[Kdrama] ‘My Father Is Strange’ ep 3-18~ review/impression/opinion~

Yep, it’s here. My blood is starting to boil because of some characters. I was going to ignore the oldest couple (Hye Young’s parents), then I found out their scheming and even though I considered them to be pretty nice, by the end of this show, the husband will eventually be jailed.

One couple that makes me giggly but then they turn annoying are the Hye Young and Jung Hwan couple. I consider the two to be a well matched couple, even if I’m not feeling any chemistry, also their approach on making things work isn’t the best. One, we already know that in the past Jung Hwan’s mother got between them, without him knowing but they are mature and I wish that Hye Young will confront the issue with him and his mother. I’m having a bit of trouble agreeing with Hye Young when she makes him responsible for issues, tiny issues. I didn’t like the fact that, in the beginning of the show she wanted to have him as a spare. Not be an official couple but also didn’t want him with someone else. I do think that there is some small resentment from the past and they need to talk it out before actually getting back together. I mean, whenever a serious talk arises, they end up fighting and neither of the two wants to leave space for explanations. Maybe because both have strong personalities, they don’t want to let the other “win”. Will that benefit their relationship? Clearly it won’t.

On the other hand, I like Hye Young for taking the role of the oldest sister seriously when Jun Young isn’t the best older brother. The best scene was when she confronted Mi Young’s bully, who is currently Jung Young’s fiancé, to apologize to her sister. She didn’t blink an eye and demanded that the bully to sincerely apologize to Mi Young which was great since until that point, Yoo Joo did not want to do it.

Should we talk about Jun Young? Damn this bum. As we all know Joong Hee already moved in the house of them family and I feel like Jun Young should be the least acting rude like a ridiculous Chihuahua when he wants to bring his pregnant girlfriend home. Not like they can do anything about her being pregnant, they are welcoming the child but he should be outside, searching for a job. Noooo…he is home all day trying to act rude towards Joong Hee. Dude, you don’t have time for that kind of thing, the baby’s coming soon. By the way, that girlfriend of his! She’s something else! Although she eventually apologized to Mi Young I still think she did it under the pressure of Jun Young possibly fining out that she used to bully his sister. She kept making up random reasons on why she bullied Mi Young and that irritated me a lot. Especially with the writer making up a random sad background story…. I’m not the type of person who would give bullies a second chance, nor I will never think of them as fallen angels.

Mi Young and Joong Hee are the cutest. Being slowly followed by Ra Young and Cheol Su. All’s good regarding these two couples and while I know there are going to be problems with Mi Young and Joong Hee’s future relationship, I’m enjoying their friendship. Well, even if it’s not really a friendship right now, I like the interaction between the two.

Ra Young and Cheol Su are funny and the comical break of this show. Normally things turn melodramatic with the other couples but Ra Young and Cheol Su still have a long way to go and I like how he’s starting to slowly like her. I mean, he’s finally seeing her as herself and not as the weird girl from work who was hitting on him a couple of days before.

I may have seemed annoyed with the characters; in fact I continue to enjoy this drama. It’s the usual weekend family drama yet that’s why I like it. With these dramas, we all get annoyed by its characters that make us scream and punch the wall in front of us, but in the end, we can’t help but like everyone.


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