And apparently, from Chan Jin and Jin Joo’s point of view, this is a big problem.

While the others were on their way to work, Joon Soo was confessing his love to a ….spoon. Yep he was practicing for when he would confess to So Ra. At work he finds the Director in his office – she came to give him a present – a ticket to America. Also, when Chan Jin finds a big box on his desk (also from the Director – she’s ‘lovely’ isn’t she, giving ‘presents’ to everyone).

Chan Jin, thinks someone did a prank on him so he doesn’t give any importance to it.

And now the cutest part of this episode: JASON!! In team 1’s office, something smelled fishy….really fishy. It was actually Park Chan Ho’s present – some eel juice – for Song Ye Jin. Seems that eel juice is good for older people, so he bought some for his lover. (this couple is so cute). Anyway, Jason takes some of that eel juice and runs to give it to Oh Mi Rae (Secretary Wife). (he was so cute~).

Moving on, moving on, So Ra and Chan Jin are coming out of Chan Jin’s office giggling and laughing and mostly just being cute together (Yeah….I like those 2 together) – Joon Soo sees them. Back in his office, Joon Soo finds out that Chan Jin is the one who gave So Ra the dress.

After a meeting, the Director tells Chan Jin something like ‘next year please take care of me’ – after she leaves, Joon Soo says:

Joon Soo: It seems that you’ve gotten real chummy with Director Sung lately.
Chan Jin: So it seems. She’s been acting really chummy towards me lately.
Joon So: While you’re just sitting there?

Along the way, without any bad intention, Chan Jin talks about Joon Soo’s dad:

Chan Jin: He took a poor little kid and made him into someone that even the “chaebol” would envy.

It seems that every time his dad is brought up, Joon Soo seems kinda uncomfortable. This time, Chan Jin gives Joon Soo a little lecture about how he should treat his father nicer. Joon Soo gets annoyed, and leaves to his office, but Chan Jin follows. Joon Soo still annoyed, tells Chan Jin to some work until tomorrow (by the way everyone was leaving earlier for New Year). Chan Jin thinks he is joking, but hyung wasn’t joking.

Chan Jin: Hyung! You’re messing around with me right now, right?
Joon Soo: Does it look like I’m messing around?

While working, So Ra comes into Chan Jin’s office, and he asks for help – at the same time, Joon Soo was going home, but on his was he started to feel bad/think if he was to harsh with Chan Jin – so he goes to Chan Jin’s office. But there he sees Chan Jin and So Ra acting friendly. Again, Joon Soo gets annoyed and leaves with So Ra.

He ‘drags’ So Ra on the 13th floor and tells her that since she is always Jin Joo or Chan Jin, they should make those stairs their hiding place. (Joon Soo says some nice/cute/lovely things to So Ra, but I don’t know, as a viewer his words didn’t ‘touch my heart’ – if Chan Jin were to say the same thing – I would hug my laptop – that’s maybe cuz I’m Chan Jin’s fan).

Anyway, after that, So Ra looks in a store window at some lingerie thinking:

So Ra: It’s okay now. I always thought I souldn’t touch it (her hurt heart) for fear it would get infected. I’ve learned that there are some wounds that need to be probed and re-investigated. Now it’s really okay.

Joon Soo catches her looking at the lingerie and they start a ‘teasing game’ (?) – shop together, act cute and stuff. Of course, Joon Soo still makes some time to call Chan Jin and give him more work to do, like cleaning the house.

Chan Jin: Does he think he’s Cinderella’s step-mother?

Home, Chan Jin was cleaning, when Jin Joo comes to bring the presents that Joon Soo received from the company (of course she wasn’t the one who carried all that stuff – the Secretary Couple did). I must say that I love those 2 together – they are such cuties – still Chan Jin must end up with So Ra.

Jin Joo, tells Chan Jin that he should do what she learned from her mother – call a cleaning company.

When Joon Soo arrives home, there where no bed sheets, blankets  because Chan Jin took them to the cleaning company. Joon Soo asks Chan Jin if he did it on purpose, but he says he didn’t, unlike someone else (he was talking about Joon Soo giving him work to do so Chan Jin and So Ra won’t spend time together). Anyway, those 2 are really cute with their hyung-dongseng relationship. But it is kinda infuriating me seeing how much Chan Jin cares/treats for Joon Soo, but in return Joon Soo is just jealous – well still hoping their relationship won’t break ….. unfortunately it’s unavoidably or at least that’s what I think, a little more and their friendship will surely break at least from Joon Soo’s part – Chan Jin seems really attached to Joon Soo (not in a sexual way noo, but as a big brother).

Chan Jin: Hyung! You know that all I have are you and the chairman (Joon Soo’s dad).

After Joon Soo leaves, Chan Jin talks to himself:

Chan Jin: I only gave her a dress. Unlike you, who gave your heart.

In the morning, Chan Jin leads Joon Soo before he leaves to the trip with So Ra, of course Joon Soo keeps telling Chan Jin about cleaning the house before he comes back. A board member from the company calls Joon Soo and asks to meet because he has something important to talk about. Before meeting the board member, Joon Soo calls So Ra tells her that he has something to do so they should meet later in the train station.(?)

Board Member Park advises Joon Soo that he should stay away from Chan Jin, because the Chairman made him a board member (remember the gift that he though it was a prank?) and also the Chairman thinks to add Chan Jin on the heirs list – so Chan Jin and Joon Soo will have a 50-50% chance to take the company.

Meanwhile,  Chan Jin keeps So Ra company (in Joon Soo’s house) while waiting for Joon Soo. She talks about how happy she is …..and Chan Jin continues making those sad faces. (those faces that break the heart of the viewers – at least mine it’s already broken because of Chan Jin’s situation).

Because Joon Soo still didn’t answer the phone, So Ra decides to leave before loosing the train – Chan Jin looks uncertain/lost/ and sad ….

Chan Jin: Byun So Ra! are you going to leave without even a greeting to the friend who spend each new year with you for the last 10 years?
So Ra:Hey! forget it. I no longer need your pity.
Chan Jin: Have some pity for me. Now I think you’re going to have to show pity to me.

Chan Jin: Have a good trip.
So Ra: Why are you acting like I’m leaving for good?
Chan Jin: To be honest, I feel rather empty.
So Ra: Am I leaving to die? It’s only one night! See you in the new year.

Back to Joon Soo, the board member also asks him how old was him and Chan Jin when they first meet – I think the oard member was hinting about Chan Jin being Joon Soo’s half brother, but they don’t show nor tell him directly. After hearing the ‘news’ Joon Soo gets drunk.

So Ra was still waiting in the train station for Joon Soo, so she calls Chan Jin to ask if Joon Soo is home. Chan Jin panicked because Joon Soo still didn’t meet So Ra, runs to So Ra. Awwww Chan Jin’s love for So Ra is so strong….. he seriously runs to the train station. When he arrives there, he calls So Ra but she didn’t answer the phone, so Chan Jin gets nervous/panicked and started to shout “Where are you why aren’t you answering?” Seriously Chan Jin and So Ra are perfect together, the chemistry between those to is much more stronger than the – well non existent one between So Ra and Joon Soo.

Because Joon Soo was drunk, Jin Joo takes him to a hotel (by the way she followed him to the meeting with the board member) – at some point they both end up on the bed (not undress).

Anyway going back to So Ra and Chan Jin, he takes her bag and they exchange looks, after that Chan Jin takes her hand and says:

“Let’s go home”

The preview for episode 10 made me extremely happy, Joon Soo sees Chan Jin and So Ra sleeping on the same bed. That will surely light some fire – a big fire. But I’m just happy seeing Chan Jin with So Ra -lol-

Regarding Joon Soo and Chan Jin: honestly I’m not hating on Joon Soo. Yes he is kinda jealous on Chan Jin but at the same time, you can obviously see that Joon Soo cares for Chan Jin.

Thanks for the English quotes to the Color Of Woman viki team.

Also sorry for this late recap, I’m a little busy with school.



  1. darling. · · Reply

    Ahhhhh ! I was squealingg at the end :p Thanks for the wonderful recap again 🙂

    1. Now that I saw the preview for episode 10 – I can’t wait to see it – when I come back from classes I’ll watch it and do the recap – can’t wait to see Chan Jin and So Ra’s reaction after waking up on the same bed.
      Thank you for reading ~ and commenting ~

      1. aha 🙂 i’ve been living off recaps since i`m so impatient. 🙂
        I’ll be waiting ! 😀

  2. Great recap Thanks! Poor Chan Jin. He’s so attached to both his hyung and So Ra and just wishes the best for them… but it’s not really reciprocated… Joon Soo has that maddening jealousy and So Ra is so clueless/ careless. He loves them both and sadly, he’ll likely become a third wheel for both of them… boo…

    1. His situation is heartbreaking, but compared with how things go in ‘normal’ Korean dramas – the second male lead or female lead always try to break the main couple apart, but here for Chan Jin, Joon Soo and his father are his only family – and he really cares as a brother for Joon Soo, although at the same time he also loves So Ra, Chan Jin still wishes them the best.
      I’m so curious how this drama will end – more like what will become of Chan Jin – I don’t really see him as a bad/negative person….most likely Joon Soo will become the negative character here. But we’ll wait and see ^^

      Thanks for reading and commenting ~

  3. I’m shipping for Chanjin- Sora. Even if it might be a sinking ship…. I just want them to be cutesy together. She is so awkward with the other dude, whereas there’s sparks flying right and left when she is with Chanjin.

  4. Writers need to get on it and make So Ra realize that the person she likes is actually ChanJin. That’s the only way to the viewer’s heart 😉 Sora and the other dude are so boring together, I find myself wanting to skip parts…

    1. The fun of this drama is only starting now, I personally can’t wait to see episode 10, I actually think that until the end , the writers will surely write a love story between Chan Jin and So Ra. I mean from the beginning it’s clear that So Ra and Chan Jin have a great chemistry together. So maybe they wanted to confuse the viewers. Yeah, I know, sometimes I really want to skip the parts with So Ra and Joon Soo….their relationship is slowly annoying me.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting ^^

  5. mushroom_banana111@yahoo.com · · Reply

    thanks for the recap! i love chanjin and sora too, they are much cuter and fun to watch. they know each other better, are comfortable, and just have so much history. the writers of the drama should really surprise us and have these two end up together instead, it looks like they have more supporters than the joonsoo-sora couple.
    i don’t know how the plot will pan out, just hopefully they don’t drag it out too long or make chanjin too evil because that’s bound to happen in these dramas.

    1. Somehow I don’t think Chan Jin will turn bad, he seems to care really much for Joon Soo and So Ra. But on another note, I don’t actually know how he will react when he’ll find out that Joon Soo is his half brother (the board member didn’t really say that they are brothers, but he did hinted it). Also, he did mention, that if Joon Soo were to hurt So Ra, he would ‘steal’ her from him (actually he just said that if Joon Soo were to hurt So Ra and stopped, then Jin Joo continued with the stealing part – but he did smirked then) – at the train station he did seemed pained watching/looking at So Ra. So who knows…. ^O^

      After seeing how episode 9 ended, the writers definitely have something up their sleeves for Chan Jin and So Ra.

      Thank you for reading and commenting~

  6. Thanks so much for the recap. I wish I could find one for ep10-12.

    1. I’m gonna post the rest of the recaps soon – just that I’m a little busy with school right now.
      Thank you for reading.

  7. Thank you for the recap. Very detailed and fine work!

    I love this drama. I even watched episode 9 Raw. Somehow, after I have compared my understanding of this episode with your recap, my guess is about 80% correct. I haven’t watch the rest because the sub is not out yet.

    I don’t know how this will end. I like both Joon Soo and Chan Jin to fall for So Ra, but only one will win.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for your comment 😀

  8. I am also totally shipping for Chan-Jin and Sora. I saw the press conference for color of woman and I think Shim Ji-ho and Yoon So Yi has a chemistry between them even in real life XD (Or maybe it’s just me and my fantasy :D)

    1. Then is the both of us – I normally don’t care or more like I’m not really interesed in actors and they relationship after the dramas, but but but I really wish to see them edding up together, at least in real life.

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