Update/announcement – UPDATED 10 FEB 2012

First of all I am really sorry for those who were waiting for the recaps.

Last week, the exchange students come, and I (together with other students from my University) have to help them get accustomed living here. I’m also gonna be busy with a project for the next 2 weeks so my recaps are going to be a little……slow. Normally, for me it takes a lot of time to write a recap, and because of my current busy schedule at school – I’m putting my hobby – watching Korean dramas on hold. For the next 2 weeks, I want to focus on my school work. After all school is a little bit more important.

I already saw episode 10 of Color of Woman – the recap will be posted this week end.

But if there is someone who wants to help with the recaps for episodes 11-14, I will be grateful for life ^^

As a small note: I’m sure a lot of you are searching for English subs to watch Color of Woman:

For some who are watching Color of Woman at Viki.com
The channel is temporary blocked again due to license issue.  Apparently, the negotiations with the content owner is not final yet. Sorry for the inconvenience

PinkNinjaStar @Soompi

When I’ll comeback at making the recaps, and if the viki channel still won’t work – I will try to include in my recaps as many  English quotes I can. But – warning! – my English/Korean aren’t …..let’s just say my Eng/Kr are so-so  – but I will try my best to make it accurate.

PS: don’t stop watching Color Of Woman – episode 10 is the actual start of this drama!

UPDATE 10 FEB 2012

I’m back I’m back! Yay!

Missed watching dramas – my projects lasted a little longer!

Color of Woman is already at episode 20 but I’m still going to finish recaping it!

As always, thank you all for reading my posts and commenting!



  1. Thank you and this is a very interesting drama. Go for it. will appreciate it very much. from Malaysia with love ❤

    1. Thank you very much for reading my recaps ^O^

  2. Thaaaank yooou!!! Im too lazy to watch the show and you’re just about the only one who is recapping it. So thaaaank yooou!!

    1. No No No don’t be lazy, watch the show ^O^

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