[Jdrama] ‘Kanna-san’ episode 1 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Lately I’ve been venturing myself into Japanese dramas more since Korean ones aren’t what I’m looking forward to at this moment and Thai dramas which I want to watch are rarely subbed. And although I wanted to finish my currently watch list, I thought it will be good to add another one.

Kanna San (or Miss Kana) is a light drama which tells the story of Kanna (Naomi Watanabe), who after being cheated on by her husband (Kaname Jun), tries her best in living life positively for her son,  Reon.

The first episode was nice and I think I’ll come back to this drama. As I said, it’s a light show and is filled with lots of funny moments but there are also some scenes that can hit your heart like a bullet. In this episode, we met the characters, or well almost all. But more importantly, a connection between the characters was made. I actually thought they won’t deal nicely with the cheating part and worried that Kanna will try to take the role of the father for her son, after she found out about the guy’s cheating. Luckily, she understood that she can’t do that, however, it’s not enough that she’s the only one who understands , Kei (the cheating husband) also needs to understand that he should continue his role as a father for Reon even though he and Kanna may divorce.

Unfortunately, Rei’s heart was travelling between his family and his former University girlfriend that he recently met again. There were some moments where it was shown that he didn’t understand his mistakes and I actually got angry seeing how after he realised that he’ll lose his family, Rei still didn’t fight for it. Later on, he went with his parents back at Kanna so she’ll forgive him, moment in which he didn’t say anything and his mother mostly talked. By the way, that mother of his, a really annoying woman. She actually tried to make Kanna responsible, or at least have a part, in her son’s cheating.

Even if he said almost nothing during his and his parents visit to Kanna, he was completely numb when Kanna told him that if they are to get back together, she won’t be able to smile. That seemed like a wakeup call for him and we’ll have to see how the writer will deal with that sudden grasp in the future episodes. At some point he did want the best of both worlds, thing that was so sure not able to happen.  But right now I’m quite curious to see how things will go in the future episodes, if Kanna can forgive Rei, if Rei will come to understand which he loves more, also what’s Sosuke (Reon’s kindergarten teacher) role in the story.


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