[Kdrama] ‘Angry Mom’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

This drama turned out to be more than I was expecting. For starters, I was thinking too lightly of the plot but it turns out to be a pretty dark story that’s composed of school bulling, teacher-student relationship, murder and rape.

‘Angry Mom’ is about Kang Ja, a former iljin (bully) whose daughter Ah Ran is being bullied at school. To find out who is behind her daughter’s bulling, Kang Ja disguise herself as a high school student and enrolls into the same high school as Ah Ran. Meanwhile, after being threatened, the daughter refuses to speak.

At school, Kang Ja finds out that Ah Ran’s bulling incident was just the tip of the iceberg however she also meets student who are dealing with different problems. First is Ah Ran’s friend, Jin Yi Kyung, who was in a relationship with a teacher, teacher that has more to hide than a forbidden relationship, second is Go Bok Dong the so called bully of the school who in the end isn’t as bad as it may seem and Hong Sang Tae, the son of a powerful man that has inferiority complex and vents his anger on his secretary – by the way, the secretary isn’t a Saint either.

Yet, although the subject is heavy in comparison with what most of us thought before the drama started airing, it still has some comedy scenes that lightens up the overly darkish story flow. The first and second episodes bore me and I wasn’t fully into the drama but after watching episode 3 I just want more and more.

Despise my small dislike feeling towards Kang Ja in the beginning, as we got more into the story after the 3rd episode, I started to enjoy her as a character and the way she was dealing with her desire to find out more about the bulling issue.

Even so, Kang Ja, although pretending to be a student, she is a full grown up adult and asking for fights with normal students was a little over the top. For example, her conflict with the Jung Hee and Bok Dong was too much; yes, she was doing it for Ah Ran and seeing her daughter’s seat full of unpleasant messages calling her names and so on, as a mother Kang Ja did lost it, but going into a physical fight with them was just the mark of her crossing the line.

Regardless, the scene I loved the most was the one from episode 4 when Kang Ja cooked a full dinner for Bok Dong. Probably after getting to know him, the woman started intuiting that Bok Dong needed this kind of affection as he lacked warmth in his life, considering that the boy is currently living with a gangster that is constantly demanding the scholar to do all kind of iffy stuff or even murder.

Seeing, Bok Dong in episode 4, the guy is in serious need for someone to take him out of his current life as he is in need not only of warmth but safety. No matter how bad we may see him, Bok Dong is mostly persuaded by Dong Chil into this kind of living (on the edge, I suppose). It will be sad to see that the writer is going to give an ending to Bok Dong, I will rather have him end his current life (living style?) but start afresh in an environment where he could have a say when it comes to deciding something or at least feel someone’s protection.

Even though people may say that one should know when to make the right decision between right or wrong, I beg to differ, Bok Dong knows what’s right and wrong but on the other hand he doesn’t know other way of living as the boy lived his whole life in this kind of messy surroundings. If he is do make the right choice then he won’t have where to live or even lose the place he thinks of as being part of, or belonging to. Sadly, Bok Dong has not other options.

For now there were barely any information on Hong Sang Tae other than being the son of a powerful man therefore I’m looking forward to see what the writer has prepared for this characters. As for Yi Kyung, unfortunately things didn’t end up too good for her. After being in a relationship with her teacher, Do Jung Woo, she was threatened and eventually murdered.

Do Jung Woo is a pretty scary guy with his fake concern over school bulling but at the end of the day he is another adult who lacked affection from his family and from the way I see it, he is just being a pain to attract his father’s attention (opinion made after seeing his relationship with his father). Multiple times, Jung Woo mentioned his wish to become his father’s “Achilles’ heel” and even spelled it out to his parent who is trying to cut ties between their father-son relationship.

Lastly, home room teacher Park No Ah is a bunny in a forest with boars and snakes. He continued to live in a place far far away from the daily problems of his students, however I find his naive personality to be something that the students need in their lives. Whilst his continuous gullibility, No Ah got a shake back to reality after his student was murdered before he could do anything. Although that is a horrible ending, I hope they won’t erase his positive personality because as I already said it, the students need this kind of person around them to remind everyone that no matter how hard a issue/moment may be, things can have a solution and that life isn’t just painted in black.

At this point, ‘Angry Mom’ is my favorite currently airing drama after the plot got me curious to see how things will resolve.


  1. Was looking forward to this! Haven’t watched yet the 4th one so as to write something myself! I was expecting it to be lighter too, but it has a more oppressive air and i like the way it blends bullying with a shady organization in the background, a more exaggerating approach to give more emphasis on the subject. But i like the quirky and slapstick parts of the drama, that scene when Kang Ja was flying and they didn’t know when she’d land was priceless XD And the swag team by the side of Han Gong Ju is hilarious lol! They are like Snopp Dog’s Korean cousins XD Looking forward to the way the drama progresses! Poor Yi Kyung, that’s what happens when silence takes over..

    1. I think we all underestimated the plot and I’m glad I did because now I’m weirdly enjoying the drama XD

      The comedy part is also enjoyable to my surprise because normally I don’t like the clear transition from seriousness to comedy but this time they are doing it right 😀

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