[Jdrama] ‘CRISIS’ ~ 1-10 END review/impression/opinion~

Good thing I leave some dramas to marathon rather than watch when it airs. CRISIS is yet another good example of a show designed to marathon.  I find this one to be the normal detective type of drama. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table apart from the action scenes which are better prepared than in other shows of same theme. From the way I see it, the casting was well chosen so it can catch the interest of possible viewers. If it didn’t had Oguri Shun and Nishijima Hidetoshi then I don’t know who would’ve tried this one…that’s the sad truth.

Despise being well acted, I’m going to give the writer some points since it didn’t push towards the viewers the already well known Japanese drama righteous message. It did not send any façade of ‘good will always win’ or you have to be good to the core. Like our main characters, they had goods and bads, no one was near perfection and that’s what I liked about the writing aspect. However, to be quite honest, the writing wasn’t on par with the performance of the actors or the diligent director. I found the writing to be a bit hard to understand and felt that the writer was busy turning CRISIS into a metaphor parade.

Regarding the development, well, I don’t think there’s much to talk about. Because these types of dramas don’t require development, or at least from my point of view, they don’t need it. It was more like we, as viewers, were following their daily lives. There were slight changes within the characters, not like any human will remain the same. Taking into account their line of work, each case did affect and build a somehow change for the characters but nothing major or at least nothing too obvious.

Most of those responsible for the attacks were young, around high school or university. The perfect age to provoke them considering their gullible nature at that point in life.  Hatred and frustration can easily create monsters with the excuse that they want to save the society of “diseases”.  Teenagers or young adults rarely have a filter especially those filled with hatred. Every case presented in this drama has a clear end and they never went back, that’s kind of a good thing.

In the end it all comes down to good versus evil but is good the answer? In this case, it’s clearly not especially considering the process of those behind the so called good. Was our team bad for standing and protecting the bad ones, the high officials and their children? Not really, I wouldn’t call them bad because in a way they were stopping the “Heisei Restoration Army” members of their wrong doings as well. The team did understand the army members and pretty much anyone they had to catch, they understood their reasons for doing what they were doing, as probably all of us did, but were their actions right? Well, here is when we realise that even though the good might have a well established reason, the plan and the process done to establish that good in society was in fact bad.  After all, you can’t create good out of terror and murder.

Brainwashed people do not understand that eventually, murdering someone won’t change the society for the better. Taking a life or more won’t turn society into Utopia all of a sudden. Truth is, nothing will changed by doing so.

The action scenes were probably the best I’ve seen in a Japanese drama. They do seem staged, it was rather obvious but even so I liked those scenes. What I wasn’t particularly fond of was the acting of some episodic character, most had a weird theatrical acting that you normally see in overdramatic plays and not really in dramas on TV.

Everyone was given a certain amount of importance in each episode. I liked the background sounds a lot, every sound established a perfect mood for all the scenes in this show. You could see that the production staff took care of details because when it comes to dramas like this one, it’s hard to make it shine among the many other dramas of similar theme, so details are very important. Another thing I liked was the fact that the actors acted so well the scenes were they had physical pain. They had knifes and bullets in them so it was important to emphasize the feeling which normally it’s left out to make the actors look cool. Oguri Shun is such a good actor especially when it comes to convey not only emotional pain but also physical one.

From the way I see it, this drama was more like a prologue of a possible better second season of CRISIS. It definitely looked like they were preparing for something else and these 10 episodes were a mere introduction to the story that has yet to come.



  1. Is it confirmed that there will be second season? When?

  2. Do you think that will be another season ?

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